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Abyss of Silent Heroes

Abyss of Silent Heroes
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Reluctant of her roots, a 20 year old Magee and a Captain's daughter - was sent by Lolo Sibal to UST in 1938 to study Philosophy. Way back then, Lolo Sibal was a survivor of the 1918-1920 Spanish flu plague who was accidentally trapped , along with the Captain for twenty years in the legendary cave of Kabang. Interestingly, the Captain left to him the wealth for Magee's education and returned to the United States. In September, 1941 Magee has heard from a UP friend that the Japanese are coming in December of the same year so she returned home empty-handed and stayed with her family. Without them knowing, her father, the Captain who survived has returned to the Philippines for another military mission on the same month of September, 1941 and assigned the 25 year old 1Lt. George of the infantry and the in-charge of the platoons in combat to take care of his daughter in whatever means. One day, during the early weeks of the Japanese occupation, one of its officials named Hakanori proposed to Magee through her mother and agreed for the wedding. Magee was against to it despite her multiple attempts to escape. Accidentally, the night before her wedding, she fell into the abyss nearby their house and found herself the next day that she was with the Filipino guerillas together with the American and German soldiers. She noticed the Captain personally but only in a short encounter and there - he was gone. In the fight for freedom under the Japanese occupation, 1Lt. George used a different tactic and studied very well the terrains and natural habitat of the place. He led the disarming of any Japanese patrolling and collected all their weapons and uniforms, worn by Filipino Guerillas in disguising. He also applied sharpened bagacays in holes, pulleys, and ropes in all sorts, throwing rocks, powdered some poisonous plants and made antidotes, used herbs and root crops for their survival and even dug some exit points and tunnels all over just to reach the cave of Kabang. Alongside with Magee at war where he only started as his guardian through the Captain's request had smoothly twisted and subtly turned out that he became madly in love with her. One day...

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