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Abyss of Silent Heroes - Chapter 97

Published at 14th of June 2020 05:50:07 AM

Chapter 97
George had some hiccups after hearing about some newborn milk request . When Magee already stood up to bring him to the sixth room, he was left squatting dryly, with droopy shoulders and numbing thighs .

" Why?" She asked him .

" Hmm, are you questioning for the safety of your baby? I'm frail and small . What if I don't have a milk, can we see surrogates around? And this is all responsible parenting, even the littlest preparation is needed and besides, this is wartime . We can't just call for help from the neighborhood . We shall not compromise the 'what ifs' for our baby . If something happens, we might blame the world and put us both to shame and guilt forever . So sleeping together on fire is not happiness when on its end we'll lose someone we really expected . At this vantage, a soon-to-be-mother speaks, respect her . So come, hold my hand, help me deal with room number six . At least, you should be happy - since you're already my husband so you can slightly flirt, that's I guess vise versa . Come, don't be sad anymore . Everything will be alright soon . "She moved back and tickled his armpit that made him stood up and put his arm on her shoulder .

" Great! that's an army father my baby deserves . "

" You charmed me a lot . Can't say anything at all . You have good reasons and I stuck in my miseries . Just leave my thought from drowning and just paddle our canoe my wife . Your views on marriage made me more in love and I haven't just found the sweetest woman, an amazon buddy, a responsible mother to be, and the smartest woman of control and values . " She kissed her forehead again .

" Go! let's attack room number six!" He smirked .

She smiled and followed him .

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"Wow!" There's a bathroom and a comfort room, an exit door going up with a flowing water at the lavatory . Mag, let's open the doors two to six, agree?" He smiled and carried her on his arms and puts her back to room number three .

" You're heavier now, what are you doing here?"

" I found chocolates, I ate them everyday . " She smiled sheepishly .

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" What? Where is that?" Then she ran and took its small box .

" Haha! this makes you heavier . But this is not good, just eat in moderation . You will labor hard of this . Okay, where's the journal?

"Its in my bag .

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" Can I read it now while sitting at the bench of our receiving area . I liked it there too because I don't belong in room number three yet . " He seriously said .

" Hmm . . . okay, I'll get it for you . You wait for a while . " Then she walked off .

"Wow!" What a nice bedroom . Its like in the west . Thanks to my Dads . Ten years for this house construction isn't easy and filling it with supplies was a great supplication of hope .

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