Accompanying the Phoenix - Chapter 25.1

Published at 1st of February 2017 12:24:10 AM
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Chapter 25.1

A voice called for Chen Li, awakening her as she slowly opened her eyes . In the darkness, the white robe that clad Xing Zhi’s body was all the more striking . Chen Li was stunned for a moment, but then averted her eyes as she looked at their surroundings . A tight frown was on her face, “Is this inside the Space-Time Rip?”


Xing Zhi smiled, “King is wise . ”


“You…… Why is Sir God still here? The seal……”



“The seal was remodeled successfully, but some of the demonic beasts spells were released outside . ” He spoke bluntly, “It took many days worth of effort to refresh the seal, and I didn’t notice the loopholes they exploited . Miasma has polluted the Space-Time Rip for many years, so it’s not easy to purify it all at once . In the meanwhile, I’m taking a walk . ”


This dark world, tainted with miasma, lived in by only the most fearsome Demonic Beasts… was actually just another place for him to take a walk in… . Originally Chen Li wanted to ask if he had any injuries, but hearing this, she couldn’t help but feel that her worries were completely unnecessary .


Xing Zhi just smiled and looked at Chen Li, “Did King also come to the Space-Time Rip to take a walk?”


Chen Li facepalmed, “No, I had no interest in doing so . However…” Her voice paused, “However,  while I was patrolling with my soldiers and neared the Space-time Rip, some strange forced dragged me into here . ”


“Ah, “ Xing Zhi touched his chin, thinking for a moment, “It can even drag you in . It seems like these damned beasts are actually more interesting than I thought . ”


How could this be called interesting, ah!


Chen Li held a moment of silence . She looked up and down at Xing Zhi, “Does Sir God have a way to go out? I didn’t hide it from Sir God: Tomorrow, I must return back to the capital along with General Shang Bei . If he can’t find me in the morning, he’ll definitely believe… . ” Her heart sighed, “ Believe that I must’ve ran away to escape the marriage . There will definitely be a huge commotion . ”


“We can’t go out now . ” Xing Zhi turned and slowly walked forward . In this pitch-black world, let alone words like “east”, “west”, “north”, “south”, even the earth they stood on was ambiguous . But even so, his steps were calm as if they were on solid ground, unconsciously leading Chen Li the direction forward . She followed his footsteps, speaking somewhat anxiously, “Sir God, I’m really not joking with you . We don’t know how many days we’ve spent in the Space-Time Rip, so when we get out, it’s highly probable that General Shang Bei has already left for the Capital . If he were to then report to the Demon Emperor that I’ve ran away again, I really will suffer!”


Although she admits her mistakes in coming here, to be punished for something she didn’t do, was just something Chen Li couldn’t accept .


Xing Zhi turned his head to look at Chen Li, his voice stern, “Am I a liar?”


Chen Li’s voice was also stern, “The Great Lying God never lies . ”