Accompanying the Phoenix - Chapter Prologue

Published at 7th of August 2016 10:30:23 PM
Chapter Prologue

Accompanying the Phoenix – Prologue

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The oppressive sound of thunder echoed as the black clouds from above made the atmosphere even more heavy .


“The Demon Emperor has issued a command, the Azure Sky King must quickly return to our Palace!”

The long hair bounded by golden hair bands danced with the wind as the sleeve of a robe fluttered between them . The maiden who had been called the Azure Sky King slowly replied: “This king won’t return . ” Embroidered peonies were visibly displayed on her black corset robe as her voice possessed a heroic spirit and boldness that was rare in most maidens, “It doesn’t matter whose order it comes from . ”

“If so, then we wish Your Highness would not blame us for this offense . ” The leading gray clothed man waved his hand, and the figures of two people jumped out from behind him, encircling her within their triangular formation .

“To dare block this king’s path, you have guts . ” Shen Li’s eyes flashed with coldness, and a silver colored longspear revolved in the palm of her hands . The blade of the spear drew a silver arc as killing intent surged out of her entire body, making the corners of her clothes flutter: “Come whenever!”

The man in the lead glanced towards another man at the same time, and appeared to be afraid of the consequences . The man behind Shen Li’s right side swiftly unsheathed his sword, bringing along a sharp offensive force . “Don’t be too impulsive, Mo Fang!” The man at the lead yelled, but could not stop the action . Shen Li raised her brows and unhesitantly met the attack with her silver spear . Only the sounds of clanking could be heard as their weapons interlocked . The clear noises brought about by the weapons surged with magic power that moved out in every direction .

The remaining two people gritted their teeth and could only lift their blades to catch up, making a besieging formation around Shen Li .

Among the three, any one of them would considered a famous force to be reckoned with . However, in the face of Shen Li, they had to strain themselves . But in the end, two hands were no match for four, and Shen Li was incapable of being ruthless enough to deal a killing blow to either of them . Even though her magic power surpassed all three of them, in the midst of their encirclement, it was hard to avoid being at a disadvantage . Not long after, she revealed an opening . Mo Fang ruthlessly grasp his sword and thrust forward, and unexpectedly aimed in the direction of her heart!

One of them shouted out loud: “Mo Fang! Do not harm the king’s life!”

Mo Fang ignored him as the sharp end of his blade split open the robe and entered flesh . In between the strong pressure of the three’s formation, Shen Li was infuriated: “You, boy, show promise! As expected of the soldiers that I have brought up! To be so ruthless!” Mo Fang did not speak, and only slightly moved in an angle that the two behind him could not see . Then, he plunged his neck towards Shen Li’s blade . As blood drifted in the air, Shen Li opened her eyes wide and asked in disbelief with a trail of blood between her lips: “What’re you trying to do? Frighten this king to death?!”

“Your Highness . ” Mo Fang said in an overcast voice, “Mo Fang can only help you till here . Take care . ” After finished speaking, he used all his strength to push Shen Li and pulled out the blade that had missed his heart . Fresh blood flowed as her body rapidly dropped down from the high above the clouds . As for the heavily injured Mo Fang, he was caught by the other two men . It was not known what he said to them, but all three of their silhouettes flashed, and disappeared without a trace .

In the midst of the flashing lightning and rolling thunder, Shen Li suddenly understood everything . It looks like Mo Fang had been trying to help her . Perhaps he had known that at this moment, even if she were to die, she would never be willing to return to the Demon World’s Underground Palace .

What a good kid! As expected of the soldier she brought up, he was loyal enough!