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Chapter 12

Phoenix Against The World Chapter 12 – Respect For The Strong (10)

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I wanna be the very best, phoenix there ever was
dun dun dun
To catch them is my real test, to subjugate them to my will and conquer the world is my cause .

Lol, Jk Enjoy

P . s . I’m really looking forward to this new novel although I’m just saying, what is it with characters named Xue and hating our main protagonists? First Ning Xuelo now Xue Xue sigh . Look forward to it, summary out soon 

The figure under the black cloak raised his eyes slightly, looking up at him, then calmly turned towards the purple fire qilin and issued an angry growl before giving it a conciliatory pat on its back .

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“Don’t get too close, when I say stop, you must stop . ” A hoarse voice came from under the black cloak .

The battle wild prince raised his eyebrows, for daring to be so arrogant in front of him, she was the first one .

Over in the forest, thick clouds began to drop snow, as the wind blew about, falling in the silence of the forest .

The tallest of the trees have been frozen, and some animals who escaped too late have also been frozen, and everything seems to have happened only in a moment .

The deeper they went, the more uneasy the her heart felt .

“Stop . ” Huang Bei Yue said in a low voice .

The battle wild prince really stopped .

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Huang Bei Yue slid down the back of the purple fire qilin, her petite figure standing on the thick layer of ice, cloak fluttering in the wind, her small back allowing a kind of noble and proud atmosphere to shine through .  

She dared to break into terror filled atmosphere surrounding the purple fire qilin and the iced over forest without a trace of fear, did that mean she was also a summoner? Did she have a few stars? Is she a few stars? And did that mean she had successfully completed a contract with a summoned beast?

For the Battle wild prince, this was his first time meeting a mysterious man that he actually had great interest in .

Huang Bei Yue slowly took a few steps forward, suddenly her heart suddenly jumped/skipped a beat,and a strong appeal drilling into her heart . she immediately increased her gait, bolting forward .  

“Hey!” The battle wild prince shouted, but she had already ran out of sight!

In the heart of the forest, the frozen trees at that moment all crumbled to the ground, thus forming large and small hills if uce .

The crystal ice hills reflected the color of the sky, shining brilliantly with blue color .

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The world seems to become infinitely wide .

The black robed girl stood proudly, her cloak fluttering in the wind, revealing a pair of translucent black eyes, staring straight at the front .

The wind blew! Whipping the snow like a blizzard .

“My name is Huang Bei Yue!”

Her voice could not be overshadowed by the wind, it was cold yet mighty and proud . Against man and beast, she Huang Bei Yue had never lost!

She is the king, the top of the beast world, all the rules as long as she Huang Bei Yue encountered them, they would all be broken!

In response to her voice, a huge Ice Luan Bird appeared in her head .

(T/n luan bird = phoenix type bird . Think articuno from pokemon)     

The Ice Luan Birds flew in the storm as if it was nothing, it beat its huge ice wings, and slowly landed on a ice mound in front of Huang Bei Yue, because of the animal’s powerful pressure the cracks appeared on the surface of the ice .

One of the cracks gradually extended to the foot of Huang Bei Yue, when the last edge reached her toes, it stopped .

Huang Bei Yue was still motionless, her expression unchanged, a clear and lonely light in her eyes .

The huge Ice Luan Bird glared at her with it’s emerald eyes .

“I am called the Ice Luan Spiritual Bird, little girl, do you want to enter a collaboration contract with me?”

With the voice of the Ice Luan Spiritual Bird, the surrounding air around Huang Bei Yue cooled rapidly . The black cloaked body was blown by the wind attempting to freeze it .

But Huang Bei Yue was safe and sound, even her hair that was fluttering about, was not affected by the surrounding cold air .

The Ice Luan Spiritual Bird’s eyes flashed with a trace of surprise . Mythical beasts at that level were capable of human level thought and awareness .  This rare spirit bird is famous for being an aloof spiritual beast, since ancient times humans had never heard of it completing a collaboration contract with a human!