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Chapter 125

To Frame and Blame Someone Else [19]

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With a miserable scowl on his face, he roared and shouted on the white jade platform . He beat the white jade platform with his fist harshly .

“This damned thief! Damn it!”

Anguo Gong’s old eyes once again turned over . His fat body was no longer able to get up . Sitting on the floor, he was a mountain of flesh . Like Xue Che, he howled in grief .

“Catch that thief . I will definitely chop him into eight pieces!”

“My lord, the Water Pearl is also gone!” Steward Qian said as he walked over .

  – The Water Pearl the pearl that Feng Lian Yi “gift” Huang Bei Yue for their meeting . The pearl allows the user to breathe underwater .

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“What?” Anguo Gong shouted . He closed both his eyes, wanting to faint again . His fish beat the ground, “Evil thief!”

Xue Che resentfully said: “I will personally go chase that thief!”

As he said that, he took large strides out . Just at the right time to collide with someone who was rushing in the report the situation .

Xue Che roared: “You blind thing!”

That guard was so scared that he immediately knelt down on the ground immediately and kowtowed, “Eldest young master, please spare my life! Eldest young master, please spare my life! This small one found something on the outside . It could be what the thief had dropped . ”

– to kowtow (traditional greeting, esp . to a superior, involving kneeling and pressing one’s forehead to the ground)

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“What thing?” Anguo Gong said as he climbed up from the floor . His short hands and short legs were very comical .

Xue Che also hurriedly asked: “Quickly take it out!”

The guard was so scared that with trembling hands, he immediately held something .

An emerald jade pendant . The emperor green was grandeur and noble . The watercolor of the pendant was transparent . Just with one glance, you can tell it’s an ordinary item .

Xue Che looked at it and suddenly yelled: “I recognize this thing!”

Anguo Gong looked towards him . With a fierce expression, Xue Che said: “His mother! Xiao Zhong Qi! I, your father didn’t go provoke you . You actually dare to provoke me up to my head!”

     – “His mother” is like the literal translation of the f-word .

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“Xiao Zhong Qi?” Anguo Gong’s expression changed, anger immediately bubbled up . “The people from the Xiao family are good ah!”

Xue Che said: “Father, I am definitely not wrong . This jade pendant is what that Xiao Zhong Qi wears it every day . It never leaves his body . No one else would be able to take it!”

Anguo Gong blinked his two eyes, a ray of severeness flashed by his eyes, “Good! With evidence here, how can he deny it!? If the Xiao family doesn’t return my Lotus Flame Furnace, I will even exterminate Xiao Qi Yuan!”

Huang Bei Yue came out of Anguo Gong’s Prefecture . As she heard the commotions, she coldly sneered in her heart .

Yan unhappily said: “Before, if you had let the Ice Luan Spirit Bird out, how can that Feng Lian Yi be your opponent? Then the Lotus Flame Furnace would be in your hand already!”

Huang Bei Yue said: “If I had let Ice out, then my plan on shifting the blame for this incident on Xiao Zhong Qi then won’t be carried out . I don’t want the people from the Xiao family to live too smooth and steady!”

“Hmph!” Yan disdained her reasoning . To him, obtaining the Lotus Flame Furnace is more important than anything . As for the people from the Xiao family, those insignificant things, just kill them!

“In addition, even though I have a spirit beast, it doesn’t mean that Feng Lian Yi doesn’t have one . ” Huang Bei Yue said in a low voice . She can’t help but feel that Feng Lian Yi isn’t as simple as he seemed .

She had this kind of feeling ever since the first time she met him in Princess Zhang’s Prefecture . Seeing him today in Anguo Gong’s Prefecture, she is surer of her feelings now .

In front of people, that Feng Lian Yi is the same as her . He wore a mask .

Yan slowly said: “Are you giving up on the Lotus Flame Furnace?”

Huang Bei Yue coldly laughed: “The thing is in his hand . But sooner or later I’ll get it back!”