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Addicted to you - Chapter 61

Published at 28th of June 2019 08:10:15 PM

Chapter 61

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Calin's face lit up seeing Shin walking towards the stage, she hurriedly followed him uncaring of her poise . All her worries vanished in a snapped of a finger and she's back to her compose and elegant demeanor .

"Shin~wait for me," Calin sweetly called Shin's name while following behind him .

Shin who was walking casually hasten his pace as if there's a poop behind him . Although Calin notice it, she paid it no heed and tried her best to catch up with him, unaware that Shin hated the strong perfume coming from her .

Standing at the stage, his arrogant gaze swept the crowd, like a King looking down at his people .

The female host also looked dumbfounded and her heart race abnormally, just standing in the same space with Shin Keir is like a dream come true! if not for Calin who just climb up the stage while staring daggers at her, the host won't snapped out of her trance and exit the stage .

Shin's expression darkened smelling the noxious odor again, he subconsciously recall Yeri's scent . . . her natural scent is like a thunderbolt blasting chaos to every nerves of his body and even if she sometimes used perfume like the time he first met her, Shin didn't repulse it, instead it was like an ultimate aphrodisiac that he ended up taking advantage of a drunk goddess!

A faint smile plastered on his face at the thought of Yeri, he miss her already .

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Contrary to what his thinking, Calin misunderstood Shin's subtle grin as his display of affection to her and convince herself that Shin's attitude earlier is just him being distant and haughty .

She confidently stand beside him, feeling smug .

"Thank you all for coming tonight and for spicing up this occasion . Madam Keir, your kindness and guidance never failed to overwhelmed and surprised me, I am deeply honoured . . . i sure hope you get what you want in life . " Shin smiled deviously and gaze at madam Keir meaningfully . "Once again, we really appreciate everyones presence . . . hope you all have fun like i did . " Shin spoke indifferently, his speech seemed simple but it implies another meaning only to those who is aware .

After that, Shin hurriedly walked out the stage away from the sickening smell hurting his nose .

On the other hand, Calin looked like a frozen ice sculpture after Shin left . All of her happiness went down the drain .

That's it?!

What about their engagement announcement?

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Why did Shin left?

Calin swept through the confused crowd staring at her, but her eyes didn't see Shin . Where did he go?!

Feeling nervous, Calin broke out of her stupor and just uttered a few words to the birthday celebrant then hurriedly walked out the stage as well .

Most guests looked muddled since they were expecting an engagement announcement while the young women heaved a sigh of relief, they couldn't care less if the engagement is real or not as long as there beloved Shin Keir didn't confirm it himself then they still have a chance!

While the guests continued on their chatting and business deals, madam Keir also left the banquet with sour face . The damned bastard dared to opposed her! does he think his invincible now that his the CEO?! Its time to put him on his rightful place!


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"Shin! Shin! wait for me . . . Shin!", Calin yelled as she chance upon Shin and Tristan leaving the manor .

Since the banquet is held at the back garden, there's no one near the entrance area so Calin did not bother to maintain her composure and run towards Shin that she almost tripped .

Calin finally manage to get close to Shin and held onto his arm but in a split second, Shin shoved her away that she lost her balance and fall down .

"Shin . . . " Calin looked up to Shin in disbelief, why did he pushed her?! didn't he love her?

Shin glared at her with murderous intent, "I dare you to call my name again with that ugly mouth of yours . " Shin grit his teeth as he spoke while patting his arm again and again trying to get rid of an invisible dirt .

Calin's eyes widened hearing Shin, she felt scared but it's nothing compared to the sound of her heart breaking . . . how is it possible that both her dream and nightmare is just right in front of her!

"but im your fiancee!" Calin squealed, she refused to back down! even if it's real or not she will never let her dreams shatter again .

Shin's eyes narrowed as he glared at Calin intensely who is now trembling from fear but she still believe he won't hurt her, she is Calin Wang afterall!

'This woman is really digging her own grave' Tristan thought .

Tired of patting his arm, Shin removed his coat and tossed it aside . "fiancee? is she talking to you?" Shin asked Tristan .

Tristan smirked, "will you stop pushing things you don't like to innocent bystanders . . . man, i have yet run out of women to have a fiancee . "

Shin ignored Tristan's rumbling and again stared at Calin from head to toe .

"uhm-I-im Calin Wang . . . " Calin shyly spoke upon noticing Shin sizing her up, did Shin finally see how gorgeous she is?! Calin gracefully stood up and sweetly smiled at Shin . "you see, i also think this engagement is way too sudden for us . . . we can get to know each other first as your girlfriend . "

"girlfriend? as far as i know my girlfriend isn't flat-chested . " Shin deadpanned .

Tristan almost choked on his own saliva after hearing Shin, since when did Shin ever talked like a pervert? he have to hand it to Yeri, it seems like Shin only see Yeri to every women .

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