Adopted Soldier - Chapter 180

Published at 11th of January 2019 03:55:04 PM
Chapter 180: 180
The day in school pass by faster than usual, as each member of the mercenary club had numerous thoughts going through their minds . Some of them had an epiphany, others had made a life changing choice, while some remained the same .

The day was over and it was once again time to head towards the Drama Club's clubroom . The members of the Mercenary Club who were heading there, told Niel that he should rest for today since he's injured . Niel hearing his juniors suggestion simply smiled his radiant smile, and still went with them .

When everyone got to the clubroom, they were still waiting for one more person before they make the announcement about who would play the female lead . Kei was the only one missing, if he didn't show up after five more minutes, they decided to simply message him about the decision of who will play which role .

After a few short minutes, Kei had finally arrive in the clubroom, seemingly a bit a different from before . He looked like a person who had a weight finally lifted from his shoulders . He actually looked like he was enlightened . Without any hesitation, he directly went in front of Sayaka with a serious face and spoke .

"Sayaka there is something I need to say to you . " The people of the Drama Club as well as the Mercenary club member were shocked to see Kei's aggressiveness . He was usually the meekest and the least known in the group know as the Mercenary Club . So seeing this sudden change in him shocked most of the people watching .

Usually at this point Kei would have been self conscious at all the staring people, but this time he didn't mind it at all . His eyes were burning passionately about something, as he looked at the confused Sayaka .

Oliver seeing this was somehow feeling a bit uncomfortable about the situation . He didn't understand why, but he kinda felt like he wanted to punch Kei in the face .

"Sayaka I want you to hear this, and know I'm serious about it . " When the others heard Kei say this, they gotten all excited . This felt like it was going to be a confession of love . The drama club, as the named implied live for this kind of thing, which excited all the members present .

At this point even Emily felt a bit weird, and wanted to stop Kei from doing what he was going to do . She didn't understand why she wanted to stop it, but she did and it made her feel uncomfortable . Not only did the event last night go beyond her expectations, even the person she felt the most comfortable with was doing something she wasn't expecting .

'What is this weird feeling?' Though Emily seemed like she knew it all, but in truth she was like Alex and Lilitth, she had almost no knowledge of how to act normal . The only clue she got was from reading a bunch of shoujo manga, watching anime, and hearing second hand discussion about it . All that didn't prepare her for this kind of stuff .

Alex was also looking at what Kei was doing and found it weird . Why did he keep on pausing? Why doesn't he just say what he wanted to say, also why is everyone reacting weirdly?

. . .

Even Rachel was shocked by this sudden scene, even though she has been confessed to a bunch of times, this was the first time she saw someone else's confession, and it was two people she knew . One of which was her best friend .

Sayaka who was in the middle of this was having difficulty thinking . She had a lot of experience being confessed to, but this was the first time a boy had such resolve in his eyes . It was overwhelming to see that kind of look from the average looking Kei .

Kei on the other hand was getting a bit conscious about the people watching, since it felt like their stares were intensifying . Still he gritted his teeth, and slammed his hand on the wall shocking Sayaka and pushing her backward, making her back lean on the wall .

Kei looked Sayaka in the eye, while strengthening his resolve .

"Sayaka . . . No Saya, I know we've known each other only for a few weeks, and that isn't really much time to truly understand a person . . . Still I believe after what happened at lunch, I think I've took a glimpse at the real Saya . . . The person that believed in her friends and chose to show her vulnerable side, that person look so charming to me . . . Damn . . . This is kind of difficult to say . . . So I'm going to say this only once and I hope you listen closely . "

Sayaka who was still confused and overwhelmed simply nodded her head . She could hear her heart pounding, ever so loudly . At first she was going to reject Kei as kindly as possible, but now she wasn't sure . She might actually say yes, because of the atmosphere .

Oliver who was watching in the sidelines, somehow felt like if he didn't act out now, he might regret it later . Still what should he say in this kind of situation?

Emily was also having some difficulty watching this . She felt excited and weirdly disappointed . She knew she felt excited because of how manly and aggressive Kei was being at the moment . Which made it look like one of her shoujo manga's . Also it was such a major change in personality from his background character state, that she felt really weirdly excited . On the other hand she also felt disappointed which she couldn't understand the reason as to why .

Niel who was watching as well looked at everything with eyes like a parent looking at his children growing up . Alex on the other hand felt like he should take notes about what's happening and ask his dad about it, when he talks to him again .

"Saya, I have strengthen my resolve to say this to you . I know I don't seem like the type of guy to say this, in front of all these people, but what you did awhile ago gave me the strength and confidence to move forward . So Saya I-" Everyone who was watching was holding their breaths at this moment and waited for Kei to continue .

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