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Chapter 722

Chapter 722 “The Lightning Strike of an Eighth Grade Pill (6)”

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With each main thunder strike coming down, the intensity of the bolts would increase by two-fold . So, by the time the third one came, it had caused so much damage to Bai Yan’s body that she ended slugging right down to the floor as a result of the pressuring force . Fortunately the woman’s a stubborn one . In the last moment before her consciousness caved, she gripped her hands into a ball and stood right back up out of pure perseverance .



Before she could say more, the fourth thunder had come again . Bai Yan didn’t care though nor was she scared . Confronting the bolt of intense heat, her eyes stared intently upwards to take it head on .


This time she literally threw up blood after suffering the hit . Wiping the corner of her mouth, which only caused the red fluid to stain her cheeks, she became rather wary: “This is not normal . These thunder strikes are far too strong for an eighth grade alchemic trial . Compared to the ones I experienced in my previous life, it’s as strong as the ninth grade ones!”

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What the is going on here? The intensity should never be this high . If it continues like so then my body will disintegrate under that might before it’s over .


But it’s too late to turn back now . Left with no choice, she braves herself for what’s to come and grew more determined then ever after eyeing the patient lying next to her in the bed .

“I will save you!”

Regardless of the price, I will save this person!

Perhaps the man himself had heard her voice because a droplet of tear had inexplicably trickled down the corner of those eyes . That muttering mouth sounds like it wants to say something but no sound ever came forth .

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And by this time Bai Yan was solely focused back to the objective couldn’t see it .


Following suit were three other intense thunder strikes, each stronger than the last . Afterwards the complexion on the girl’s face could only be called frightening . It’s dreadfully white like blood has left her entirely, causing that face to look like a ghost .

I can’t give up!

If I give up now then no one can save him anymore!

In that second, the eighth bolt had come down as if to meet her demand, causing that whole body to fall to the ground entirely . Despite the insane amount of damage she was suffering, the effects were rather dazzling like she’s covered in a halo, shimmering and glowing .

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“One last one!” Struggling to force a smile, she attempts to crawl back up for the final blow, “Once I get through this then it will be over!”

But low and behold, the last would always be the most dangerous . Unlike the previous strikes, this thunder bolt was at a whole new level compared to anything she’s endured thus far .

Success and I will get what I want, failure and I will die, so be it… .

Closing her eyes, the woman quietly readies her spirit and body for the final clash . Yet, the expected pain never came, instead there were only the faint contour of a shadow in front of herself when she opened those eyes again to search for the reason .


Why is he here?

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Why… . why is he fending off the last attack for me?

Trembling right into her heart, Bai Yan wanted to reach out to grasp onto the figure for some sort of answer . Unfortunately for the weakened her, the shadowy contour dissipated as soon as those fingers made contact .

“Di Cang!” Covering her mouth, tears came slipping down those cheeks in accordance with her muffled sobbing .


Just then, Bai Yan’s ear had caught onto the splitting sound of something inside her storage bag . In a hurry, she immediately pulled out said item and discovered it was a flower made out of carrot .

This was a gift given to her by Di Cang when their son kept nagging to his old man to cook something inside the homely kitchen . Though the dishes themselves didn’t turn out so great – downright disgusting – the husband did produce one decent product and that was this ordinary looking flower carved using the hands of love . Even after their separation, Bai Yan never had the heart to toss it away .

Thankfully a moment of softness was now paying off in full . If her guesses are right, there should be a wisp of the demon lord’s power sealed inside the object . It’s this energy that blocked off the thunder strike just now . As to the reason why Bai Yan didn’t sense it beforehand, it’s likely due to the difference in their strength .