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Published at 9th of October 2019 11:50:15 PM

Chapter 837

Chapter 837 “Be the Judge (1)”

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As soon as Di Cang’s words were finished, the woman in front of him had already tiptoed that feet to sink her rosy red lips onto his . By combining two of her fingers against that chin, the picture was akin to Bai Yan taking advantage of her man and not the other way around like usual .

An eternity later… .

“Be good, I’ll be soon so stay here and wait for me… . ” Despite this tone being no different than that of a owner comforting their pet, it’s damn well good enough to make this wife slave numb to his feet .

Unable to refuse that request, the man’s voice falls into a whisper: “Okay, I’ll come find you after I finish my business here in the Demon Realm . ”

Nodding with a smile, Bai Yan let’s go and turns around: “Xiachen, Dragony, we’re leaving for the Holy Land now . ”

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“Baddie Father,” Bai Xiachen suddenly runs forward to confront his old man, those eyes shining like a twinkling star . “Don’t forget what you promised me . I will come back after I go see Godfather and my grandshifus . At that time, you must send me to the secret domain for training . ”

Actually breaking out in laughter, the demon king smiles proudly at his own boy: “When have I not kept my promises to you? When you come back, I’ll personally send you to the secret domain for training . ”

“Okay . ” That brought on a wave of smiles to the kid, making him all the more adorable at the moment .

“I will strive to enhance my strength until I can become Mother’s wing . I will shelter her from the rain and wind!” Determined and firm, those big eyes left no room for doubt because he meant it .


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As long as I can protect Mother then I’m not afraid of anything, let alone some secret domain!

Bai Yan had wanted to speak up to stop this situation multiple times, but when seeing how excited her son has become, she just couldn’t bear to crush that hope .

Perhaps able to sense his wife’s mood as well, Di Cang’s next action was to wrap his hands around her shoulder in a reassuring manner: “Don’t worry, he won’t be in any danger . He’s the prince of the demon world, his responsibility is to protect his mother and sister! That’s something he can’t avoid . ”

Shooting a look at her own man regarding the last bit: “Where is his sister?”

Grinning like a sly fox that he was, Di Cang’s ambiguous voice easily gave away his scheme: “We can make one anytime you like… . ”

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In that instant, Bai Yan’s ear had directly turned a feverish red . Making a cough, this embarrassed woman didn’t want to meet that yearning gaze, because if she does, she fears this perverted bastard would just rip into her clothes and carry out the deed .

“It’s getting late already, I should leave now . ” Then as if thinking of something, Bai Yan swings around again to meet his: “Also, I have already forgiven Second Elder and Fire Plume, you mustn’t make trouble for them . ”

Di Cang frowned at that . In the man’s opinion, his wife wouldn’t have run away from home to begin with if not for those two . However… . now that Bai Yan has spoken up for them, he could only respect that decision despite the unwilling heart .

“Bye bye Baddie Father . ” Waving at his old man as they left, the little steambun somehow seemed more receptive at having a father compared to before . He’s actually bothering to do what a son does in a parting situation!

“Wait a minute . ”

Turning around at the sudden call of her man again, Bai Yan makes a rather confused look: “Di Cang, is there something else you need?”

“I’ll send you . ” Among his proud face, there’s a glint of pleading like he won’t have it any other way .

“Okay . ” This time Bai Yan didn’t refuse him . All smiles in the face: “Why are you acting so nervous? It’s not like I’m not coming back . ”

“I only want to cherish every minute I have with you . ”

It’s true he would respect her wishes and not force along, but that doesn’t mean he won’t take advantage of every possible second that’s within reach!

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