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Advent of the Archmage - Chapter 278

Published at 12th of October 2018 07:21:30 AM

Chapter 278
Chapter 278: Link is No Longer My Threat

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Alloa's personality was very similar to Link's, especially in how she could sink into the magic spell she was studying and forget all about her surroundings .

That day, they lost track of time in the enchantment room . They used Elemental Healing to replace eating .

Alloa wasn't familiar with Nana's body structure, so they didn't start directly on the modifications . Instead, she studied the information on the structure . During this time, Link read the first magic spell book that the system had rewarded him—Integration of Time and Space .

This was a book purely on spatial magic but also tied in concepts of time . Space and time involved the basic nature of the world . Even Link felt the Mana theories in the book were obscure . Thankfully, he had been deducing the spatial thesis all this time and was extremely familiar with space . After three hours, he had a general understanding of it .

There was not much content in the book . The core was an explanation of how to use spatial power to influence time . It was a great supplement to Link's spatial thesis .

After finishing, he looked up at Alloa . Seeing that she was still immersed in the explanation of Nana's Mana structure, he didn't disturb her . He took out his thesis and started deducing further .

The Integration of Space and Time had given him a lot of inspiration, so this time, the deduction was very successful . He made big advancements in a short while, and he came up with an entirely new spatial formula .

The Integration of Space and Time says that space and time are one body and can transform between each other . Turns out it's right . Ah, what a wonderful world .

Link's inspiration bloomed . He continued going through the formula . After another period of time, the formula before him was completely different—it was replaced with a Mana structure .

This structure was abnormally complicated, even surpassing the Titan's Hand that Link had modified . It contained nearly 1500 runes, including Link's newest results as well as integrating all of his past knowledge of magic .

Looking at the splendid Mana structure diagram, Link was satisfied . However, there was still room for improvement, so he continued revising .

This time though, things weren't as smooth . Link was quickly stumped while fixing a flaw . There seems to be a logical endless loop . Tsk, how can this be? Is this the highest level for this spell?

He couldn't figure it out and made no progress in half an hour . Link didn't force it though . He told Alloa that he wanted to go walk around outside and clear his mind . Alloa was completely immersed in the magic puppet structure, so she just waved to show that she heard him .

Link opened the door and started out . He pondered while walking and reached his room in the Mage Tower without realizing . Looking at the window at the end of the hallway, he saw that it was dark out . He took out his pocket watch and realized that it was already 11 at night . Link sighed .

Time really flies . Whatever . My body can't be compared to Alloa's, so I'll go rest and wait until my mind is awake to continue .

He opened the door and entered his room .

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The room was very big and had a living room outside . When he walked into the living room, he surprisingly found Celine curled up on the leather chair, asleep .

She was a light sleeper . When she heard the noise, she twitched and opened her sleepy eyes . Seeing it was Link, she woke up immediately and jumped up from the chair . Smiling, she asked, "Link, are you done?"

When she stood up, Link realized that her clothing was weird . All she wore was a black robe . It was really, really thin and he could vaguely see her graceful curves through the fabric under the magic light's illumination .

After a few takes, Link confirmed that other than the robe, Celine wore nothing else . Seeing that Link had found out, Celine blushed profusely, but she didn't hide . She smiled shyly and made some poses .

"How do I look?" she asked playfully .

Celine was tall at 5'5" and only a bit shorter than Link . Usually, Link didn't feel much when he looked at her body . But now, Celine was basically displaying her entire body . Link could see a pair of long, straight legs that became thicker as he looked up, turning into a perky butt . Higher up, her curves turned smaller into a thin waist . She had a perfect hourglass figure…Link's heart started pounding .

"Pretty . " Link felt weird, but he wasn't stupid enough to ask stupid questions like "why are you here?" and "why are you dressed like this?"

"Do you want to see more?" Celine's cheeks were as red as an apple . She looked up with shy flirtatiousness . Link's reaction satisfied her because he was finally not like a block of wood .

Her anxiousness from before had faded a lot, and she became confident . Hehe, she thought happily . Seems like I'm pretty attractive .

Link gulped; he didn't feel tired at all now . He nodded and said, "Of course I want to see . "

"Then bring me to the bedroom . " Celine opened her arms wide .

Link didn't use any spells this time . He wasn't that strong, but Celine wasn't heavy . He picked up his lover and entered the bedroom .

Everything else happened smoothly… Afterwards, Link was in a great mood . He hugged Celine's soft and warm body, a hand toying with the small red nub on her breast . "What happened today?" he finally asked .

"Nothing, I just wanted to be intimate with you . " With that, Celine suddenly flipped onto Link, pushing her chest out . "Am I pretty or is Alloa pretty?"

Link was kind of confused . Celine's breasts weren't big, but they weren't small either . They felt great to the touch, and they hung in front of him now, trembling a bit . Link would be an idiot to talk about Alloa now . He closed his lips around a breast without hesitation .

"You bad boy!" Celine yelped, forgetting her question completely .

They did another round .

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Link overslept that night, which rarely happened, He had planned to only rest for four hours, but he ended up waking up the next day .

After waking, he felt unbelievably refreshed, and his mind was abnormally clear too . He quickly found the answer to the unsolvable problem from last night . It was as if all his pores were clear now too .

"Ah, why didn't I think of this earlier?" Link was overjoyed . He was just about to get out of bed when he touched a warm and soft body . He suddenly thought of what happened last night . Seeing the beautiful feminine body beside him, he felt a rush again .

No, I can't . Lust is the path of decline . Enough is enough! With extreme self-restraint, Link pulled the covers over Celine and pressed a kiss to her cheek .

Celine didn't wake up . She made a soft noise and turned over to continue sleeping . Link padded out of the room . Once outside, he cast Elemental Healing on himself and ordered one of the Mage Tower's maids to make Celine breakfast on time .

The maid was a 40-year-old woman and was obviously experienced . Seeing Link's state, she smiled brightly until Link escaped . He ran all the way to the enchantment room . When he opened the door, he found that Alloa was still studying .

After looking, he realized she was not looking at the magic puppet's structure . Instead, she was staring blankly at Link's spatial thesis . More specifically, she was in deep thought over the Mana structure Link had left last night .

Link had had a taste last night and suddenly thought of Celine's question . He took a look at Alloa's chest and was shocked . I was wondering why Celine asked me that! It seems that she felt threatened, haha .

So he had to thank Alloa for their night .

Hearing the noise behind her, Alloa turned around . When she saw Link, she waved without any sign of fatigue . "Good morning . "

"Good morning . " Link was feeling energetic . Seeing that Alloa was reading his thesis, he asked with some pride, "What do you think?"

"Not bad . It's pretty deep and completely different from my direction of study, so it enlightened me . " With that, Alloa handed a copy of handwritten notes to Link . "This is my research . Perhaps it will be helpful to you . "

Link accepted it . He flipped through it and instantly felt that he had received something treasurable . "I'm sure this will help me greatly . "

He was itching to start reading immediately, but Alloa stopped him . She pushed Link's Mana structure over . "You wrote this last night, right?" she asked .

"Yes, but I didn't finish yet . I ran into a problem last night and couldn't solve it . " Link pulled a chair over and sat across from the enchantment table .

Alloa's brows knitted . "I looked through your train of thought . It's intriguing, but there's an endless loop . I thought for half a night and thought that if you continue down this road, the spell's power will be limited even if it's successful . "

Link laughed . "I was thinking that too, but I have a new path now . "

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Alloa's eyes brightened . "Coincidentally, I do too . How about we both write ours down and see whose is better?"

"Sure . " Link laughed out loud . He took out pen and paper and started writing .

This time, his thoughts flowed smoothly . Within ten minutes, an entirely new Mana structure appeared on the paper . It was mostly similar to last night's, but many details had been changed, especially one part of the core . The endless loop was broken, bringing new hope to the spell .

Alloa finished too and pushed her scroll over . Link did the same .

They exchanged the scrolls and fell silent after reading . Then they met each other's eyes and burst into laughter . It felt as if they had found their soulmates .

Their solutions were exactly identical . They both wrote on their scrolls that they were the most powerful, but the spells had the same structure .

"Is there a max limit for this spell?" Link asked while laughing .

Alloa shook her head . "The only restraints should be the spell caster's own power . With your current Mana, you can probably reach the pinnacle of Level-7 . If you add some medicine and wands, it'll be even stronger . "

"Why don't you name it?" Link asked . For some reason, the game system didn't give a reward . There probably weren't enough Omni Points .

Alloa thought for a moment and said, "This combined the mysteries of time and space's laws . The original state of magic is a small ball, so let's just call it Space-Time Orb . "

Once she said this, a message appeared in Link's vision .

Player created spell Space-Time Orb

Space-Time Orb

Non-level Master Magician Spell

Effect: Create an incredible ball of time and space . This ball can change its shape at the spell caster's will . It possesses the amazing power of killing all organisms and freezing time and space!

(Note: Link's toy ball . )

At this moment, Alloa looked at the spell's structure and could not help but sigh . "Ah, giving myself the undying law was the worst idea . Now I'm looking at such a beautiful spell, but I can't learn it . It's such a pity . Such a pity!"

It was like a man who had been starved for three days and three nights suddenly tied onto a chair and placed before a feast . It was torture .

"Is there no way around it?" Link asked .

"There is . If we completely understand the Dark Serpent Divine Gear and then I light the Sacred Fire, I'll be able to go against Firuman's laws . "

"Light the Sacred Fire…How about we think about more realistic problems now? Are you familiar with Nana's situation now?"

"Yes, and I have some ideas already . Look at this . " Alloa took out another scroll for Link .

Link studied it and sighed after ten minutes . "Alloa, this is perfect . This way, not only will Nana not fear magnetic spells, but she'll also be able to use them . "

No wonder she was the Maiden of Truth; she was incredibly efficient . Not only did she understand Nana's structure within a day, but she'd even found a way to make up for the flaws . She was amazing!

Link was completely impressed .

"Then let's start with the modifications . I'll call Nana over . "

Just as Link and Alloa were busy with fixing Nana, Wavier had returned to the Delonga Kingdom in the South . He was in a hidden valley . It was his own Necropolis .

After resurrecting a corpse, he had prepared long ago, Wavier's eyes darkened . "Link is no longer my threat . I must find a way to deal with that piece of metal . "

He couldn't do this, but he believed his master would have an idea . However, he needed more sacrifices for this .

Thinking of this, he called, "Taroko! Taroko!"

After a while, an Undead Knight dressed in glamorous black thorns walked over . He was shrouded in a cloud of dark red blood mist, and he grasped a sword made entirely of white bone .

Clang . Taroko stabbed the sword into the ground before him, and he knelt onto one knee . "Master, what is your order?"

Wavier gazed at Taroko in satisfaction . This was his strongest Warrior with perfect battle techniques . He strengthened Taroko, no expenses spared . Now, Taroko had reached Level-8 and was an important general of the Necropolis .

"I need as many living humans as possible . At least 10,000!"

"Yes, Master . Give me two days!" Taroko said hoarsely . His tone was emotionless . Ten thousand living beings were like 10,000 ants to him .

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