Published at 7th of January 2017 06:52:09 PM
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Chapter 3

The Big Outburst Of a Stupid Man

Author: Hazuki Kuroru


「 Then, I'm going to enter now 」


Announcing strongly and decisively, Sharozen lifted me up . My robes were spread out on top of the fluffy grass, and my half-naked self was laid down there .


「 Come on, in this kind of place? 」


「 It's going to be alright . Demons and animals won't draw near for one week because of the thick demonic energy . Just now, I fixed a boundary so even human can't come near . 」


Filled with confidence, this magic swordsman declared his pointlessly high specs .


「 That's why we can enjoy ourselves for one week 」


「 Not enjoyable! What do we do about things like meals? 」


「 I can convert my magic to energy . You'll be okay . 」


He grinned and laughed .


「 I can infuse you with plenty of my converted energy 」


In no way do I want this method of nutrition replenishment okay?


「 Mou, give up quietly and let me eat you already . It'll be fine, I'll make you feel good . 」


Ahh, to hell with it, who would want this kind of guy who can't get the mood going at all .


「 Lindy, I want you . Is it okay? I'm entering now 」


「 Even if I said no you would still put it in 」


「 You're right 」


「 If that's the case, I don't want to hear it . Since It's expected that I have to put up with being involved with a dog 」


「 ……a dog? 」


「 That's right . Even if I am to be your lover, I most definitely do not belong to you . By all means, feel free to forcefully rape me . However, if you want something like my heart, something like experiencing love, then it's a really laughable to be asking me 'please' . 」


「 What do you mean? 」


「 Isn't it exactly like that?! You, have you treated me nicely for even a little in your memories? Not at all right? Before, you unreasonably took someone else's Jewel . And sure, you've undergone an increase of sexual desire power . And, by chance, I happened to be nearby simply to be raped by you as you pleased was I not? 」


I glared at Sharozen as I spoke .


I knew that guy was above me in ability . I understood that I was no match for him in a one-on-one situation . It would be a lie if I said I wasn't scared . Nevertheless, I am sworn to be a dignified person called Lindy Aaron . I have to say this right now precisely because I cannot forgive it if I've been misunderstood and raped just like that .


「 That's not it! That's absolutely not it! 」


I think there was sorrow in Sharozen's eyes as he dropped his gaze and refuted in a loud voice .


「 It wasn't something like meeting you by coincidence at all . It's because I've wanted you . I've been keeping my eye on your matters for the entire time . Even today, from when you entered the forest by yourself, I followed after out of worry .  If there was nothing wrong, I intended to head back by myself . But you were captured by the Raffle weren't you? That's why I fixed a barrier and revealed myself before you . Ahh mou, 」


Sharozen's expression contorted .


「 I like you so much . Ever since way before . It's your misfortune to be loved by a selfish, stubborn, faulty man . 」


After speaking, he took off his clothes and hung it over to cover me .


「 As for me, can't you get used to my love for even a little bit? ……I'm not going to say I want your heart . However, I want to receive your body . It doesn't matter however much you will hate me for it . I really want you . I want to lock you up and make you mine alone . 」


「 ……that's really weird 」


「 Ahh, yeah it's weird . It's insane . You should resign yourself to be bitten by this rabid dog . But, my bite may be crazy . 」


「 ……Although, I've always thought you were a foolish guy since long ago . You're really a big fool, aren't you? Something like tormenting the one you like is sort of similar to the obsessive mentality of a child's 」


However, the level of bullying is different .


「 Mou enough, be quiet . Why did I have to fall in love with this kind of rash female adventurer, I wonder? 」


「 Aaaa- , 」


Sharozen plunged into me . Extremely hot and hard, it churned with the intention of giving pleasure .


「 Does it feel good? 」


「 Haa-, good, 」


「 Me too, it feels good . The feeling inside you is the best, it's hot and clamping down so hard . Above all things, being inside Lindy is the best after all . It was today that I finally understood what I was thinking and feeling all along . I want to be with you alone like this forever . 」


Sharozen's movements steadily intensified . Roughly breathing in and out, Sharozen moved his hips relentlessly and his trickling sweat dripped down . My most sensitive place was repeatedly struck and rubbed by his rod, making me erupt with intense pleasure .


「 Ann, ann, aa-, Sharozen, 」


「 How terrible, even though it's become like this, I, I'm so happy, 」


「 Au-, you beast! 」


「 That's right, I am, a crazy dog, after all, 」


Feeling his penis pulling out, my body that was facing him was flipped over onto all fours like a dog .


His hot rod settled into my secret place and began to hit . Right now, I was plunged and penetrated from the back . It entered into my deepest part where I could directly feel it strike . My body was in agony by his forceful and continuous pushing against the entrance of my womb . As he sunk his bite into the nape of my neck, I screamed .


「 You belong to me . I won't hand you over to anyone . Lindy, you absolutely can't escape from me na 」


「 It hurts, stop it, 」


A sucking kiss latched onto my back . Surely, a bright red mark will remain .


「 Not stopping . Go ahead and hate me, detest me, fill your heart with me . If, As long as, you only think of me, that's good enough . 」


He's seriously a stupid man . It's unclear whether he's possibly a clutz or an idiot with words .


Sharozen's thing slipped out from me again .


「 Lindy, is so cute, your small white back and round butt, all of it is mine 」


「 Painful! 」


This stupid dog, this time he bit my butt .


「 The hole here is also mine 」


「 Kyaa, you can't, not there, it's dirty, 」


「 Didn't I say that nothing from your body is dirty? It's squeezing so cutely na 」


Sharozen began to lick my butthole with his tongue . Even though I couldn't help but be embarrassed, he tickled there with his licking and somehow caused honey to spill out .


「 Aa no, don't put your finger in 」


Sharozen scooped up the nectar with his finger, smeared it over my butthole, and with that his finger advanced inside .


「 this kind of place, you caan't, 」


「 Don't say something like I can't do it there okay? Look, your love juice is steadily brimming over . It feels good, doesn't it? 」


「 That's not true, it's not okay, it's weird, 」


「 Don't worry, don't be scared of that . Today, I'm only going to feel from the entrance 」


While entering with his finger, Sharozen thrusted into me once again . That dripping wet place made bisha-bisha sounds as the big and thick thing was also received into me . I squirmed and tightened with pleasure . While playing with my butthole, the meat-stick inside my secret place withdrew and I felt an overflowing amount of pleasure .


「 A-, you can't, mou no, I'm going, to come, aann, I'm coming! 」


「 That's good, come! 」


「 Aaaaaa-!! 」


I was penetrated by Sharozen until I orgasmed . It turned pure white before me and my consciousness left all of a sudden .


When I became aware, I was still being penetrated while facing him . Noticing me, Sharozen hugged me tightly .


「 Are you feeling okay? I will do it many more times . Let me experience it a lot every day . Look, isn't it good here? 」


「 Aa, aann, you can't, even though you just did it, 」


「 Lovely Lindy, I'm going to go again, 」


Sharozen lifted me up and penetrated me while we were facing each other in a sitting position . His thing penetrated until it was deep inside, making me throw my head back . Sharozen held the peak of my breast between his lips and twisted it .


「 You felt it right here didn't you? Look, sucking and licking this way 」


「 Aa, aa, you can't, Sharaozen, nn- 」


Making a loud sucking sound, my insides tightened around him again .


「 Ahh, I can't resist your insides, 」


He seized my waist and shook up and down fervently . While his wedge continued to stab into me, my entire back arched and I panted heavily . I climaxed again .


I leant and limped my exhausted body forward . As his penis was still standing up hard, it insisted on staying inside me .


After I was gently laid down, he began to move again . I gasped with my sore voice .


「 Does it feel good? Do you want more? 」


「 Haa-, mou, enough already, 」


「 Is that so . I'm going again . 」


Th sound of skin striking against skin resounded . Drenched with sweat, Shorozen's hips pounded into me fiercely . He moaned and I felt his desire erupted inside there .


That hot thing spilt into the entrance of my womb again and again . My body convulsed from the momentum and reached an orgasm again . I squeezed and tightened up around him .


While he was entering me, my flank was turned sideways . I was thinking, I didn't want to feel the slippery sweat when he hugged me closely . Looking at my expression, Sharozen bursted out with a laugh . It was so beautiful that it must have been conjured by magic .


His scent tickled my nose as he hugged me again on the neatly trimmed ground .


「 Do you feel fine? 」


「 Un, I'm fine 」


「 Is that so 」


Sharozen uttered satisfyingly . He drew my head to his chest and buried his face into my hair .


「 I'm sorry, but I can't let you go . I beg of you, stay by my side 」


「 You, you really are a stupid man 」


I pressed my face into his chest .


「 I'm a self-serving solo adventurer you know . I don't like others and have no need for it; especially being grouped into parties .  」


「 Eh? 」


「 I have faith that I can entrust my back to you . But, I have never done something like partying with another man . 」


「 ……that is, 」


「 Are you so free you've got time to look after a child? Don't say something like you have to properly look after me and protect me . Up till now, I didn't understand your twisted love, so I still have to think about it . 」


「 Lindy! 」


「 You're raising up the matters of the heart, aren't you? Please don't misunderstand me! From here on out, whatever happens, it's up to you to decide .


……And how cute it was when you called me a stupid dog…… 」


I began to kiss Sharozen happily and couldn't hear the last bits of his murmurs . And like this, Sharozen and I resumed our love-making session again .