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Chapter 16: Chapter 16

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Gao Jing found himself in a difficult situation.

Today was supposed to be a joyous day because the morning teachers were all easily dealt with. He and Su Yuanzhou were able to leave school once the third class ended.

They arrived at the internet cafe near the school and virtually went to Ionia, a location in the game League of Legends, as ADC’s. (ADC’s were players that primarily dealt damage in a team.)

But Su Yuanzhou, this b*st*rd who refused to take anything lying down, somehow ended up quarreling with others when he was playing games at the internet cafe.

When the two sides were about to fight, the internet cafe’s supervisor arrived.

The supervisor wore a large black t-shirt with a dazzling print on the back. The whole person appeared lax.

When he walked over, he bent his index finger and closed the network host. He glanced coldly at the two groups of people who were facing each other, and with an impatient tone said, “If you want to fight, do it outside.”

When Gao Jing saw the supervisor, he thought he was bleary-eyed or recognized the wrong person.

Otherwise, why would this person be working here as a supervisor rather than be at school?

Next, he saw a young man with red sneakers and ash-gray hair scattered across his forehead walking up to the supervisor, “Brother Xing, what’s the matter?”

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Gao Jing was startled and turned his head to look at Su Yuanzhou who was beside him. Unsurprisingly, his facial expression had changed.

He never thought that they would meet Xie Xinglin and Han Ming here.

It was common for Han Ming to come here to play games, but why was Xie Xinglin here?

And as the supervisor? How did that happen?

Is this world an illusion?

If there was one person at their school that Su Yuanzhou disliked, Gao Jing had a clear idea of who it was.

It was undoubtedly Xie Xinglin of Class 1.

Gao Jing was also the clearest on why Su Yuanzhou disliked Xie Xinglin so much.

In the first year of high school, Su Yuanzhou had a crush on a girl in their class and went on the offensive to pursue her. However, right when he thought he was about to win her heart, the girl told him that she had someone she liked.

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It was Xie Xinglin.

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At that time, Su Yuanzhou believed that the eyesights of the girls in their school couldn’t be saved. Instead, he set his sights on those outside of the school.

He hooked up with a female gangster and later Su Yuanzhou brought her to their school to hangout.

But when she saw Xie Xinglin on the basketball court, she broke up with Su Yuanzhou right away and asked him for Xie Xinglin’s WeChat.

At that moment, Su Yuanzhou hated Xie Xinglin very much, but he was too lazy to argue with Xie Xinglin, this little white face that could only study.

The battlefield for real men was outside of school.

It wasn’t until Su Yuanzhou’s brother happened to cause trouble and Su Yuanzhou brought people over to support him that he coincidentally saw Xie Xinglin there.

Then, Young Master Su Yuanzhou believed that he would never forget that day——

On that day, he was beaten black and blue by the little white face that he looked down on. He almost mentally collapsed.

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This matter was not allowed to be talked about and fortunately, very few at school knew about it.

Since then, Su Yuanzhou one-sidedly declared that Xie Xinglin was his mortal enemy. As a good friend of Su Yuanzhou, Gao Jing knew him very well. Su Yuanzhou probably thought he lost too much face.

In addition, Su Yuanzhou often complained about him because Xie Xinglin really knew how to act. He pretended to be a good student at school, but outside, he revealed his true nature, a male green tea b*tch.

Gao Jing would add a few words casually, but thought in his heart, he’s still better than you, you can’t pretend even if you tried.