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Chapter 30: Chapter 30

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In the end, the bottle of nail polish remover successfully rescued Su Qiuge.

Unfortunately, when the two arrived at the laboratory, they were still late. They were both punished to stand outside the lab for ten minutes.

Su Qiuge felt that if there was one word to describe her, it would be miserable.

It feels to her that she has been very unlucky since transmigrating into this novel. She just wanted to change her fate, cherish her life, and stay away from this actor.

Three days passed quickly, it was already time for the monthly exam that took place at the beginning of each month.

Two-thirds of the students in Class 1 were assigned to their current classroom for the exam. The rest packed their school bags in preparation to switch examination rooms, they were all very depressed.

But Su Qiuge was indifferent about it, maybe even a little happy.

When the other students saw that the last place student (Su Qiuge) was so relaxed, they more or less felt a little bit better.

Su Qiuge carried her school bag and unhurriedly walked towards the opposite end of the hallway. She followed the class signs one-by-one in search of the Class 12 classroom.

Although she knew that the cheap brother of hers was also in this classroom, she had no interest in what Su Yuanzhou looked like.

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The last time when she went to the internet cafe, she didn’t end up seeing the person, so she’s already given up on recognizing him.

When she previously looked at the chat records of the original host and her brother, she realized that they were all nearly the same:

Big Brother’s Little Cotton-padded Jacket: Big brother, are you here?

Over an hour passed, but there was still no response.

Big Brother’s Little Cotton-padded Jacket: It’s okay if you’re not here.

At night, the other side finally replied: If you have so much free time to bother me, it’s better to spend it pleasing that woman. I don’t eat this set.

Dear Big Brother: You send so many messages all day long, then you f*cking send it again through QQ. I’ve told you many times. Su Qiuge, are you sick? If you’re sick, go take some medicine!

**t/n: QQ is an instant messaging software service and web portal

Su Qiuge knew that the ‘woman’ referred here was their mother, Yang Xue.

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She(SQ) now regrets that she had only skimmed the plot. She didn’t even know why Su Yuanzhou hated the original host so much.

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However, it didn’t matter because the original host’s death probably had nothing to do with him. Since he wasn’t a threat to her life, it didn’t matter to her whether he hated her or not.

But, it was obvious that the original host never understood the implicit meanings behind his words.

Big Brother’s Little Cotton-padded Jacket: I never expected that the Big Brother that calls me annoying actually secretly cared about me so much. Big Brother really is a tsundere. But don’t worry, big brother! I am in good health lately, not sick at all. Love you! Good night!

Seeing this, Su Qiuge couldn’t help but smiled.

Smiling and laughing, she suddenly felt a bit sour, as if she and the girl that sent those messages were the same.

But she didn’t care too much about this strange emotion.

How to say it, the most important thing to being a bootlicking dog is to be happy.

As long as oneself was happy, it was fine.

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If this person ignored me, just lick someone else.

But Su Qiuge felt that compared to this kind of meaningless “good morning” and “goodnight” where the other was too lazy to reply, it was better to go to Su Yuanzhou new sneaker posts or selfie posts in the friend circle and write: That’s it? Just that?

This way, there will immediately be a conversation topic.

Plus, it will gain a lot of attention.

When she found the place, Su Qiuge noticed that someone had secretly stuck a photo of Crayon Shin-chan with half his buttocks showing the Year 2 Class 12 sign.