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Chapter 31: Chapter 31

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Many of the people who were assigned to take the exam in classroom 12 were students of Class 12, so as soon as Su Qiuge entered, she saw them chatting passionately.

“Hey hey hey, we’re a group of five short of one more! Need support, willing to take freeloaders!”

“What a fart, wasn’t that what you said last time? Then what happened? You five kneeled in a row!! You were even crazily taunted by the opponent!”

“Why did Brother Yuan change his girlfriend again? Which little schoolgirl is it this time? How’s her figure?”

Someone caught a glimpse of Su Qiuge walking in and said to the people around him, “Look at that girl, she looks so pure and innocent.”

Someone asked, “There was such a beautiful woman in our grade? Why haven’t I ever heard of her?”

“She’s from Class 1.”

“Someone from Class 1 would come here for the exam?”

“Ha, it’s because she’s the one that entered Class 1 through connections, so she was put into our classroom for the exam.”

Su Yuanzhou didn’t expect that in the time that he went to buy some water before the exam started, the class would become so lively.

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Furthermore, he didn’t expect his cheap sister to be the topic of the lively conversation.

“You don’t say, but she’s really beautiful, the more you look, the better it gets.”

“Okay, but what’s the point of being good-looking? Even if someone looked good, if their brain wasn’t good, I wouldn’t like them.”

“Hahaha, you say it as if you’re f*cking smart.”

“You can’t be sure. If I was in Class 1 and had their resources, no matter how bad, I still wouldn’t end up here for the exam.”

Su Yuanzhou heard this when he came in. He glanced at Su Qiuge who was seated not too far in front of him.

He loudly closed the door with his backhand. The originally noisy classroom immediately became quiet after the sudden sound of the door.

Gao Jing, who walked in behind Su Yuanzhou, looked at those who were talking and warned them to quickly shut-up.

The people were intrigued as some approached Gao Jing and asked, “What’s up, is Brother Yuan in a bad mood today?”

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Gao Jing casually found an explanation, “Are you in a good mood when there’s an exam?”

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Su Qiuge was using the time left to become more familiar with the literary texts, so she didn’t care about the changes in the atmosphere.

And Su Yuanzhou, who had just arrived, sat behind her and stared at her back. He was a little puzzled. Since the last time he saw her fighting capabilities at the internet cafe, both he and Gao Jing were full of doubts.

When they returned, Gao Jing had said, “Is it because your sister has been under too much pressure lately that she decided to learn some martial arts to vent her anger?”

Su Yuanzhou thought for a moment and felt that there was some truth to it. His expression became slightly prideful, “It’s probably because she was blacklisted by me and felt frustrated, so she had to find a way to vent.”

Thinking about it some more, he added, “Why did she feel the need to do this? If she came to find me, I might’ve taken her off the blacklist if I was in a good mood.”

Although he said this on the surface, Su Yuanzhou was actually quite puzzled in his heart.

Since he saw her, Su Yuanzhou thought that it wouldn’t be long before she came to him to ask why she was blacklisted.

Who knew——

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He waited so long, but there wasn’t a single breath of her.


It was really very strange.

He thought that it might be because Su Qiuge hadn’t noticed him, so taking advantage of the time before the proctor handed out the test papers, he paraded around in front of Su Qiuge with a hand in his pocket. He swayed until he almost created wind, but unexpectedly, she didn’t even raise her head. She continued to recite the Chinese book in her arms.

It can’t be she studied herself into a fool in Class 1?