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Chapter 32: Chapter 32

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On one hand, Su Yuanzhou was happy that this troublesome spirit would stop bothering him, but on the other hand, he felt that the situation wasn’t quite right. He even felt a bit unwilling.

In the end, he decided that since he couldn’t understand it he might as well stop trying to.

As soon as the test papers were handed out, he wrote his name and then fell asleep on the table.


The two days of the monthly examination passed very quickly.

After the last exam ended, Su Qiuge watched as the students in the exam room who originally appeared sickly and lifeless suddenly resembled mentally ill patients that lost all restraints as they bounced spiritedly at a flying speed to hand in the test papers. The class immediately became very lively.

When Su Qiuge returned to her classroom to grab her bag, she happened to run into Peng Jianda.

“Xiao Su, how was it?”

Su Qiuge casually responded, “It was okay, there should be a little bit of improvement.”

The nearby Tang Jie rolled his eyes.

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Some time ago, the hired aunty asked to take a few weeks off due to surgery, so she had to take care of her own meals these days.

Speaking of it, she had already been in this world for quite some time, and not meeting the original host’s father was understandable as they lived far apart, but she also hadn’t seen a glimpse of the mother that lived with her. She’d (SQ) only answered a few phone calls and responded to a few WeChat messages from her.

The woman’s voice was cold and indifferent. She mostly asked about her academics and body, she didn’t care about anything else.

But for some reason, Su Qiuge always had a sense of familiarity when she listened to the voice messages sent in WeChat, as if she had heard it somewhere before.

She recently purposely wandered around campus and found a milk tea shop that couldn’t be considered close or far. It was very suitable for doing homework.

Originally, she was attracted by the name of the milk tea shop. It was called “Harbor” and although the decorations of the shop were simple, it was clean. The shop had two small tables.

The shop owner was a very temperamental aunt. But Su Qiuge had a sweet mouth, so she succeeded in befriending her.

Afterward, Su Qiuge learned that this aunt’s surname was Liu, so Su Qiuge called her Sister Liu. And whenever Su Qiuge called her that, Aunt Liu would laugh nonstop with her eyes squinted and mouth covered. The two had an easy time conversing.

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Over time, Aunt Liu also liked to share some of her matters with Su Qiuge.

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“I have a nephew who is about your age and also in high school.”

“His personality is very gloomy, he has low self-esteem and is very introverted. He also doesn’t have many friends. If he could be as cheerful as you, I wouldn’t have to worry so much.”

Every time Aunt Liu talked about her nephew, her feelings of powerlessness seeped through her words despite her efforts of concealing it.

Finally, one day, Su Qiuge couldn’t help but said, “If we’re the same age, then we should be able to talk well together.”

Almost as soon as she finished speaking, Aunt Liu raised her eyes to look at her, the eyes were almost shining.

Seeing such an expectant gaze, Su Qiuge added a few more words, “And my grades are pretty good. If he’s at the same level as me or one level lower, I can also discuss study topics with him. Not saying it will help him much, but he should be able to at least gain something.”

Aunt Liu was very happy, but she still had some scruples despite her happiness. “This kid doesn’t know how to get along with others and doesn’t understand the severity of his words…”

Su Qiuge smiled and said, “Sister, let me tell you, I’m actually the seatmate of the strangest tempered person in our class. I can guarantee that there isn’t anyone more difficult to get along with than him.”

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