Age of Adepts - Chapter 554

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Chapter 554: 554

Chapter 554 Meeting of Two Titans

Truthfully, Greem was not good at dealing with situations like this .

Perhaps slightly releasing some of his Second Grade spiritual pressure might be a good idea . That said, if he did that, there would probably be a dozen bawling women at the banquet . After all, there were still some ordinary noble ladies surrounding him, apart from those blood slaves .

With their empty and hollow Spirits, any slight pressure from him might cause them to break down!

Thus, Greem furrowed his eyebrows and put a cold and harsh expression on his handsome face .

If the women surrounding him were the greater nobles of the inner banquet, they would probably have known well enough to leave at this moment in search of easier prey . However, the women before Greem were far too charmed by his muscular body and unusual aura . Seeing their target get upset not only failed to dismiss their desires, it even caused them to be even more enamored with him .

These mature ladies who fancied themselves as beauties started to use more and more explicit language to tease Greem . The more daring ones even pressed against Greem, trying to touch his firm chest while flirting with him .

Greem's face turned utterly cold . Two small clusters of fire burned deep in his black eyes .

He had already made up his mind . Anyone who dared to put their dirty hand on him would be burned to ashes!

"What are you lot doing? Go away now . "

The crisp and authoritative voice of a woman rang out as Greem was just about to lose his temper .

The women turned their heads back in shock, and their faces flushed white when they saw who it was .

"Lady Rose . "

"My greetings, Lady Rose . "


The women quickly left after clumsily, but uniformly, bowing and paying their respects, leaving Greem and Lady Rose alone .

Greem was glad to see the women leave and turned his attention towards the approaching person .

White and smooth skin, a tall nose, bright red lips, and those crimson eyes unique to the vampires . Honestly, there might have been some kind of beauty gene hidden in the bloodline of the vampires . That was perhaps what caused all vampires, both male and female, to be extremely attractive and charming .

When paired with the black dress she was wearing, the woman's skin appeared all the more white and her figure all the more attractive .

First Grade elite-level female vampire!

Greem figured out her power in less than half a second with the Chip's help . The difference in grade made it impossible for her to hide her real strength .

A vampire of this level could still harm Greem when he was defenseless and within three meters . Of course, if the enemy attempted something like that, they would not be able to escape Greem's counterattack, even if he was wounded .

It wouldn't be weird for Greem to instantly kill the vampire with his current power if she didn't have any powerful protective magical equipment on her .

Consequently, Greem hesitated for a moment before choosing not to stop the vampire from approaching him .

Other women might not be able to see through Greem for his true identity, but as an elite of her family's First Grade vampires, Rose could sense the enormous fire energy within him even with her eyes closed .

Rose could tell that the guest was a terrifying fire adept, but she couldn't be sure of his grade . If he was only a First Grade adept, he shouldn't be able to repel her spiritual senses and prevent her from figuring out his power . However, it made no sense for him to be a Second Grade adept either .

The banquet today was no more than an internal meeting for an arranged couple from two vampire families in the end . They had not invited any outsider adepts . The arrival of this powerful adept was confusing .

"Welcome to Rose Manor, sir!" As expected of someone who was well-versed in worldly etiquette, Rose immediately stepped forward with a brilliant smile, "Now that you have arrived, why don't you come in with me and have a seat?"

The young nobles who had gathered behind Viscountess Rose immediately betrayed expressions of jealousy and anger on their faces . There was hostility in the gazes they cast at Greem .

This might have been the first time Viscountess Rose had come to Rose Manor, but in a mere two hours, she had already used her irresistible charm to capture the heart of every young noble in the banquet . If this had been any normal situation, these nobles would never have acted out of jealousy, especially with their rationality and education .

But today, Viscountess Rose's powerful personal charm had caused the heat to go to the heads of every one of the young nobles . They swarmed forward and stepped in front of Greem, all clamoring and challenging Greem to a duel .

Viscountess Rose softly reprimanded them with mild anger on her face, but there was a hint of pride at the edges of her eyes .

It was clear that these charmed nobles had become her instruments with which to test Greem's true powers!

Greem was as outstanding as ever with his height of two meters, even when surrounded by a horde of noblemen . His eyes never fell upon these mortal men . Neither did they fall upon the secretly glad vampire . Instead, he raised his head slightly . His focused eyes pierced straight through the wooden door on the third floor of the building and clashed with a pair of eyes hidden in the darkness .

The two gazes clashed mid-air . Both parties felt their hearts tremble .

It seemed this was the person of interest!

Greem couldn't be bothered dealing with a bunch of small fries now that he had found the person of interest . He released his massive spiritual pressure for a brief instant before immediately retracted it . He parted the crowd before him and confidently walked towards the stunned Rose .

"O' beautiful Lady Rose, I will leave myself in your care then! Hopefully, you can show me around this beautiful manor . " Greem's large hand wrapped around Rose's soft and slender waist as he talked, bringing her along as he walked towards the main building .

A Second Grade Adept!

He was actually a Second Grade adept!

Rose felt her limbs go cold at the idea of this terrifying reality . She was stunned .

She had always been a flirtatious person with high confidence in her own power . However, when faced with a true Second Grade adept, she felt her whole body shivering from just that focused gaze of his . She even felt an intolerable burning sensation on the surface of her skin when he looked at her .

Of course, this burning sensation did not inflict any real damage . Rather, it was a magical effect caused by the powers of law contained within his concentrated mental consciousness . Her opponent had an extraordinary understanding of the laws of fire . He only needed to strengthen his mental consciousness slightly when looking upon Rose, and he would be able to allow the laws of fire to manifest upon her body .

That was the greatest demonstration of Greem having completed his spirit elementiumization!

Rose wanted to push away the hand that the Second Grade adept extended toward her, but her vision briefly went black under that intimidating concentration of Spirit . By the time she came to, the adept had already wrapped his arm around her and was dragging her along to the building .

A wicked smile suddenly appeared on Rose's face as she attempted to use the agility of the vampires to escape Greem's grasp .

However, the blood energies within her body had only just been mobilized when a warm stream of energy entered her body through the Second Grade adept's palm . That heated stream shattered the surge of blood energy that she had just gathered into oblivion .

The warm, overwhelming fire energy quickly circulated through her body, illuminating many strange runes as they did so . These runes rapidly and tightly sealed all of Rose's energy nodes: those in her heart, her brain, and the rest of her body .

The previously rebellious Rose turned as compliant as water . Half of her body clung on to Greem's, and there was a laziness to her posture . Her eyes were closed, and it seemed as if she hadn't the energy to even move a single finger . Rose, whose blood energy had been disrupted, would have collapsed into the arms of the opponent if it weren't for his strange power propping her up .

The noblemen that had surrounded Greem earlier only woke up from the most terrifying of spiritual nightmares once he had entered the main building with Rose . The ones with more resilient Spirits were sweating all over while shivering and teetering on the verge of collapse . The weaker ones immediately broke down upon waking up from the nightmare . They ran everywhere in their panic, waving their arms and screaming in terror .

Leicester personally witnessed everything unfold from the third floor of the main building . Naturally, he had also personally experienced the vastness and terror of the opponent's Spirit . That was why he immediately lifted his head to give orders to his subordinates .

By the time Greem had made it up the stairs and arrived at the third floor, the few mad noblemen had already been escorted to a different place . The banquet had returned to normal .

Anyone who was qualified to attend this banquet knew how to improvise . That was why they continued laughing and enjoying themselves when they had seen no reaction from the host of the dinner yet . It was almost as if the scene from earlier hadn't happened .

However, their eyes couldn't help but shift towards the third floor, even as they danced and chatted among themselves .

Perhaps, maybe, it was possible that a significant event unbeknownst to them was slowly brewing in that room!


Second Grade Vampire Count Leicester Vik was already waiting with a face full of smiles when Greem was escorted into the guest hall by a polite noble youth .

"Welcome . Welcome, sir, to my family's humble Rose Manor! I wonder if I could be graced with your name?" Leicester was still brimming with smiles . His eyes were full of sincerity . He didn't seem to care for the unusual condition of the female vampire hanging onto Greem .

At this moment, only Leicester, Greem, and Rose remained in the guest hall . The vampire that had escorted Greem here had known well enough to shut the door and leave .


Greem sat down upon the sofa with the beautiful female vampire still in his embrace . He simply gave his name .

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