Age One - Chapter 27

Published at 14th of January 2019 06:57:26 PM
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Chapter 27

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The day dawned and the whole city was awakened by a roar of dragon in the sky, you can see a giant creature flying above the forest, its wings fluttering like the sound of thunder that reverberated throughout the sky, all of the city thought it was your end .

"Your human, do you believe that I am a mouse that will come wherever you want?", The voice of the dragon echoed in every corner, the fury almost turned into thunder and flew down his throat .

But then they all saw a golden spear and fifty more purple spears flying toward the dragon, the dragon did not have time to resist when it fell to the ground like a cut tree, the sound of collision with the ground came in a matter of seconds .

Everyone who saw this scene sounded cold because only one person used purple spears to attack other players, and that same man was their savior, those who did not attack him that day were much happier with his decision and those who did not feel a tremor pass through your body .

After a few minutes a child mounted on a white lion with the black mane and a scar on his left eye appeared at the entrance of the village, he used an item and his voice spread throughout the village "My friend Jakscrz said that those who want go to the capital city must get a horse and follow it on this journey, we're leaving in 30 minutes, so those who are preparing if "

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Everyone who heard this was ecstatic, what they wanted since they became high level?, Go to the capital and search for a specialized master for their own class, but the difficulty of this was extreme .

Many tried to form teams and go together, but no one had high credibility and so ended up trying to go only with their own team, and thus just having a premature death .

But Jaks is different he had a high range of credibility with the old players and high levels, so many were in the stable and spent their savings to buy a healthy horse and rushed to the stores to buy groceries .

After 25 minutes Zaral left the city with a fleet of players on horseback and many more players running on foot, no one would miss this unique chance to be able to go to the place full of players of elite .

When they arrived at the meeting place they saw a man riding a white horse and a woman riding a black wolf, a white wolf was lying not too far from the man .

"You know our raid took days, and those who die will be abandoned by us, I'll say I will not wait for those who think this is an easy trip . for those who do not have horses I suggest you get a quick mount or you can end up getting behind "

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Those on foot were more than twice those who were riding, they were low levels, so they did not have the money for a mount, they panicked and many asked for a ride for those of a higher level .

Many helped the noobs, but had a minority who did not, Jaks just looked at those arrogant and sat down to the middle of the low levels, he dismounted from his horse and touched the ground .

He pointed them to the sides of the horses and many stood still and Jaks did not explain but counted ten people who followed his instruction, he waved to them and moved his fingers, with high speed a wagon appeared and mated to the horse .

Three horses were chosen, and they were the most robust, each cart was relatively small and would fit three people, a girl who had not climbed one of the wagons panicked and her eyes were already full of tears .

A sound of paws sounded and close to her a black wolf faced her over the wolf a woman said "are you willing to serve me? I'm looking for a squire"

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for the girl appeared a notification .

[Notification of the system: The rider Lily Flower wants to make you her squire, later she can take her as a disciple and make you a Jakscrz's knight, do you accept? (If you accept your current shield and sword warrior class will be redefined for squire of roses)]

[Yes] [No]

The girl nodded and from a simple warrior she became a squire, her round shield became pink and with patterns of petals, her sword became pink and on her breast a coat of arms appeared, on the coat had written [Squire of Lily Winny Flower] .

The girl was extremely happy, she was chubby and lacked confidence because of that, her hair was short and orange, covered freckles on her face her, currently she had poor and worn armor .

She mounted the wolf next to Lily and they returned to Jaks side, many saw the actions taken by the couple and they were astonished, first the man despite appearing cold and anti social still helped the others .

And the woman no one really understood her motives, but they saw her help an unfamiliar person so they had a good impression of her .

Those who did not follow Jaks's instruction felt a bitter taste in their mouths and became extremely sorry, they saw the men in purple carts being pulled by horses and they were envious .

Jaks looked at the three men on the horses and said, "I hope you do not mind if your horses get tired, let us rest for a little while"

After that he walked slowly, he did not intend to go too fast because there were many people on foot, but also do not want to go too slow, not to waste much time .

"We will rest at dusk until they get their best and do not get lost, if they are too far behind, follow our footsteps and find us further, in case someone is attacked shout as high as possible and we will go to the aid the fastest that we can "

After that he lay on his horse and began to read in his grimoire, many who saw it felt envious, he could be so relaxed in the middle of the forest full of ferocious and dangerous animals .

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