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Published at 24th of February 2020 09:16:38 PM

Chapter 31

Nagi-chan . I will definitely help you! #2

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“Y–ea, that is here . . . . ?”


I was laid down on a bed all of the sudden .


“Ruina-san, Are you awake?”

“Director Firu . . . . ?”


I looked around .


Is this Akade institute’s infirmary?


Ee~to, What happened? . . . . Oh that’s right ! Nagi-chan!


I rush out of the bed and try to go outside .


“Please wait, Ruina-san . Where are you going?”

“Of course I am going to Nagi-chan ! I need to hurry . . . . ”


Or Nagi-chan will be killed .


I buried that thought .


That is the worst outcome .


“ . . . . Ruina-san,it must be a terrible time for you, but please listen . Akade institute has decided to abandon Nagi, though that may be a harsh way of saying it”


. . . What the? What the hell is she saying?

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I refuse to accept that .


“Judging by your reaction, Its that black haired lady with two sheep like horns who also killed your mother, made that barrier . Isn’t it?”


Director Firu is one of the few people that knows the truth about what happened 5 years ago .


“If you understand that, then ! ? Then you know how dangerous that woman is . Nagi’s life is in trouble! . . . ”

“For this reason . Me and you are absolutely no match for that woman . While we were there we were useless . Fortunately Linde had no trauma it was only her clothes that were bloody . All the other students have already evacuated . The only people on the island anymore is Nagi”


Linde-chan didn’t die?


That’s good but then where did that blood- – –


“If Linde wasn’t wounded than is that blood, Nagi’s blood?”

“No . Awhile ago, Linde-san woke up and told us that she was seriously wounded but Nagi-san healed her . ”


It’s unbelievable that that woman would leave an opening for healing . (あの女がそんなスキを与えてくれるとは到底思えないけど)(TN:Meh’d)


“Also Linde said that Woman had no intention of harming others, but only wants Nagi’s life . ”


I heard Firu’s words and was on the brink of fainting again .




Why does she want to snatch away my special someone!?


“Even so , That’s why you said to abandon Nagi !?!? Director Firu, aren’t you still an educator !?!?”


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*PAN* A dull pain emerges on my cheek .


Did Director Firu just slap me in the face?


“Do you . . . . think that I do not feel anything? . ”

Her voice was shaking .


“I truly didn’t want to abandon Nagi !But . . . but we couldn’t do anything! My duty as director of this academy is to protect the staff and students . I could not afford to put them in danger . And if i were told to choose between 1 life or many other lives, I must take the latter . We couldn’t win so there was no choice but to abandon Nagi . . . . ”


I heard the grievous cry from Firu .


I understand her thoughts, however . ーーー


“But still I will go . It doesn’t matter that there is no chance of winning . I am Nagi’s everything . There is no meaning in living if Nagi is dead . So therefor . . . “

“ . . . You’re going regardless?”

“Yup, Oh also, Firu you don’t need to come, you have to protect everyone from your school . Besides, that woman will kill me regardless of, if i have company or not . ”

“Such determination . . . I understand, I won’t say anything else . Do as you like . . . ”

“Thank you . Well then, I’m off”


And with that i hurried to the gate .


Wait for me ! Nagi-chan . I will definitely save you .




-Director Firu Pov-


“Well . . . aren’t you going?”

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After seeing off Ruina-san i collapsed on the bed .


Tears were overflowing from my eyes .

I can not let my students or teachers see me like this .


Because i have to be the face of the academy .


However . . .


“Why . . . . why did this happen? . . . ”


I can’t stop myself from whimpering out a weak tone .


Right before me, Two people are going to die .


And in addition, its my student and former student .


I couldn’t protect them . . .


As Ruina had said . I am not qualified to be an educator .


The island is used for summer training camp is under the control of the Academy . And during the training I placed a huge barrier around it .


Therefor there should be no dangerous event . I made light of the situation . (そうタカをくくっていた)(TN:i try . )


Even so,An intruder easily came in and put the life of my students at risk .


That is only an excuse though . . .


“Director Firu, Are you okay?”


I wonder, how long was she here?


Mure sat right next to me on the bed .


“Mure, Why are you here ? . . . ”

“I saw Ruina-san running from here . So it seems that Director-san wasn’t able to persuade her . ”

“Please Laugh if you want to laugh . I couldn’t even stop 1 former student . How pitiful I am . ”

“I don’t plan on laughing . Concerning Ruina, she can only see Nagi . Trying to stop her is impossible in the first place . I don’t think even god could stop her .

“ . . . . Mure, You are awfully calm . Despite the fact that your close friend left to die . ”

“Oh, do you see that? Perhaps you are growing old . Do i look like that?”


When i looked close enough her fist was clenched so much that her fist were red and her teeth were also clenched .


“ . . . It is frustrating that i am afraid . A student and a close friend and i can’t even save them . If that’s the case i want to be full of rage and fired up . But what we do now is not that . It is not even crying . We should prevent this from happening again, don’t you think? “

“ . . . . ”

“Well, that wasn’t so bad . I got to complete my preach to the director . ”

“No . Thank you very much . You are right . ”

“All right!, I will go to the students . I get all hot and bothered when not around them for awhile . ”

“Right… . . Still, can’t you do something about your word choice??”

“My bad, it’s something I’ve done my whole life . Give up on changing it”

“ haha, is that so, so are you going?”


Then me and Mure went to check on the students .


Next time its back to Nagi’s pov …

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