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Published at 24th of February 2020 09:16:39 PM

Chapter 35

I became an A rank adventure

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As usual, Nadia led us into a small room .


“So, Nadia, Why was I called here?

“Today we called Nagi-san,because we decided to make Nagi an A rank adventure . ”

“Is that so . . . . EH?!?!?”


What did Nadia-san say?


I heard that, I am being raised to an A rank?


A rank? But A rank is 1 rank lower than S .


It is the same rank as Noir-san though .


“Uhh, Is there a mistake . . . . ?”

“There is no mistake . This was already decided . ”


Besides me,Ruina and the student council members are so surprised that they are speechless .


Ruina was the first to break the silence .


“Congratulation! Nagi-chan . I am happy for you!”


She seems so happy she might cry .


Ruina came to hug me . I caught her while asking Nadia-san a question .

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“Soo, why is this happening?”

“ . . . . Although I will only say it to you, Nagi’s status is quite close to a top class adventurer . Your magical power and Intelligence has even exceeded Ruina-sama . We couldn’t keep you in F rank forever, you know . ”


She whispered that to me .

Then i said what i was thinking out loud .


“Why does Nadia know my status?”


I haven’t updated my guild card since the last time I came here . Which was less then a month ago .


“Do you remember that demon eye that Lucifer used on you? I can also use it . I don’t usually use it cause it infringes on privacy . But i had to use it on you this time though . ”


Oh! Perhaps it was when lucifer’s right eye turned red?


Because after that Lucifer was surprised about my status .


It seems that Nadia-san also used the demon eye of appraisal at that time . (I didn’t notice it at all though)


“Are you guys done with your secret conversation? If you would please tell us something we would be quite happy . If that’s possible though . ”


Eleanor was the second one to return from her shocked state while asking that .


I was honestly at a lost but then i remembered that today was the day, i would let Eleanor and crew in on my secret .


. . . . Okay, should I prepare myself for the worst?


If they are okay . Why do I have a hard time believe that though? They are my close friends .

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I turned to them and faced them with a serious face .


“Eleanor, Also everybody else . Don’t say a word about this, Please . ”

“Do we look like people who can’t hold a secret? Its unthinkable to think we would . ”

“That’s right! Even if Nagi-senpai is some kind of an exhibitionist pervert who enjoys exposing themselves in front of others . I’ll take it to the grave with me . ”(そうっすよ。たとえナギ先輩が露出魔ーーー他人に自分の裸を見せて喜ぶ変態だったとしてもその秘密は墓場まで持っていくつもりっす)(TN:meh)

“ . . . . . (click-clock-click-clock*)”


Though calling me an exhibitionist is not completely wrong, just how does Sari usually see me?(私が露出魔というのはあながち間違ってはいないけどサリーは私を普段どんな目でみているのだろうか . )(TN:Meh repaired . )


“A pervert of girl love . ”


Is that okay?




I then told Eleanor and them my secret .


That I came from another world, And that I possess the (Harem Queen) skill, which makes me stronger the closer I get with girls . It is due to that skill that I have such an abnormal status,Etc .


After they listened to my story, it was dead silent .


. . . .  Just say something! It’s making me really uncomfortable .


Eventually Eleanor raised her face to me with a complicated expression .


“Uhh, It kinda hard to just suddenly believe that . . . . though Nagi has no reason to lie here . So i believe it”

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“That’s right . I’ve never seen or heard of such a skill . But if Eleanor believes it than i believe it . ”


The other student council members had similar views .


Well, I wouldn’t know what to do if they heard that story and believed it was fake, i was expecting that .


How can they believe that?


“Nagi-sama, if that is the case, would you like to show your guild card to them?”


Right, i took it out .


I hadn’t noticed, but suddenly the people around me got tense . . (こんなすぐに思いつけそうなことに気付けなかったあたり私はよほど緊張していたらしい。)(TN:Mr . helped)


“If that is the case Nadia-san, Can you update my card please?”

“Certainly, One moment please . ”


——-Then after a little less than an hour from then .


“Thank you for waiting . Here is your new guild card, Nagi-sama . ”


Ooo, My card went from copper to gold .


I opened up my status so that the other side of the card can be seen be Eleanor and them .


Sooo? I wonder how my status has changed .


. . . . . . . . .


I was silent as I scrolled down my card .


Oh, okay . I couldn’t see some of the stuff on the bottom so i had to scroll down to see it . Just looking at this makes it feel like I haven’t come to a different world . It’s needlessly high tech The only difference is whether its powered by electric power or magical power .


Okay, i need to put this down or i will escape from reality .


“ . . . . . How is this? Not only is the status abnormal but the number of skills is also abnormal . ”

“ I have never heard of anybody with this many skills . . . ”


I will omit the details,but the number of skills I have now has increased significantly .


Previously it was only the magical skill of Ruina . But now there are various number of new skills . Among others, there is the skill (sexual skilled) . No wonder the latest fingering was awfully successful . (意味深)(Profound importance)


“Nagi-chan really did rise above my magical power…What was the point of fervently training myself to near death? I’ve lost all my confidence . ”(私の死にもの狂いで頑張ってきたこれまでの努力は一体なんだったんだろう。なんか自信なくしちゃうなあ)(TN:Mr . meh helped . )


Ruina was looking quite defeated while saying that .


I want you to honestly forgive me, it wasn’t my intention for this .


I am just an ordinary school girl that just want to mess around with cute girls .


What will it be like if I reach S rank?


. . . . . . But to become so strong perhaps may be a good thing .


Then I may be able to get that woman(Lucifer) to stop bothering Ruina!(そうすればあの女ルシフェルにお灸をすえることができるかもしれない。)(TN:Mr . meh fixed it but i still kinda don’t get it . )

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