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Published at 8th of November 2019 05:25:04 PM

Chapter 353: 353

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"Oh, hello!" The group said to him as they plopped down onto a couch .

"Anyway, you all must be tired standing at the door right? Come here and have a seat on the couch . " The man said as he turned around .

'The hell? They're already seated? Since when! That ruins my plans of acting cool . ' The man said as he pouted in disappointment inside his head .

"Anyway, what did you want to meet us for?" Lance asked the man . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

"I wanted to meet you for your speeches during the badge ceremony . And I also have recruitment letters from many . Even including the king himself . " The man said as he got up from his couch before walking to a drawer . He then opened the drawer and grabbed stacks of documents before laying it ontop of the table that had snacks and tea on it .

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"This is for you Lance . This one is for you Maria . This one is for you Elise . This one is for you Sam . This one is for you Benji . This one is for you Chad . And this one is for you Maa- why is she sleeping?" The man said as he placed the documents in front of Maal who was sleeping .

"Sleep is her best friend . Don't mind her at all . We'll give it to her later when she wakes up . " Maria said as she rubbed Maal's head .

"Alright then . . . " The man said as his eyes furrowed .

'How am I going to get her to do the speech if she's sleeping?' He thought inside his head .

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The man started to rack up ideas inside his head . However, to no avail he was unable to find any way . Thus, he just sighed and focused his attention on the rest that were still awake .

'What happened to all the snacks? How is it gone already? I didn't even get to eat one . ' The man thought inside his head as he flinched .

"Anyway, for speech planning . What I wanted you all to say is here . " The man said as he passed them all a piece of paper .

"You want us to say this?" The group asked him .

"Yes, I want you all to say that . " The man said as he nodded .

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"Are you joking?" Maria asked him .

"Of course no-" The man started to say but was stopped the moment Maria casted a waterball in front of his face .

"I was merely joking! It was only a joke!" The man started to say as Maria removed the waterball .

"That's what I thought . Who would make people say these things anyway . " Maria said as she glared at him .

"Man, you're such a perverted guy ye know?" Chad said as he looked at the man with sympathy in his eyes . True words spoken from a pervert himself .

"Quiet!" The man said as he looked away from the group with sadness in his eyes .

"Alright, that was a fake one . Here are the real ones . " The man said as he gave them another piece of paper .

"Now this is the real one for sure . We'll talk about it . " The group said as the man nodded .


Author : moar filler yeyyy

You guys will kill me for literally 60 days of filler lmao


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