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Chapter 88

As the two quickly sped looking for monsters in the forest, they had left a blur that had caused any explorers or any adventurers there to question themselves .

"Just what were those two flashes? Am I going crazy? Do I need to go see a doctor?" They all thought when they only saw a wisp of Kias and Plutia and nothing else, before they faded away .

"Uncle Kias, what are we going to do today?" Plutia asked Kias as she continued to follow Kias by his side .

"Since we didn't go to the Adventurer's Guild today for a job, we might as well just find lurking monsters and eliminate them . We can use them as training material, as well as help the future people once these monsters are dead . " Kias said as he continued going forward trying to find some monsters .

"I see, by the way Uncle Kias, there are ten low level goblins up ahead . Probably scouts, there might actually be a dungeon nearby . " Plutia said as she had spotted 10 red dots on her radar which she had constructed using magic that showed anything within a fifty mile radius, which is pretty over powered .

"Alright, let's go eliminate them real quick before finding that dungeon . There is no point in training on these weaklings, just use them as warmup . " Kias said as he increased his speed hurling himself at the 10 shadows in the distance .

"nnh!" Plutia nodded her head as she also increased her speed before pulling out her katana she had in her dimensional storage before cutting off five goblin heads .

Likewise, Kias also did the same, however he only used martial arts instead of weapons . One by one, the goblins slowly fell as each of his punch and kicks could make a hole in a boulder .

"Bughh!" The goblins screamed one after another as they died .

"Well then, their footsteps came from that way . So the dungeon is possibly over there . " Kias said as his beast-like instincts kicked in as he tracked the footsteps .

"Nnh . " Plutia agreed once more as she followed Kias from behind for a while until they found a cave .

However, the two did not jump out of the tree they were hiding in as they heard many footsteps . These footsteps were not from goblins, but were from humans .

"Enemy or allies? How many?" Kias asked Plutia right away .

"Em, there is around fifty people . They seem like adventurers . " Plutia said .

"Alright, we shall wait and see what they are up to . " Kias said as both he and Plutia blended in with the surroundings as they patiently waited for the adventurers to come to the entrance of the dungeon .

Soon enough, they heard people running as well as metal clanking together .

"Are you sure you found a dungeon here?" A male who seemed to be in his mid fifties said as he was donned in a full golden armor as he wielded two battle axes on his back .

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"Yes sir! When I was picking herbs with my four other party members we discovered this cave so we decide to explore it . However, we did not know it would lead to our demise as all four of my party members died, excluding me who was lucky enough to escape . " A male that looked like he was in his early twenties said in a depressed tone as all he had was leather gear like a newbie adventurer would have .

"Is that so? A pity for your four comrades then . We shall avenge them by conquering this dungeon then . Men and female healers! We shall take a short break out in front of this cave, and then we shall charge in! I hope you all are ready! Because, most of us will probably die!" The male that was in his mid fifties declared as he stopped infront of the cave and started to lay against a tree as he drank water and ate food to be prepared .

"Yes sir!" They all said in unison whether they liked it or not, as he was the leader for the dungeon exploration this time .

"Looks like they are going to clear the dungeon hmm?" Kias said as he looked at Plutia .

"Mhm . " Plutia said as she nodded her head .

"What do you want to do now?" Kias asked her .

"Just follow them and watch them clear the dungeon, if it's too easy there is no point anyway in training there anyway . " Plutia said as she came up with a swift decision .

"Alright then, I shall listen to you . They probably will take a couple hours of break . You can go take a nap if you want . " Kias said as he looked back at the group .

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"Alright . " Plutia said as she began to lie down on the tree banch and took her nap .

However, after her nap a few hours later . There were some big movements coming from insane the cave .

"What's that?" Someone asked as he felt the tremors of the earth directly coming from inside the cave .

"I don't know, and I also don't want to know . Whatever that thing is in there is definitely a monster . " A female healer said as she clutched the wand she was holding even tighter as she started to become pale from fear .

"Everyone take a few steps back! Don't get too close to the entrance!" The fifty year old male said .

"Guards have your shields out! Prepare for enemy attack!" He shouted .

"Mages get your spells ready! Melee and close combat people get ready to ambush whatever that creature is!" He commanded everyone .

"GARUUUUUUUUUUUU!" A piercing battle cry was heard from inside the cave as loud thumping sounds were made from the creatures footsteps .

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"Just what the hell is that thing?" The fifty year old male muttered as sweat started to show on his forehead .

"This battle cry, the B-Ranked Mutated Variety Rhinoceros?" Kias said as he also looked at the cave intently waiting for the monster to come out .

And soon enough, it did come out . Showing its silver and grey self, it's horn being really massive and sharp . With it's blood red eyes, it showed that it wants to kill somebody .

"ATTACK!" The fifty year old male shouted right away .


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