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Published at 31st of July 2019 04:53:51 PM

Chapter 90

"No way! Did all of us defeat a B-Ranked monster?!" The entire team shouted at once as they looked at the gigantic stone in the fifty year old man's hand .

"Yes we did! I can see the overflowing amount of mp coming from that magic stone! This is indeed a B-Ranked monster . " An analyst said as he appraised the amount of mp there was to find the classified ranking of the monster .

"So it really is true! But, if this is a B-Ranked monster, will there be even stronger ones in that dungeon?" Someone asked .

"I hope not, if there are stronger ones I don't think we can make it out alive . " Another person said as they paled at the thought of there being more stronger monsters like this one which they had problems fighting against .

"There shouldn't be, the dungeon master most likely wanted to kill us quickly so he sent his strongest one . However, there is still a chance he still has a stronger one as backup . " The fifty year old man said as he stored the gigantic magic stone into a small bag .

Even though the gigantic magic stone was bigger than the leather pouch, it still entered like it was nothing . This was thanks to it being enchanted by someone to allow it to have a small dimensional storage inside .

"Alright, he most likely won't be sending anything out anymore . Let's camp out here until morning before we enter . " The fifty year old man decided .

"Alright!" They all said in unison as they started to take out their tents and food .

"Emm, why does it smell like smoke . " Plutia woke up due to the smell of the adventurers grilling meat .

"They're grilling meat in a forest at night… I wouldn't say thats smart at all . " Kias said .

"Whatever… I shall go take a quick bath in the river down here . Don't peek, otherwise I will tell mother Crystalia . " Plutia warned Kias .

"Don't worry, I wouldn't peek at you . I am not interested in little girls . I am a refined gentleman . " Kias said as he patted his chest .

"Whatever, I am going now . " Plutia said before she quietly lept off the branch and towards a small river before she slowly took off her clothing and put it on top of a rock .

She then slowly entered the river making sure there was nothing dangerous that could potentially injure her . When she saw there was nothing she could finally relax .

"It's a bit cold…" Plutia said as she started to generate heat and putting it into the river by using magic .

"Like this it will take forever… Let me just not let the water go away . " Plutia muttered to herself as she used earth magic to box the water in the river around her so she did not have to deal with all the heat energy going somewhere else .

"Ahh~ that is so much better . " Plutia said as she started to melt from the warmth of the water and was left in a half asleep state rendering her unable to notice her surroundings .


"Haa~ I used so much mp I feel like I am going to die . " A female healer said as she was setting up her tent .

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"I feel like I am going to die too! The amount of times I've shot my arrows aiming at it's eyes, they seemed to deflect!" A female hunter complained as well while she was helping the female healer set up her tent .

"Aghh, stop complaining . I feel the most tired out of all you, I had to use so much mp just to cast that last spell of mine…" A female mage said as she just laid on the grass not even being able to lift a finger to help them set up the tent .

"Just deal with it, after we get done with this dungeon we can go back to doing easier jobs after all . " A female swordswoman said as she did not look tired at all .

"We aren't as strong as you though . You should know us!" The three girls said as they looked at their party leader who did not look tired at all .

"Ughh . There's a river nearby, do you want to go take a bath with me there?" The female healer said as she did not appreciate the smell on her .

"I am up for it, I would prefer taking a bath before we go to sleep anyway . We need to be in our top form before we go into the dungeon tomorrow . " The female swordswoman said as she finished setting up the tent along with the rest of the girls .

"Oh? Are you girls also planning on going to take a bath at the river too?" Another party of girls said as they walked over to them .

"Yeah, are you also going?" The female swordswoman said as she waved at them .

"Yeah, the men stink . And due to how close we were while fighting the B-Ranked monster we now stink as well . " The other parties female healer said .

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"Alright, let's all go together . The more of us there are, the safer we can be . " The female mage said as she finally got up from the grass unlike before where she was unable to move .

"Alright!" They all said as they started to head towards the river where Plutia was located .

'Oi… Isn't that where Shiro is located? This is really bad…' Kias thouught to himself .

'But, if I were to go to Shiro and tell her, wouldn't she call me a pervert? Ugh… They're all girls anyway so it should be fine . ' Kias thought once more as he found it was logical that girls got along with eachother .

'Hopefully these men don't try to peek on the girls bathing and see Shiro, otherwise she may just kill all of them… That girl at such a young age can already match an A-Ranked adventurer in a sword duel…' Kias thought to himseslf once more .

'Oh well, what's done is done . ' Kias said as he shrugged his shoulders before he watched the men intently making sure none of them would try to peek on the girls .


Sylvie : Yo, I am the protagonist . When can I be shown again?

Author : Never

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Sylvie : why?!

Author : You got too much spot light, readers wanted fluff

Sylvie : am I not cute enough!?

Readers : We wanted fluff! Plutia is already cute too!

Sylvie : so unfair!


Sylvie : so?


Sylvie : Then go away and hide?!

Plutia : I CANT!!!

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