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Published at 31st of July 2019 04:53:45 PM

Chapter 95

"Sylvie wake up, it's time for school . " Ms . Maurice said as she tried to shake the sleeping Sylvie awake .

"Nonnnn, it's not time yet . I don't have to get up…" Sylvie said as she hugged her blankets tighter just so Ms . Maurice could not take them from her .

"Come on Sylvie, you need to wake up to eat breakfast and brush your teeth . We also need time to get to the academy . " Ms . Maurice tried to coax Sylvie by using logic .

However, none of that really mattered as Sylvie's logic and common sense were off the charts from a normal human being .

"But, I can get to the academy in a matter of minutes… I want more sleep! This bed is so comfy~" Plutia said as she smiled as she continued to sleep like a kitten curled up on the bed .

"No, stop being a bad girl . Even though sleep is good for you, being late to school is another thing . As a young girl you should keep your reputation high . " Ms . Maurice said as she folded her arms .

"But, what kind of reputation do you have Ms . Maurice?" Sylvie muttered softly .

However, Ms . Maurice was able to hear that very well and clear .

"And what do you mean by that young lady?" Ms . Maurice said with a bit of anger in her tone .

"What I mean is tha-" Sylvie started to say and realized what she was saying . She instantly got out of bed and darted out of her room with the academy school's uniform .

"Get back here Sylvie! I want to know what you meant by that!" Ms . Maurice shouted as she chased after her .

There were many crashes as Sylvie dodged stuff that was being thrown at her by Ms . Maurice .

"Calm down Ms . Maurice! I didn't mean it really! It was the slip of the tong- KYAA WHY ARE YOU THROWING KNIVES AT ME!! THATS DANGEROUS!!!" Sylvie started to scream the moment she saw a kitchen knife dart pass her and impaled itself within the wall infront of her .

"How about you tell me what you meant by that then?" Ms . Maurice said with a smile on her face, which was not really a smile .

This gave Sylvie goosebumps as she continued to run .

Many citizens walking by Ms . Maurice's house naturally also heard these sounds . They all looked at one another as they thought to themselves, 'What is happening in there? Why does it sound like someone is being murdered? Woah, I just heard a very young girl scream and knives are being thrown at her . I should leave this area immediately before I get attacked . '

So after hearing what Sylvie had said many of them made haste as they quickly escaped the area around Ms . Maurice's house . Sooner or later, Ms . Maurice would receive noise complaints from her neighbors which she ignored .

"Hic… Sniff… Wuu wuu . " Sylvie cried as she was in the carriage sitting ontop of Ms . Maurice's lap .

"Now then, do you feel guilty?" Ms . Maurice asked as she hugged the crying Sylvie .

"I do, wuu wuu . " Sylvie replied as she continued to cry .

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"That's better, atleast you acknowledge your wrongdoings . Now then, let's have a nice day at school today . " Ms . Maurice said as their carriage went towards the academy .

"Yes… Wuuuuu . " Sylvie said as she continued to cry until they got to the academy where she forced herself to stop crying before cleaning her face and walking off the carriage .

"Good morning Sylvie!" Maria said as she walked over to Sylvie as she waved her hands .

"Good morning Maria!" Sylvie said back as she waved at her while standing still .

"How are you doing today?" Maria asked her .

"I am doing fairly… Well…" Sylvie started to say she was having a bad and rough day, but she switched to up as she said she was doing pretty okay .

"Well that's good . As long as nothing bad has happened to you it's alright~" Maria said happily before class started .

"Well then, I gotta get going . See ya!" Maria waved at Sylvie one more time as she disappeared into the distance .

"See you later Maria!" Sylvie shouted at the disappearing figure of Sylvie before she walked toward's her own magic class .

"Good morning Sylvie!" Elise greeted her this time as she sat at her seat .

"Good morning Elise . " Sylvie waved at her as she walked over towards her to her seat as well .

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"You don't seem as energetic today as you do usually . Did something happen?" Elise asked Sylvie .

"Ah, I just was forcefully pulled out of my sleep basically . " Sylvie said as she sighed before resting her head on her arms on the table .

"Must be a rough start for you huh? Oh well, hopefully you get better by the end of the lectures today . " Elise said as she gave Sylvie a pitiful look .

"Yeah, hopefully I do too . " Sylvie said .

"Alright class, hopefully you are ready for today . Today will be pretty easy, I will be reading stuff off the textbook for you guys . Just listen atleast, and take notes if you can . " Ms . Trista said when the bell rang .

"Yes teacher!" The student's all said in unison excluding a sleepy Sylvie .

"Ugh… Thank god that was done with . . " Sylvie said as she felt like throwing up after she had to listen to a long lecture about magic .

"Haha… Well I'll see you later in physical education class then . " Elise said as she walked ahead of Sylvie who was getting a headache .

"Alright… Tell Mr . Bergoni I'll be late…" Sylvie said as she hopped onto a tree and started to take a nap so she could calm herself .

"Alright . " Elise said as she told Mr . Bergoni that Sylvie was having a headache and would be late .

And surely, the class went by quick . Sylvie had such a good nap that she completely forgot about time until the bell rang . She completely missed Mr . Bergoni's class, so she just headed over to Ms . Aria's class .

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"Good morning Sylvie . " Ms . Aria said .

"Please sit here . " She added as she patted her own chair .

"Good morning Ms . Aria…" Sylvie said as she obediently walked over to her chair and sat on it .

"I shall take a nap now…" Sylvie said as she fell asleep immediately .

"Eh? What?" Ms . Aria said as she was shocked on how fast Sylvie fell asleep .

"What's up with Sylvie?" Ariana asked as she walked into the classroom to find Sylvie sleeping .

"Ah, my niece is just tired that's all . " Ms . Aria said before she started class .

"Oh okay?" Ariana said .


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