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Chapter 209

Chapter 209 – Kaldia’s Budding Spring 5


He asked a odd question which I didn’t quite understand but it seems like Oscar doesn’t really object to this marriage either.

Well, they live in one of the area under the territory lord’s mansion and don’t really go out into the high society, so noble, lady-like skills will probably not be demanded from Claudia. In fact, if you just think about it in terms of income, she might just be an amazing wife…… Probably.


For now, I guess it is alright to think that there will not be any impediments to the marriage as long as no problems

arise from Oscar’s side — the Terejia house.

If that is the case, then as I thought, the problem is…



“….And that’s what she said..”


“Ah…. I see…”


When I told him about the condition Claudia spoke about, Oscar wore an indescribable expression.

I was probably making a similar face, as well. If someone were to look at us, they wouldn’t think we are talking about marriage at all.


“A duel… eh. That too against Natarnael-dono who is renowned for his strength among the Imperial Knights.”


It seems like Claudia’s brother had been promoted to the Imperial Knights before I knew it. He was supposed to be in the military police

police squad maintaining public order so that is quite the promotion. He might have also joined the king’s army.


“Do you think you have a chance at winning?”


“Impossible. The Imperial Guards are the best among the elites. If it was a death fight, it would’ve been different but when it comes to royal court sword skills, I do not hold a candle against him.”


Oscar flatly declared. Remembering the blunder at the school last year, I couldn’t help but wear a bitter smile.

But still, this is bad. Who would have thought the biggest obstacle to this marriage would be one of Claudia’s relative, when the one asking

one asking her to get married is her father.


“However, the situations have changed since that promise. How about discussing the matter with Natarnael-dono?”


That is true. Her brother wouldn’t want his sister to be unmarried, now would he?

I nodded and decided to advance this marriage talk seriously.


First, I decided to send a letter to Earl Terejia.

When I handed over the letter to Paulo, who had now become a veteran messenger soldier, and told him to go deliver it to the capital, he looked crestfallen and hung his head.


“Hm? What happened? Did you request for a vacation or something?”


When I was about to go and check whether the

check whether the request papers were checked or not, Paulo panickedly shook his head left and right.


“Ah, no… it’s not like that. Just that there is a girl I am getting along with recently… Ah! No! It’s not like I am neglecting this job for that or anything!”


…..Looks like there is a person who is enjoying the post-war peace here too. (?)

I should better think about the marriage rush and the surge in birthrate which would accompany that. Well, since the quality of life now is very different from the previous world, I probably don’t need to think about it that deeply…. Probably.

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