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Chapter 1128

"What?!" the white ball of light instantly cried out in astonishment after entering the Black Tower . Of course, this cry was actually just the fluctuation of one's divine sense . Notionless Saint had lost his body long ago; as such, he wasn't able to speak aloud .

"Brat, how is the space within your Spatial God Tool so huge? It's almost like a genuine world!" If this Saint still had a physical body, he would definitely be flailing about in shock, excited to the point of almost fainting .

At this moment, Notionless Saint finally believed that Ling Han possessed the ability to help him reform his body and give him a second lease on life .

After all, he would need the Reincarnation Flower if he wanted to reincarnate . However, this flower would only bloom once every 10 billion years . It was tremendously difficult to obtain, even for Saints . Although there weren't many Saints, the Immortal Realm was incredibly vast, meaning the absolute number of Saints was actually not all that low . That being the case, how intense would the competition for the Reincarnation Flower be?

However, he was stunned after seeing the space inside Ling Han's Spatial God Tool .

He could also refine Spatial God Tools, yet even if he gave his best effort, he would only be able to refine one with an internal space equivalent to that of an imperial palace . If he refined one any larger, the space inside would become extremely unstable and face the threat of crumbling at any moment .

This had to do with the path that one traveled after reaching the "Genesis Tier" . Though they were all Saints, the gulf between those at the low extreme, medium extreme, and high extreme was basically insurmountable .

Ling Han led Notionless Saint to the Reincarnation Tree, and said, "Your divine sense won't wilt here . In fact, it can even be nurtured . When I become more powerful, I'll gather the power of the five elements and help you forge a new body . "

The ball of white light that was Notionless Saint wrapped around one of the branches of the Reincarnation Tree . He sensed it for a moment before exclaiming, "It's true! My divine sense can actually be nurtured! Heavens! Could this… Could this be… a Reincarnation Tree?!"

Although the Reincarnation Flower was precious, it would at least bloom once every 10 billion years . In other words, it could be obtained within two generations of Saints . However, what about the Reincarnation Tree?

This was a peculiar tree that people regarded as something "not from this world" . Moreover, it needed a whopping 12 trillion years to reach maturity!

12 trillion years… What kind of concept was this?

Before a Reincarnation Tree, even Saints could only acknowledge that they were juniors . Their lifespan was not even one-tenth that of a Reincarnation Tree .

Notionless Saint's voice trembled as he asked, "Brat, which Saint King's inheritance and treasures did you receive?"

Those at the Genesis Tier were referred to as Saints . Those at the low extreme were referred to as Small Saints, those at the medium extreme as Medium Saints, those at the high extreme as Great Saints, and those at the consummate level as Saint Kings . Although they were all Saints, each increase in minor level in the Genesis Tier was unbelievably difficult .

It could be said that most Saints would only ever reach the level of Small Saint, even up until their deaths . They would still be a long way off reaching the level of a Medium Saint .

Notionless Saint was one of these Small Saints—he was like a mere ant compared to a Saint King .

Ling Han smiled, and asked, "Senior, are you happy with this place?"

"Yes! Yes, of course!" Notionless Saint was over the moon with delight . He could finally take revenge for himself! After all, who would want to rely on others if they didn't need to? Moreover, he could live on and even recover his past cultivation! This naturally delighted him even more .

"So, can you let us out now?" Ling Han asked .

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"Of course!" Notionless Saint answered without any hesitation .

"Oh, that's right . What's Immortal Tribulation?" Ling Han suddenly asked .

Notionless Saint faltered for a moment before saying, "You negotiated with me without even knowing what Immortal Tribulation is?"

Ling Han smiled, and said, "There's a Tool Spirit in this God Tool, and it informed me of such an existence . I merely repeated its words . "

Notionless Saint believed in Ling Han's ability to give him a new lease in life even more upon hearing these words . This was because people would lie, but he had never heard of Spirit Tools lying before . He pondered for a moment, and said, "Saints have the ability to form new worlds . However, it's also because of this that we invoke the jealousy of Heaven . As such, we'll suffer from the so-called Immortal Tribulation once every 100 million years .

"This is a curse from heaven and earth, and it brings about great disasters, great illnesses, or even heavenly tribulation . It's even possible that Saints will experience great misfortunes and come across assassins and such .

"If you go into hiding and avoid an Immortal Tribulation, the next one that arrives after 100 million years will become even more terrifying . Moreover, Immortal Tribulations are never-ending . They'll keep arriving until one doesn't have the ability to resist them any longer . At that time, one will die, even if they still haven't reached the end of their lifespan yet .

"Only by becoming stronger will one be able to continually dissolve the threat posed by Immortal Tribulation . Immortal Tribulation is like a whip that relentlessly pressures you to grow stronger . "

Ling Han was astonished . 'Saints seem like towering figures who are invincible throughout the world, yet they actually have to suffer through such curses . No wonder there are so few Saints . '

After becoming a Saint, advancing forward another step was as difficult as transcending heaven . However, Immortal Tribulation would arrive once every 100 million years, regardless of whether one had grown stronger or not .

…If one hadn't become stronger, perhaps they would luck out and pass an Immortal Tribulation . However, they would definitely be killed by the next one .

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"So, cultivating is like rowing a boat upstream . If you don't advance, you'll be pushed back . If you're pushed back, death will be your only fate . " Notionless Saint revealed the brutal truth about cultivation .

"If you forge a new body from the five elements, you'll have to face Immortal Tribulation once every 10 million years," Ling Han said .

"That's a matter I'll have to deal with after recovering my cultivation as a Saint . Anyhow, I've already experienced several Immortal Tribulations, so the first few won't pose any danger to me . " Notionless Saint was brimming with confidence, and he continued, "I've already walked the path of a Saint once . When I recover to become a Saint again, I'll definitely have the ability to kill those traitorous disciples after cultivating for another tens of millions of years . "

Ling Han nodded . Although a body forged from the five elements would cause Immortal Tribulation to arrive 10 times more often, that was still a period of 10 million years!

He still had yet to reach 50 in this second life, and he had only lived for 200 or so years in his previous life . Thus, a period of 10 million years seemed astronomical to him .

"Okay, Senior, let us go out first . "

Ling Han left the Black Tower with Notionless Saint .

This matter had been resolved more smoothly than he had expected . He had only hidden into the Black Tower because he hadn't wanted to hurt Empress Luan Xing . As a result, he had exposed the secret of his peculiar Spatial God Tool . To his surprise, the ensuing series of events ended with him "obtaining" Notionless Saint .

Notionless Saint would nurture his divine sense in the Black Tower, so it was only natural that he would have to help Ling Han in return, right?

When Ling Han exited the Black Tower, he saw that Empress Luan Xing had already returned to normal . She was standing there by herself, and there was an indescribable sense of loneliness about her . This sight would cause one to develop an urge to embrace and free her from the loneliness .

The charm of this empress was tremendous .

Ling Han coughed as he composed himself, and said, "Your Majesty, we'll be able to leave soon . "

There was a complicated look in Empress Luan Xing's eyes as she gazed at him . Her mind was a whirlpool of thoughts .

Initially, she had already suppressed that faint thought in her mind and decided to kill Ling Han . However, who would've expected such a huge turn of events? Her cultivation had been suppressed, and she had ended up even weaker than Ling Han .

However, Ling Han hadn't taken advantage of the situation to force himself onto her . This required immense willpower and restraint—she obviously knew just how charming she was .

What weighed on her mind the most was naturally the events that had occurred just then .

She had been manipulated by a Saint, and as a result, become like a beast in heat . She had actively thrown herself at Ling Han, and had even forcefully pushed him down . Yet, Ling Han had actually "guarded his chastity" even under such tremendous temptation .

Was there something wrong with Ling Han's manhood?


She had tangled with him just then, and she could clearly feel the ferocious nature of his "weapon" . It had definitely been raring to go, and it had definitely been prepared to attack her . Moreover, she had seen the lust glimmering in Ling Han's eyes .

However, he had restrained himself . In fact, he had even chosen to expose the secret of his Spatial God Tool, if only to protect her purity .

The empress had to admit that she was moved .