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Chapter 1503: A Phoenix Appears

Chapter 1503 A Phoenix Appears

This was a barren galaxy, and was billions and billions of miles away from the nearest star . Even with the Cloud Piercing Shuttle, they had to travel 10-15 days . Ling Han stood in the galaxy . It was empty all around him; what about the treasure trove? What treasure existed in this place?

“Did you remember wrong?” Empress Luan Xing asked .

Ling Han shook his head . “Impossible!”

With his memory, how could he possibly remember the wrong coordinates?

“Hold on . ” He suddenly started . “There is also a spell, but I could not recognize it at all in the beginning, and thought it was mere nonsense . ”

If a Saint passed on his teachings, and talked about the Regulations of heaven and earth, would a Shattering Void Tier be able to understand?

It was practically preaching to deaf ears .

Ling Han had also been the same at first . He’d thought that this spell was just mere nonsense, and could not identify any kind of significance in them at all .

He tried his best to remember while muttering strange sounds with his mouth . “Ah… an… po… luo… ci…”

“Yi!” Empress Luan Xing froze . “My body actually has some kind of reaction to these words!”

Ling Han stopped . “What kind of reaction?”

“I don’t know, either, but it seems like a kind of feeling that I should know these words…” Empress Luan Xing suddenly stopped, and exchanged a look with Ling Han .

“Celestial words!” both exclaimed at the same time .

That should be the case . Empress Luan Xing was a member of an ancient divine tribe, and her ancestors had been exiled from the Celestial Realm . However, the bloodline had been passed on through the generations, so when she heard Celestial words, it was possible that her bloodline would react .

“F***, it can’t be that I guessed correctly!” Ling Han was struck speechless . The trip this time was primarily to lay a trap for Gu Daoyi . Ling Han had already grasped a considerable number of celestial techniques, and had the Black Tower in his possession, so he was not all that greedy about the so-called Mystery Realms of the Immortal Realm .

Thus, though he had long since known of the existence of this Mystery Realm, he had not acted all this while .

To lure Gu Daoyi out, he had even wanted to fake this place as a Celestial level Mystery Realm . This was not strange . The Celestial Realm had expelled who knew how many people all those eons ago, so what would be strange about them leaving behind a few Celestial-level Mystery Realms in the Immortal Realm?

A Celestial level treasure trove . Gu Daoyi should be slightly tempted, right?

He had never imagined that it was actually possible that this f******* place really was connected to the Celestial Realm .

“Continue reciting,” the Empress said .

Ling Han nodded, and tried hard to remember . With his memory, even if he had merely taken a cursory glance at the time, he would still be able to slowly remember .

“…mo lo jie fei ye, shi miao an yu . ” He continued reciting . Though it was merely a single spell, it was actually a very, very long recitation . Mysteriously and inexorably, a wave that even a Saint would not be able to capture surged out in the universe .

But precisely because it could not be captured, Ling Han did not sense any change had taken place even after he had finished reciting .

“I thought that a door or a passage would appear when I finished reciting . ” Ling Han scratched his head, slightly disappointed .

“Or space would be ripped apart and a Mystery Realm would appear,” the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden continued .

The Empress asked, “Is it possible that you remembered some word wrong?”

“Impossible . ” Ling Han shook his head . He had that much confidence in himself .

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The Empress naturally would not doubt Ling Han . She pondered for a moment, and then said, “Then why don’t we stay here and observe for a while . Additionally, you can recite a few more times . ”

“All right . ” Ling Han nodded, and repeated the spell a few more times . Furthermore, he even used his Origin Power, and it spread out like waves in the universe .

But there was still not the slightest bit of change .

“Let’s wait three days . ”

“All right . ”

They patiently waited three days, but still nothing changed at all .

Ling Han: “… . ”

“Let’s wait for another three days,” he said again after some thought .

“All right!” The Empress and the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden would not have any disagreement, of course .

Another three days had passed, and still there was no change at all .

“…Last three days . ” Ling Han gritted his teeth .

Waiting and waiting, and soon a month had passed . Every time Ling Han and his companions planned to leave after waiting three days, they feared that a miracle would happen in the next instant, so they waited three days and another three days and so on .

“This time, it really is the last three days,” Ling Han assured, irritated as well .

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“Fine . ” The Empress kept smiling, though . She would not refuse any request from Ling Han .

“Could it be that the treasure has already been taken by someone else?” the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden asked doubtfully .

“It should not be . ” Ling Han hummed lightly . The Tool Spirit in the 12 palaces had once said very clearly that though someone had also previously obtained these galactic coordinates, they had died in the end .

Furthemore, the authority controlling the Lower Realm at the time was the Five Sects . If the Five Sects had obtained these galactic coordinates, Ling Han did not believe that they had the ability to open up this Mystery Realm .

Whether they were able to even come here was unknown .

“Yi!” Ling Han and Empress Luan Xing paused at the same time . With the senses of Eternal River Tier that they had, they had already discovered something unusual .

“What is it?” Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden asked .

Ling Han and the Empress were both looking at a specific corner of the galaxy, and then stretched out a finger to point in that direction . “There!”

The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden gazed as far into the distance as she could, and still could not see anything . However, she knew that Ling Han and the Empress would definitely not deceive her, so she continued to look . The fact that she could not see should be because her vision and other senses were still not adequate .

At last, after a few breaths’ time, she saw that a spot of light had appeared there, and it was rapidly enlarging .

Ling Han and the Empress inhaled sharply . What had they seen?

In the darkness of the galaxy, there were three phoenixes flapping their wings in flight . Each phoenix was larger than a mountain, and though they were flying side by side, the length of their spread out wings was close to 10,000 miles because there was also a gap of 10,000 miles between each phoenix .

They had not flown close enough, and there was already an indescribably massive pressure exerted on them . That was saintly might .

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True Phoenix, an existence on the level of a True Phoenix, well-known among all the Divine Beasts .

Ling Han and his companions were all tremendously astonished . Was it just mere confidence that they had encountered three True Phoenixes? With how big the universe was, this possibility was close to zero percent! Once something was too coincidental, it was possible that it was no coincidence .

That spell!

It was not meant to open up a treasure trove, but a summoning for three True Phoenixes! Furthermore, they had been who knew how far away previously, and thus they had only arrived after over 30 days had passed .

Hiss, Saints could traverse the galaxy, and their speed was definitely faster than the Cloud Piercing Shuttle, yet even they had to fly 30-plus days, so how far away had they been previously?

A spell had summoned three True Phoenixes; what kind of concept was that?

Even Ling Han and his companions were a little stunned .


Suddenly, two wings spread out from the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden’s back . They were 30,000 meters long, but compared with those three True Phoenixes, the gap was not just a little big . Even if her wings were 30,000 meters long, so what? She was still on the smaller side .

This appearance… was a little grand!

Though the Star Sand Saint had never appeared, Ling Han had sensed his aura a few times, and could very surely confirm that this Great Saint was inferior to those three True Phoenixes .

Saint King level, the strongest of the Immortal Realm!

Even Ling Han felt a little weak . He stretched out both hands and grabbed onto the wrists of Empress Luan Xing and the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden, respectively, so they could enter into the Black Tower at any time .

How fast were Saint Kings? Every time the True Phoenix flapped their wings, they would be able to toss endless space behind them . It was only a matter of a few blinks of the eye, and they had already arrived in front of them .

Ling Han and his companions gaped at the same time, even more shocked than when they had first spotted the three True Phoenixes .