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Published at 18th of October 2020 03:25:27 AM

Chapter 1504

Chapter 1504 Treasure chest?

The three True Phoenixes were actually pulling a chariot behind them, and on the chariot, aside from a chest, there was nothing else . What stunned Ling Han and his companions even further was not just that, but also that these three True Phoenixes… had already passed on .

These were three phoenixes that had died who knew how long ago, but Saint Kings were immortal . They still maintained their appearance from when they were alive . However, there was not the slightest bit of life to them any longer . It was merely because phoenixes were elementally aligned with fire that innumerable divine flames were burning on their wings .

So bizarre .

Three True Phoenixes were pulling a chariot, and it was unknown how many years they had been dead for .

Who could make three Saint King-level True Phoenixes pull a chariot?

What astonishing wealth!

“This is the treasure trove of the Heavenly River King?” Ling Han looked at it, and involuntarily hissed . This was really too easily obtained, wasn’t it? It was not suitable as a trap for Gu Daoyi .

The three True Phoenixes had already stopped, and curbed their wings as if they were sleeping . Meanwhile, there was still endless divine flame burning on their bodies .

The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden involuntarily revealed a vacant expression, and she walked forwards .

Ling Han quickly pulled her back, and said, “Don’t be rash . ”

The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden paused, and her eyes became clear . She said, “I feel as if these three True Phoenixes are summoning me . ”


Ling Han thought for a moment . The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden possessed the Cloud Phoenix bloodline, and the Cloud Phoenix was a branch off of the True Phoenixes . Whatever reason there was for the death of these three old phoenixes, their bones, physical bodies, and blood were all invaluable precious treasures .

An ordinary person could not possibly obtain them, because they would not be able to hold up to such pressure . However, if they were the ones summoning her, it was possible that the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden would obtain a massive good fortune .

After some thought, Ling Han released his hold, and said, “Be careful . If there is any danger, absolutely don’t force yourself . ”

“I understand . ” The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden walked forwards . Her wings spread out on their own, exuding the power of the bloodline of the Cloud Phoenix .

The three phoenix corpses unfolded their wings at the same time, wrapping around the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden . Then, silence fell, and there was not the slightest bit of sound .

Ling Han could no longer sense the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden . No matter how powerful he was, he could not possibly penetrate the barrier set up by the divine sense of a Saint .

There should be no problem .

If the Saint King wanted to kill someone, what need was there to go through so much trouble . A single thought would be enough . Even if the three old phoenixes had long died, their might was still existent . A single thought could still easily kill a Small Saint or a Medium Saint, and even a Great Saint would not dare come too close .

This was a great fated opportunity for the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden, and perhaps would allow her to be reborn .

Ling Han broke into a grin . The horn of the True Dragon was settled, and now it looked like the feather of the Heavenly Phoenix was obtainable as well . Those were three Saint King-level True Phoenixes; simply plucking one of their feathers would be enough .

“What’s in the chest?” Empress Luan Xing was very curious .

“Let’s open it and take a look . ” Ling Han climbed up the chariot . This was an extremely ancient item . There were holes everywhere on the armrests of both sides, and they had all been blasted out by supreme God Tools, murderous aura bubbling from them .

Ling Han did not dare touch them, and carefully avoided them .

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He wanted to draw this chest into the Black Tower . Then, no matter what danger it posed, the Black Tower would be able to suppress it . But the problem was that this chest seemed to have been glued to the chariot, and the chariot was being pulled by three True Phoenixes . If he wanted to take it in, he would have to take in the three True Phoenixes as well .

This was an impossible feat . Though the three True Phoenixes had long since died, they still had an obsession that could not be dispersed . Otherwise, they could not possibly travel through the universe, and fly over when they sensed they were being summoned by the spell .

…Unless Ling Han’s will was stronger than even these three True Phoenixes, and could take them in by force . And this obviously was impossible .

Ling Han turned around, and told Empress Luan Xing, “I’ll open the chest, step back a bit . ”

This time, the Empress did not obey . Instead, she drew out the brick . “You open it . If any attack blasts out, I will block it . ”

With the brick in hand, the world was hers .

Ling Han saw her expression was filled with determination, and nodded .

With the Empress buying time by blocking, he could take the two of them into the Black Tower if there was any danger .

He lowered his body, and went to open the chest .

The chest could not be easily moved, but it was comparably much easier to open the chest .

“So heavy!” Ling Han gritted his teeth . He felt that the chest lid was slightly loosened, but its weight was even more frightening than 100,000 mountains . It was practically as heavy as a whole planet . With a burst of all his power, Origin Power, and stamina, the chest lid was finally lifted just that slight bit .

And that was just him . Otherwise, if it had been another person, it was impossible even if they had such power . They would only tear off their own hands .

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It was too heavy .

The chest opened a slight bit, and majestic light flickered as if an astonishing rare treasure was about to appear .

“Ah!” Ling Han released a large shout, used all his power, and raised the chest lid a bit more .

At this moment, he suddenly felt the pressure ease in his hands . The chest was actually opening on its own .

Ling Han took a step back, and stood beside Empress Luan Xing . Meanwhile, the Empress had raised the brick high, and was careful and vigilant .

Weng, the chest was open, and a streak of majestic light shot into the skies as if an exceptional divine treasure was being unveiled .

After a very long while, this majestic light finally gradually faded, but there was still light rippling in the chest, though it was not as blazingly bright as it had once been .

Ling Han and the Empress both involuntarily took a step forward, wanting to take a closer look . They were really much too curious .

“Yi?” they exclaimed in surprise . That was because it was not some kind of treasure that the chest contained, but rather a scene of chaos . They could not see through it at all .

What the hell was that?

“Every flower means a world of its own, could this chest also be a chest of its own?” Ling Han wore a strange expression . The treasure left behind by the Heavenly River King had actually appeared in this manner?

“Let’s go in and take a look?” Empress Luan Xing asked Ling Han’s opinion .

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“All right!” Ling Han nodded . He was an extremely curious person in the first place . Since things had progressed so far, there was naturally no reason for him to shrink back now .

It was necessary to take due caution . Ling Han summoned a Demonic Beast from within the Black Tower, and threw it over at the treasure chest .

This was a wild bull . Its tail touched the chest first, and it was immediately sucked in like a bull made of mud dropped into the sea . In the process of being sucked in, though it was still struggling, it did not appear to have been wounded . It just could not manage to struggle free .

Very soon, this wild bull had disappeared .

Ling Han threw over a tiger, a wolf, and so on .

Ling Han dragged out the Asura Demon Emperor as well . Immediately, the latter’s face paled in fear; fearing that Ling Han would really throw him over while he was at it, he hurriedly shouted, “Master, I am the Little Asura, don’t throw me in too . ”

Cowardly and fearing death was his true character, which he was no longer embarrassed about .

Ling Han chuckled . After trying so many times, he was 99% sure that the process of entering into this treasure chest, at least, was not dangerous . As for what lay within, he had no idea .

“Let’s go in and take a look . ” He shot out a kick with his foot, and the Asura Demon Emperor suddenly fell in . Then, Ling Han pulled the Empress and they both jumped into the chest .

Weng, being tugged by an unidentified force, Ling Han and his companions arrived at the foot of a mountain . Ahead of them was a huge mountain, but a massive paw was pressing down on the mountain top . It had been snapped, and was still bleeding as if it had just happened yesterday .

And in the outside world, a starship was closing in at an extraordinarily rapid pace . Suddenly, it stopped, and seven people leaped out from within .

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