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Chapter 1509

Chapter 1509 Gathering Saintly Material

Ling Han smiled, and said, “If it’s a fight you want, it’s a fight you’ll get . ”

In these conditions, he was really unafraid of anyone in the consummate level of the Eternal River Tier . Even if someone in the pinnacle level came, he could still manage to put up a fight .

Hu Can took a deep breath . “Sir, you are underestimating us too much! Do you really think that just because the conditions here are disadvantageous to us, we are completely helpless? Humph, we are merely unwilling to pay that certain price .

“However, if you are so determined to provoke us, then we’ll just let you suffer the consequences of your own actions!” He channeled a secret technique, and suddenly pa, pa, pa, his muscles bulged up one after another . His clothes ripped and revealed a body that was completely made out of rock .

His figure had also enlarged by a whole three to four times . Though it was completely bare, a creature that looked like a stone statue would not be too embarrassing to look at .

“Hehe, Brother Can has cultivated the Eight Stones Technique to the second level, and the moment he channels it, his physique is invincible!” a woman said, her voice filled with envy .

This was the strongest secret technique of the Eight Stones Tribe, and was also their foundation . Though every person could be taught it, they normally only learnt the first level . The requirements for the second level of the technique were too high . There were not many that had successfully cultivated it in the whole Eight Stones Forbidden Land .

Hu Can was one of them, and thus he truly had a right to be arrogant .

When this secret technique was in use, the threat the mountain winds posed to him was immediately greatly reduced, allowing him to be able to draw more of his strength to be used in attack . However, using this secret technique itself would require expending a little Origin Power, and added with the fact that the threat of the mountain winds had not been erased, he could use half of his true abilities at most .

In his eyes, would half of his true abilities still be not enough?

“You’re going down!” Hu Can moved, his figure shooting out towards Ling Han, charging forwards like a wild bull .

Eight Stones Body Art, a secret technique of the Celestial Realm!

Ling Han was unafraid . He actually dared compete in physique with him? Just how depressed did he want to make himself? He lifted a foot and dashed, crashing towards Hu Can .

“You’re looking for death!” Hu Can humphed coldly . He did not mind killing Ling Han . In any case, it was enough to leave only one alive to be interrogated later . Furthermore, Ling Han was no beauty, so what need was there for him to be merciful?

He shot out a fist, and multiple stone spikes appeared from his fist . They were incredibly sharp and stabbed towards Ling Han’s head .

In this one attack, your form and spirit would be destroyed .

Ling Han also shot out a fist, but there was sword intent entwined around it . A blood crow flew out .

If anyone from the eighth campus was here, they would definitely exclaim in surprise . That was because this blood crow was a few hundred times larger than the usual that was summoned from a normal Blood Crow Formation . And you called that a blood crw? It was obviously a giant blood-colored beast .

The blood crow flapped its wings, and greeted Hu Can’s fist . As its wings flapped, multiple flashes of Sword Qi shot out, with the power of time entwined within .

10 formations joined as one, fused with the Tide of the Ages, and sent out with the Lightning Sword Technique .

Abruptly, Hu Can paled . He already felt fear before this attack even reached him . More importantly, he was unable to use his full abilities at this time .


The blood crow reached him, and Hu Can’s fist immediately crumbled as endless Sword Qi swept over him .

“Ah!” Hu Can humphed lowly, and retreated continuously . His body turned back to normal in an instant, while blood was spewing from his right fist . He was both furious and shocked .

Damn it, if he could use his full abilities, he would definitely be able to suppress his opponent . But now, he had to draw out the majority of his power to oppose the mountain winds, and could not completely use his full battle prowess at all, which was what caused him to be of no match .

Ling Han smiled slightly, and said, “Just surrender obediently . I’ve still got a lot of questions to ask you guys . ”

“In your dreams!” Hu Can smirked coldly .

Ling Han was shocked . “You guys want to generously venture to your death?”

“Who said that?” Hu Can drew out a talisman .

Ling Han’s expression suddenly became serious . If this was the decree of a Saint, the present him was not yet qualified to oppose it .

“Let’s go!” Hu Can tore the talisman, and a brilliant light swept over them . Suddenly, the seven of them had vanished without a trace .

So it turned out to be a Teleportation Talisman .

Ling Han saw that they did not teleport too far away . They had only arrived at the foot of the mountain . Because this was a small dimension, and the grade of the Teleportation Talisman was not as high as the Regulations of this place, even if they have teleported, they had not left . They had merely left this peak .

However, there was no such frightening winds at the foot of the mountain .

“Brat, do you dare come down and fight us?!” they called out in challenge .

There were seven of them in all, and all of their cultivation levels were above those of Ling Han and his companion, and yet they actually had to flee from them . This was too embarrassing .

If this was a battle at the foot of the mountain, they would be completely unafraid .

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“If you can, come up here . ” Ling Han continued digging out the steps . He couldn’t care less about them .

The seven of them exploded in fury . This country bumpkin was really despicable .

“Let’s go to the other peaks and check them out first . ” They did not dare go to that mountain peak where Ling Han was anymore .

“Should we send someone back to make a report?” Hu Jing asked with some hesitation .

“Whom should we send?” Hu Can glared . “By now, none of us would be willing to leave, right? Moreover, a trip back and forth would take three to four years’ time, at least, and by then, would there still be anything of value left behind?”

The remaining six all remained silent . In any case, none of them were willing to leave .

This was the treasure of the Heavenly River King, and it was said that it was connected with the Celestial Realm .

“Come, let’s go to the other peaks!” In the end, none of them left . Instead, they headed to the mountain peak next to this one .

Ling Han did not bother with them . He was happily storing away this Godly metal, and progressing slowly upwards . As long as these seven people had not left this place, he was in no rush .

A day later, the two of them finally arrived at the summit .

Now that they were here, the aura exuding from that paw was even more frightening, causing Ling Han’s and Empress Luan Xing’s heart to beat wildly . There was a chance that their hearts could explode at any time .

“Do you want to take some temporary shelter?” Ling Han asked the empress .

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“I can still hold on now . When I can’t, I will tell you,” the empress said gently .

Ling Han nodded, and surveyed the place .

The palace that had been blasted by this massive paw had once been incredibly grand, and that could still be distinguished even now . Every brick and tile was extraordinary, and there were still slivers of divine brilliance entwined around them . However, being stepped on by that paw, the divine essence within had been completely destroyed . There were few bricks and tiles that were still unscathed .

“This is… Green Origin Jade!” Ling Han recognized this material, and couldn’t help but be shocked .

This was Saintly Material . According to legends, as long as it had reached the size of a fist, it was possible that it would gain consciousness and a new life would be nurtured from it . And if Saintly Material had their own consciousness, what kind of concept was that? That they could become Saints in future!

Just like the Stone Emperor’s old man .

Yet the Green Origin Jade in front of them was the main material for constructing the palace . This was far more than the size of a fist; this was practically a small mountain’s worth!

Ling Han felt an urge to complain . Though the Green Origin Jade was merely Level 17, and belonged to the lowest grade of Saintly Material, just how wasteful was it to use it to build the walls of a palace?

No wonder even those tribes exiled from the Celestial Realm coveted the Heavenly River King, and did not even hesitate to join forces together to attack him . This… was indeed enough to draw the envy of others!

Unfortunately, the majority of the Green Origin Jade had been damaged by this paw, and all their divinity had been erased . They had become mere scraps, and this made Ling Han want to beat his chest and stamp his feet in anger .

His, all of this was his!

Whom did this damn paw belong to? In future, he would definitely seek the owner out for a reckoning!

Ling Han picked through the rubble, and stored the remaining Green Origin Jade into the Black Tower . As he rummaged, his heart continued to ache . If anyone saw this, they would definitely be extremely curious . You were gathering Saintly Material, yet why did you look like you were about to go and pick a fight?