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Chapter 1824: 1824

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Chapter 1824: Breaking into the third severance

Killing Zihe Bingyun had become Ling Han’s inner demon and obsession.

He exited the Black Tower, and released the restrictions on his cultivation level. Instantly, tribulation clouds dolled out in the skies.

This was a Celestial King Tier-level Mystery Realm, but it was still unable to hide from destiny, which was proof of how high the tier of Heavenly Dao was as it was superior to even Celestial King Tier.

‘Is there any existence that can escape from the Dao of Heaven and Earth, and not belong to one of the Five Elements, an existence that is truly noble and able to look down on all else?’ Ling Han suddenly thought in his heart.

“Stop this kind of thinking, it is too dangerous!” Small Tower suddenly warned.

“En?” Ling Han only grunted, and did not ask.

“Heavenly Dao is cruel, and will erase any existence that wishes to escape from its control. Though Heavenly Dao can only take action under certain conditions, and cannot unleash a divine retribution that far exceeds your cultivation level to erase you, it can make you extremely unlucky, and you will never encounter any treasures again in future. Furthermore, you will also repeatedly experience bad luck,” Small Tower explained. It calmly said, “Putting all else aside, it only has to make it so that you will meet a Celestial King, and let this Celestial King know that you possess two Source Powers. I am sure that the majority of Celestial Kings would make a move on you. Would you be capable of escaping?”

Ling Han was speechless. He had no fear of heavenly tribulation, as it could not exceed his own cultivation level too far, but if he had been set up to meet a Celestial King at this time, then even the Black Tower could not save him!

As the saying went, the will of heaven was mysterious and inexorable. For the present, at least, he was still not qualified to challenge the mysterious Heavenly Dao.

He had best just obediently undergo the heavenly tribulation. Fighting with the heavens required him to possess strong abilities. Whatever the case, he would have to be a Celestial King at least, and only then would he be able to sustain the various problems that Heavenly Dao could create for him.

Kuang, the heavenly tribulation had formed. Suddenly, a long bolt of lightning struck down, bringing with it the might of Regulations, wanting to kill an ant that dared to steal the power of the heaven and earth.

Ling Han faced it plainly.

After entering into the Celestial Realm, the heavenly tribulation had actually become considerably “gentler” towards him.

Strictly in terms of power, the heavenly tribulation of third severance was definitely innumerable times stronger than the heavenly tribulation of the Genesis Tier, but the crux of the matter was that Ling Han’s strength was also growing by leaps and bounds. With such a comparison, he was actually having an easier and easier time.

That was because in the Celestial Realm, there was definitely not only one freak like him, so Heavenly Dao did not have to be “concerned” about him so much.

Of course, even king tiers would have to be wary of this kind of heavenly tribulation, but for king among kings, it was nothing special.

In fact, Ling Han even took the initiative to shatter his own body so it could be tempered under the might of the heavenly tribulation.

“Strike!” Ling Han’s eyes shone brightly, turning into two divine pillars that shot towards the dome of heaven, as if even the Mystery Realm could no longer block them. Meanwhile, he used his hand like he would use a saber, and delivered a strike at the skies.

Striking the heaven and earth!

Weng, this strike clearly had not struck anything, but a loud bang exploded in the heaven and earth, deafening and ear-splitting.

This was the sound of great dao.

Suddenly, lightning blazed madly, and the might of the heavenly tribulation soared greatly.

This strike of Ling Han was struck at the heaven and earth, causing his connection with the heaven and earth to become even weaker. This naturally had drawn the displeasure of the heaven and earth, and this was just the third severance at that. The fourth severance would definitely incite an even stronger backlash from the heaven and earth.

If he could not survive it, that would directly mean his death.

Ling Han nodded internally. It was no wonder that there were so few emperor tiers. Sometimes, even if you had freakish natural talent, and met the standards in terms of comprehension ability, would you be able to survive the backlash from the heaven and earth?

Each of these four strikes was harder to deliver than the last, and the backlash was also stronger with every subsequent strike. The first time, Ling Han could practically ignore it, and he could feel it during the second time, and for this third time, he would have to take it seriously.

Then what about the fourth time?

Moreover, he was aiming for the fifth severance, so that would be even more frightening.

He made his calculations on this basis, and felt that it would be very, very difficult for him to survive the backlash from the heaven and earth after the fifth strike. Even if he cultivated the Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll, it would not be of much help to him. Even if he went through Rising From The Ashes, he would only continue to be insta-killed after his rebirth.

Then wouldn’t the fifth severance be the strike that killed him?

“There is always a way out,” Small Tower spoke up. “In a Celestial King Tier sect, the Celestial King would prepare a Natural Peach Seal for those disciples with heaven-defying natural talent. This could shelter them from destiny, and decrease the might of divine retribution by one severance.”

A thought suddenly flashed through Ling Han’s mind. After using the Natural Peach Seal, the fifth severance would actually be crossed like it was only the fourth severance?

Then he would have a chance!

Furthermore, if he advanced normally, he would probably have one in millions and millions of a chance to succeed, but the Empress was definitely going to fail. Even the supreme Divine Fetus that had been formed through the Nine Deaths Heaven Art could not possibly match the backlash of the heaven and earth during a fifth severance.

“Natural Peach Seal? What is that?” Ling Han asked.

“One of the Mother Trees of the Celestial Realm, an existence that is on the same level as the Reincarnation Tree,” Small Tower explained. “However, the leaves of the Natural Peach Tree cannot help one to comprehend Dao, and can only help to shelter one from destiny.”

This was already quite awesome, being capable of deceiving even destiny.

“Where should I get it from?”

“The Roc Palace should have it.”

Roc Palace?

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As Ling Han resisted the heavenly tribulation, his thoughts continued to wander. The reason that he had come to the Fu Clan was to find out the whereabouts of the Roc Palace, and now that he had found out that the Roc Palace was in the Western Celestial Realm, and advancing into the fifth severance required the Natural Peach Seal, it looked like he had to head there as soon as possible.

When he had advanced into the Dividing Soul Tier, the Natural Peach Seal naturally would have no more significance.

“All right, I’ll head to the Western Celestial Realm after leaving the Mystery Realm,” Ling Han shouted, and brandished his fists madly at the heavens. This damn Heavenly Dao, why was it torturing him so?

Half a day later, no matter how much the heaven and earth wanted to erase Ling Han, it could only withdraw the heavenly tribulation and disperse.

Third severance!

Ling Han sensed for a while, and a smile appeared at the corners of his lips. At present, he was indescribably strong. At least, when he next encountered Zihe Bingyun, he had the confidence that he would be able to kill her within 1,000 moves.

That was because he still had two Source Powers. So what if she was an emperor tier?

“Husband!” Seeing that the heavenly tribulation had dispersed, the Empress came over elegantly, an expression of pride on her face. She was proud of Ling Han.

Meanwhile, Bewitching Maiden Rou was standing some distance away, so shocked that her mouth was gaping. She was aware that Ling Han had only been in the second severance middle stage previously. Though everyone had advanced to the level of peak stage in the Ascending Dragon Palace, the time required to stabilize from the second severance peak stage to the third severance was frighteningly long.

She had experienced it before. Even if her sect had still used a rare treasure, which sped up her time by 1,000 times, saving 300,000 years’ time for her, she had still used a total of 1,000,000 years’ time altogether.

They were in the Mystery Realm, so they couldn’t use any precious Tool to speed up their time, and he had taken just slightly more than half a year’s time, which had been mostly spent on digging rocks at that. Even refining a Celestial medicine would not have such extreme effects.

This guy was really a freak! Freak! Freak!

Ling Han smiled at the Empress, and said, “Let’s go to the mountain cave.”

He had the Mountain Treasure in possession, and Zihe Bingyun wouldn’t be able to find another Mountain Treasure in such a short period of time. Then, the most likely thing for her to do would be to lie in ambush in the vicinity of the mountain cave, make a move, and enter before he did when he opened up the mountain cave.

If Zihe Bingyun really planned to do this, then that would be where she would die!

It was very rare for Ling Han to hate a person so much that he was determined to kill her. However, in Zihe Bingyun’s case, if he didn’t kill her, his conscience would not be able to rest easy.

The three of them headed towards the mid-mountain area, and the mountain cave soon appeared. It was very ordinary, and several rocks had sealed the entrance. It was as if just moving them out of the way would grant them entry.

They naturally could not be moved at all—Ling Han had made the attempt, but every single rock was heavier than even a star, and was definitely nothing that he could move.

He took out the Mountain Treasure, and placed it on a rock like what the dwarves had said. Then, he only had to wait quietly. Sometimes, it would take half a day, and at others, it would take three days, and then the mountain cave would open.

“You can scram now!” Right at this moment, a figure appeared.

Luo Changfeng.

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