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Published at 14th of June 2019 02:35:06 AM

Chapter 747

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Before coming back, Ling Han specifically went to meet with the Rain Emperor and tell him about this matter, whereby he had also obtained the Rain Emperor's agreement . Given so, the Rain Emperor then wrote a letter and asked Ling Han to deliver it on his behalf to Qi Chang Yue and have him cooperate with Ling Han .

In relation to splitting the skies, Ling Han would not care about Qi Chang Yue's feelings—whether willing or not, he still had to abdicate .

Ling Han set out on the journey alone, while the others started to pack up—they had to move again . In the future, when Ling Han ascended onto the throne, the family naturally also had to live in the Imperial Palace .

The present Desolate North, in Ling Han's eyes, was indeed tiny, even pitiful . He transformed into a thunderbolt, his speed so swift it was astonishing . Not even half a day later, he already came upon Rain Country and unceremoniously invited himself straight into the Imperial Palace .

"What audacity! To dare to intrude into the Imperial Palace! Die!" Ling Han did not bother covering up his tracks and casually strode in just like that, immediately drawing numerous attacks from the guards .

Pa, pa, pa, pa, but these people had only just raised their weapons, yet one after the other then fell to the floor, their complexions turning pale, their bodies shivering spasmodically .

Ling Han merely subtly exuded a bit of his aura, yet with his current level at the peak of the Spiritual Infant Tier, was this little bit of aura not awesome enough? In the past, when Feng Yan was determined to unroll the Spiritual Infant Tier Decree, he had almost wiped out the entire Imperial Capital, let alone Ling Han who was here in person—who knew how many more times powerful that was .

"Sir, this is the Rain Country Imperial Palace!" An old man appeared . He was at the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, and was actually able to withstand Ling Han's aura . Evidently, he was a ruler of martial arts . Otherwise, he would have long since submitted without a fight .

A smile broke across his face as Ling Han remarked, "I am here to look for Qi Chang Yue . "

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"How audacious!" That Spiritual Pedestal Tier was indignant, and with his finger pointing at Ling Han, thundered, "To have the impertinence to directly utter His Imperial Majesty's name, treason!"

Ling Han responded, "Are you stalling for time waiting for that old rain emperor to appear?" He tried to sense it, then continued, "I'm afraid you'll have to be disappointed, the old rain emperor should already be driven mad . Let alone coming out of secluded cultivation to fight, perhaps he cannot even hold out for three days . "

"Rubbish!" that Spiritual Pedestal Tier roared . "Don't think you can sway me with such words; the old emperor has the protection of our nation's fortune and divine skill, and certainly is not something like just a few trifling words from you could distort the truth of!"

"Really?" Ling Han smiled faintly . Then, after he once again sensed, his Origin Power transformed into a big hand and grabbed towards a certain location . Peng, only the heavy noise that rang out was heard, after which was a cacophony of voices .

"Oh, no! Someone has abducted His Imperial Majesty!"

"The arrays have totally collapsed at the first blow, a big hand directly broke the array and entered, then abducted His Imperial Majesty!"

"Where is the old emperor?! Get the old emperor, quick!"

The Imperial Palace was in a state of utter chaos . The guards, eunuchs, and maids were all in a flurry, releasing tumultuous shouts .

Peng, the ceiling above Ling Han's head broke open, and a colossal hand returned, precisely grasping onto a young man attired in imperial robes . Who else could it be but the former Seventh Prince, Qi Zhang Yue, the current Rain Emperor?

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That Spiritual Pedestal Tier was shocked to the extreme . What kind of ability is this? The person was here and did not move, yet could actually grasp His Imperial Majesty over and moreover also broke through an array!

That was a Great Array of the Flower Blossom Tier, even for a Flower Blossom Tier elite here in person, he would also need some time to strike against it to break it . So, with such time allowance, it should be enough for the old emperor to rush over to take on the enemy . However, now… it had totally collapsed at the first blow .

What extent did the strength of this person reach?

"Ling, Grandmaster Ling?" As Qi Zhang Yue caught sight of Ling Han, he immediately calmed down, his panic entirely gone .

Ling Han put Qi Zhang Yue down as he smilingly said, "It really is not easy to see you nowadays . "

"Haha, Grandmaster Ling, what a joke . " Qi Zhang Yue laughed heartily . After a few years on the throne, he naturally had also harnessed the magnanimous air an emperor should have . At least this superficial act was very neatly done, seemingly calm and unruffled . However, so long as one were to see his still shaking legs, they would realize that the scare he had had just now was indeed not a light one .

"Let's not talk about this first; the rain emperor's situation is not looking exactly rosy!" Ling Han pressed .

Qi Zhang Yue was alarmed, and felt his heart fill with absolute unease—given that it'd already been quite some time from the moment he was being carried off up till now, and there was actually yet to be any response from the old rain emperor, this definitely could be the case .

Ling Han's figure flitted and vanished momentarily, but swiftly returned amidst the flash of a lightning bolt . In his hand, he held the withered figure of an old man . The old man was so withered that he was near turning into a dried tree trunk; although he was very tall, his weight now was not more than 25 kilograms .

"Senior Elder!" Qi Zhang Yue immediately took a step forward .

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"Old Emperor!" that Spiritual Pedestal Tier also cried out in alarm . Were it not for him seeing the old emperor a good many times, he really would not believe that this was the old emperor .

"Fine, this is really too good for you!" Ling Han smilingly shook his head, and took out ginseng as thick as a child's arm . The ginseng was covered with purple lines, filled with the truth of the Great Dao .

This was Dragon Blood Tyrant Ginseng—it just so happened that it had ripened and a massive lot was harvested in just one crop . He did not expect that the first to taste it would actually be the old rain emperor .

The other's lifespan had been depleted, and he had also usually taken too many Spirit Herbs to prolong life . Even if one were to give him tons of thousand-year-old ginseng, it would also be useless . So, the only way to allow him to continue living was to elevate his level to snatch years of life from fate .

With support from the power of the nation, the old rain emperor, though possessing the strength of a Flower Blossom Tier elite, was not a genuine Flower Blossom Tier being, so his lifespan could be extended to one hundred to one hundred fifty years at maximum . If he really rose into the Flower Blossoming Tier, then living another 50 years more was absolutely not an issue .

A Dragon Blood Tyrant Ginseng only exchanged for 50 years of life for a Flower Blossom Tier cultivator—this matter being made known to others would get him much reprimand for being a wasteful young master, right?

But Ling Han was unperturbed . Spirit Herbs are what I have in abundance, so bite me?

He immediately fired up the furnace and started concocting . The Dragon Blood Tyrant Ginseng was originally a natural Spirit Herb, so it could actually be consumed directly, but given the low level of the old rain emperor, if he were to consume it directly, it'd definitely cause his body to explode, what more helping him to charge into the Flower Blossom Tier .

Therefore, Ling Han had to process it first to make the medicinal properties become moderate somewhat for the old rain emperor, this kind of "low hand" to be able to consume it .

Not even half a day later, Ling Han already completed refining a pill, pressed open the mouth of the old rain emperor, and forcefully thrust the pill in . Then, using Origin Power, he sent the pill all the way into his stomach .

The effect… practically produced instantaneous results .

This was Dragon Blood Tyrant Ginseng, though not of the very early generation—the Ginseng Lord that had been bathed in the True Dragon's Blood—but rather its later generation of who knew how many years . Yet it was still considered as a treasure by the Heaven Tier elites as it could actually give them a boost to rise into the Shattering Void Tier!

Now it was merely a breakthrough to the Flower Blossom Tier, how simple would it be?

The old rain emperor immediately opened his eyes, and only spared Ling Han a glance before promptly soaring into the sky . He was about to break through, and would possibly cause great wreckage, so he naturally could not remain at the Imperial Palace .

He relied on power of the nation to advance into the Flower Blossom Tier, bloomed a false Divine Flower, and was incredibly familiar with the Flower Blossom Tier, so, in fact, his Divine Seed had been sown long ago—he was just unable to groom a real Divine Flower .

Now, under the medicinal effects of the Dragon Blood Tyrant Ginseng, the Divine Seed immediately sprouted . It'd grow very quickly and flourish into full bloom .

The Flower Blossom Tier!

"Hahahaha!" The old rain emperor guffawed . His body seemed to have received nurturing—at a pace visible to the naked eye, it became sturdy, the muscles swelled, and a luster reappeared on the dull hair atop his head .

He then briskly descended in one step, turning towards Ling Han to address him with a cupped-hand salute . "Many thanks to young friend's help!" How could he not be happy? Now, he was already a genuine Flower Blossom Tier being, and in addition to the support of power of the nation, his maximum combat strength possibly had reached the peak of the Flower Blossom Tier .

Ling Han smiled faintly, and remarked, "I reckon the words I am going to say next will make you stab me with a sword . "ED/N: In Chinese, an "expert" is literally called "high hand", so the narrator is laughing that he's a noob .

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