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Published at 30th of June 2019 08:22:36 PM

Chapter 771

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Yi Shuang Shuang really wasn't courteous, and simply condemned the two worlds as dogs .

Ling Han, however, laughed loudly . He was also extremely daring and liked to break old rules, and felt that Yi Shuang Shuang matched his character somewhat . He couldn't help but look forward to it, and said, "After I arrive at the divine realm, I have to get around . "

Yi Shuang Shuang sneered, and said, "If you can really successfully split open the skies, then you'll definitely be forced by the large forces in the divine realm to resist the underworld's invasion army at the realm barrier . "

Ling Han frowned, and said, "Even if I could… my strength would be barely in the god tier, wouldn't I just be cannon fodder joining the great battle at the barrier wall?"

"You're right!" Yi Shuang Shuang clapped, and said, "They'll exactly having you be cannon fodder; if you don't die, how would they rationally annex your nation? You have to know that the territories in the divine realm are extremely precious—which force doesn't want to establish a nation, and which nation doesn't want to expand its territory? Once you die, they'll marry your daughter, or marry off a woman to your son, and your divine nation will obviously be certain to become theirs . "

Ling Han couldn't help but laugh, and said, "The people in the divine realm are also quite shameless . "

"Hehe, you think that there's a divine word in divine realm because the people are all straightforward and upright?" Yi Shuang Shuang sneered . "It's just the arts that are cultivated and the environment that's different; otherwise, what difference is there between the underworld and the divine realm?"

Ling Han nodded . There were good people and bad people everywhere, and to differentiate them by territory would be too dogmatic .

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"Then I'd better plan for the great troubles after splitting open the skies," he muttered . "However, that's something that won't be an issue for a long time; the current problems should be dealt with first . "

Yi Shuang Shuang obviously wouldn't march westward with Ling Han, and Ling Han had no plans for that, either . If she kept watch of the imperial city, nothing would go wrong . She was a divine being; even with her vitality greatly damaged, she could still rival the ninth layer of the Shattering Void Tier .

He assembled the army . This time, he inevitably personally took to the field, commanding the army westward to take down another city .

After carrying out a rounds of sacrificial offerings, the army set out, advancing west to the region wall .

Except for Helian Xun Xue, Liu Yu Tong, Li Si Chan, and his parents, who stayed in the imperial city, the others all set out, including Guang Yuan and Zhu Wu Jiu . These two advanced into the Flower Blossom Tier—one was at the ninth layer, and the other was at the fifth layer . With the aid of Ling Han's medicinal pills, even a stupid swine could rise to the heavens, let alone they who were geniuses .

The army numbered one million people; in terms of north region's population, the amount wasn't much . But with the army, it was quality rather than quantity that counted . The west region's martial arts level was higher than the north region's, so what use would it be to bring a large amount of normal soldiers?

Amongst the army of a million, there were one 100,000 people who reached beyond the Spiritual Ocean Tier, with 100 hundred people as a small unit, 1,000 people as a medium unit, and 10,000 people as an array . This was the true elite that cultivated Purple Moon Emperor Court's combined attack formation, which could increase battle prowess extremely greatly .

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The remaining 900,000 people were much worse and barely counted as battle power, but there were many trifling matters that shouldn't be done by the elites, right?

"Report!" When there was still three days' journey before the region wall, a scout brought information to report .

"Speak," Ling Han said indifferently .

"Your Majesty, the west region is already prepared, gathering soldiers by the region barrier; a rough estimate is over 100,000, each one of them elites," the scout said .

Ling Han nodded . The scout's strength was limited, and he obviously couldn't distinguish between the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, the Heaven Tier, and the Spiritual Infant Tier . However, the west region united so fast and gathered at the region wall, showing a stance of being ready to fight a decisive battle—this was rather contrary to his expectations .

After all, the forces of a region were too varied . Unlike his word of command that the entire region would obey, the west region's Deity Transformation Tier forces were in the tens, and these forces alone would take several months' time reaching a consensus, in addition to certain wrangle on the problem of the number of experts each family dispatched—no one wanted to overdraw their own family's strength .

For them to be combat ready so quickly somewhat shocked Ling Han .

"Your Majesty, this subordinate is willing to take the vanguard!" Yuan Cheng He requested . Over so many days, he polished and solidified Spiritual Infant Tier immensely, and broke through to the Deity Transformation Tier more than ten days ago, making him full of confidence .

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If he were to cultivate on his own, it would take at least five years more for him to reach the Deity Transformation Tier, but following an alchemy emperor, and taking medicine every day, it would be strange not to have such progression .

"Ang!" the Rock Spirit cried out, pounding its chest loudly, also asking to fight .

Compared to the others, the Rock Spirit's improvement was even faster because it had no bottlenecks, and didn't face the necessity of compacting its tier; gnawing on the essence of stone inside the Black Tower each month, its tier leapt up and up .

Now, it'd already advanced into the Heaven Tier . The Shattering Void Tier was too hard to reach, so it probably had to gnaw on rocks for one to two more years before it could advance to humanity's peak .

Qian Wu Yong, Hu Fengyue, and the others were also itching to have a go . In the years at the Winter Moon Sect, they only advanced into the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, but after joining the army, they improved one more step in a short amount of time and reached the Flower Blossom Tier, obviously boosting their confidence greatly .

Yue Kai Yu seemed a lot more mature and sat quietly by the side, but his eyes also bloomed with the desire for battle—he advanced into the Flower Blossom Tier and also had extraordinary strength .

This time, they marched westward with almost all their forces, so the elites of various large sects were also mobilized with no lack of the Spiritual Infant Tier elites, but these old guys were much more low-key; they knew very well that the west region's martial arts level was above the north region's . It was fine if the other side didn't come fight them, but now, they were the ones actually initiating the attack?

If it weren't for Ling Han's command, having no choice, they'd really want to turn to their heels .

Ling Han smiled as he waved his hand, and said, "First let's make it to the region barrier to see how many experts exactly the west region has dispatched . "

100,000 troops went ahead of the rest and arrived at the region barrier two days later . As expected, a field of military tents was in front, and countless people could be seen entering and exiting . Although there was no military discipline exhibited by them at all, each and every one was at least in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier—a single soldier's strength was extremely formidable .

With the arrival of such a large army, the west region obviously immediately reacted as everyone came out from their military tents and stood unorganized . Countless small groups could be clearly seen; apparently, each small group was from one force, and had no intention at all of teaming up with the others .

It was very normal . While they were people from one region, it was precisely because they were from one region that there was great enmity between them—the forces outside the region couldn't possibility start a feud, and all strife was internal strife .

Although they were now opposing the north region together, would the people of the west region rest assured leaving their backs to their competitors?

Who would be that stupid!

On the opposite side, Great Ling Empire's army defeated all the forces and scattered them across various small units, so they could only cooperate—where would there be a chance to make your own small circle?

Ling Han walked out with Zhu Xuan Er, Hu Niu, Rock Spirit, and the others behind him and arrived at the dividing line of the region barrier . If he opened a breach with Revere Life Sword, the battle would immediately erupt .

At this moment, five youngsters walked out from the west region's camp, each one of them of peerless talent and with an invincible spirit .

Among them were Xu Xiu Ran, Jia Ming, and Dong Ling'er!

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