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Chapter 44

Grammie Ning was beyond furious at this daughter in law of hers; she along with her late husband both witnessed how biased Mother Ning was towards her children she always favored James over Catherine .

"Why would you treat your own daughter like that, can't you ever support her?" Grammie Ning was red and full of rage . "you… you" as she continued to stammer and point at Mother Ning, Mother Ning stormed out before she lost her last bit of composure .

Mother Ning who was still pitifully crying in Father Ning's embrace abruptly got up the moment Grammie walked out .

"That daughter of yours needs to be thought a lesson, how could she disgrace Ruby like that, I can't imagine the type of energy she put into framing her . If only she put all that energy into getting her life together . And that mother of yours…" Mother Ning rambled on .

"That's enough!" Father Ning rudely interrupted "Catherine is great and she keeps her brother standing . And mind what you say about my mother, I might defend you in front of her but its better you know your place" with that he also left but he didn't go to his room instead he said his farewell to his guest and saw them out before leaving with his bodyguards and driver to God knows well .

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"… but its better you know your place"

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After James helped his sister out of the tea room he took her to her room, tucking her into her bed and making sure she was not injured he left her room so she could rest .

After James left, Catherine got down from her bed and walked towards a study attached to her room . She walked to the desk and sat down in front of her laptop .

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Catherine was sitting across her laptop with a glass of red wine while wearing pajama shorts and a free silk top and her parked up into a pony tail, the whole attire she had seemed to drop years off her age . She looked completely innocent and calm but deep in eye a hint of disdain, pain, disappointment and a feeling too close to hatred could be seen . She watched the whole interaction between her Grammie, Father and Mother .

She felt it was laughable how her own mother couldn't even defend her, growing up she watched how close daughters were with their mothers while all she had was a maid accompanying her to everything .

Catherine sighed deeply, before closing her laptop and finally closing her eyes to try to sleep .