Published at 15th of May 2019 06:20:11 PM
Chapter 54

After Katie arrived at the restaurant, she decided to wait for James while working on some collaboration for starlight, before she knew it an hour had gone . As she was finally gong to call the waiter in, the door of the private room was pushed open .

Finally a man had arrived, Katie got up prepaid to jump into his arms . With a wide grin she walked towards the door, but all her excitement was quickly replaced when she saw who came in .

It wasn't James but a group of people who Katie didn't know .

Oh wait… yes she did . She did know some of some them but not all .

"Hey Katie surprise!!" Cindy excitedly screamed as she ran up to Katie pulling Jeremy along with her and also Anna . Anna was their friend from university, at first glance you wouldn't even know she was around, she was simple, plain and she blended into the background well .

But there were more people, Kyle? Is that Kyle? What are odds of running into a piece of trash here? And of course he wasn't alone .

'Wait did he come with Cindy? Why would she bring him here?' "What are you guys doing here? I'm supposed to meet…"

"James? Yeah we know . He was the one who invited us" Jeremy said as he walked over to the complimentary fruit platters .

"And we met Kyle on our way up . I'm not really sure why he is here" Cindy turned towards Kyle with a questioning gaze .

"my boss invited me, she said to bring whomever I wanted . " He paused and looked towards the provocatively dressed lady by his side before saying "this is Bibi"

They all looked towards a young lady who had on a very flashy dress, generously showing her bosom and barely covering her buttocks . They all gave a friendly smile and introduced themselves .

Katie picked up the menu and ordered breakfast for all of them, just as they were about to dig in James finally arrived .

He walked in looking as dashing as ever in plain casual clothes . Finally seeing her prince arrive Katie rushed up to him and threw herself into the embrace she has been longing for since he left the night the before . And of course James readily accepted his baby initiation of affection .

While James and Katie embraced, far at the edge of the table Kyle who was sitting with his arm draped over the shoulder of Bibi couldn't help clenching his fist . His gaze help a complicated emotion filled with regret and also determination .