Published at 15th of May 2019 06:20:10 PM
Chapter 55

They all continued to eat has they waited for Catherine to arrive so they could all leave together .

Finally the firm sounds of heels hitting ground could be heard from outside along with the sound of leather footsteps . Then slim jade like fingers gently pushed the door opening and in came an elegant Catherine in dark green jeans and a black tight jumper with a v neck that really hugged her body with green platform heels .

Once she walked in the imposing aura she brought along with her couldn't be ignored it was almost chocking, as everyone looked at her in awe and were about to greet her, behind her someone pushed i and it was none other Master Zhou or Danny .

"No need to get up" Danny arrogantly announced as he sauntered towards the only free seat and immediately sat down .

Everyone had weird looks on their faces confused as to who this was they all looked towards Catherine for an explanation everyone except James who already expected him and Bibi who was immediately infatuated by the glitz and glamour of Danny .

Catherine stood at the side as she watched her friends look at her for any explanation, she felt completely disgusted . This was the guy that her 'mother' set up for her . An inconsiderate, annoying lesser version of Jeremy (one of her best friends) .

They all anxiously looked at Catherine, impatiently waiting for some for form of gossip, but what happened next shocked everyone to their core . Catherine scanned the room once then immediately turned around without sparring them another glance and walked out the room .

They all stared at the door, not really sure what to do . Once again everyone except james was shocked, he actually had a faint smile on his face which could literally make anyone wet .

They all ate breakfast with the occasional awkward silence every time Danny says something inappropriate, but finally the long breakfast was over and it was time to hit the road .

When they all got outside there was a long row of Audis, one for Jeremy, Anna and Cindy, one for James and Katie, and another for Kyle and Bibi and the last for Danny and Catherine .

They all prepared to get in but Catherine was nowhere to be found, while they were all wondering where she was they heard a loud sound and what came next was definitely nit expected .