Published at 15th of May 2019 06:20:10 PM
Chapter 56

They all turned towards the sound and they saw Catherine on a Ducati super sport a motorbike that certainly wasn't famine, she stopped right in front of the group removed her helmet . With her hair blowing in the late morning wind she firmly said "see you at Mansion Rosa" then she put her helmet back on and zoomed off .

They all stood starring at her disappearing figure for a while before entering their respective cars before following her, Danny didn't seem to notice that his supposed significant other was missing .

Over in Katie and James car, the two lovers clung unto each other dearly as if in the next second they would vanish .

"Who is that guy that was with Catherine?" Katie curiously asked .

"That's my sister's future husband, or at least my mother seems to hope so"

"She doesn't seem to like him much or at all" Katie says

James: "well you know how Catherine is; she doesn't really like to be forced into anything . "

Katie: "but do you know the man?"

James: "No I don't, but I don't need to know him . "

Katie didn't really understand what he meant so she shot him a confused look, "if my sister likes him then I like him and if she doesn't then I don't, I dot need to know him . " James said as a matter of fact and earned an adorable giggle from Katie .

"About last night, um you should know that no matter what I'll always choose you and I've decided that when we get back ill take you to see my parents . " Katie suddenly sat up with a serious expression and said .

'Meet her parents… wow she finally accepts me fully' James thought .

The moment she finished talking James felt like his brain shutdown and his heart was overflowing with immense joy . His baby finally accepts him; she is serious about their relationship . He completely forgot where he was and just sat in the car with a foolish expression on his face not knowing what his silence was doing to his baby .

'Oh no, he isn't talking . Great job Katie you scared him . " Katie literally scolded herself, she thought she was progressing too fast for James and that he wasn't ready to meet her parents so she hurriedly said "never mind we don't have to see my parents ok, we can just take it slow" her last word barely left her mouth