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Chapter 57

Her last words barely left her mouth when James pulled her into his arm arms and invaded her mouth, delivering a hot searing kiss that could topple anyone . The kiss was full of longing and passionate love . They were so into their moment that they felt as if the world was perfect, but of course they knew it was not so they just wished that the world could end right then while everything in their world was at peace .

After a while they reluctantly patted but only because they needed to breathe .

They spent the rest of the long ride talking about what her parents liked and disliked, Katie slept for a while in the arms of her man . Their ride up was the perfect definition of peaceful .

In Jeremy's, Cindy's and Anna's car .

This is my first time meeting CEO Ning, who knew he was so sweet and charming" Anna quietly said .

"Wrong sweetheart, he is only sweet to one person and that is…"

"Katie" Cindy and Jeremy said in unison and they laughed

Looking at Jeremy's charming smile Anna felt like she could melt, she has always had a huge crush on Jeremy, well maybe it started out a crush but it soon moved to infatuation and love .

He was the perfect definition of sweet, playful and smart . Although among the rich circle he had a reputation of womanizer it wasn't so . He partied a lot but with his friends, he drank a lot but with his friends and he occasionally doesn't spend the night at home but that's probably because he passed out on the floor of his friend's apartment .

As Anna sat there and watched him and Cindy converse and how he occasionally turned to smile at her she made up her mind that this weekend she was going to tell him how she felt .

In Danny's car

"You have to come man, I can't be forced to do this alone" Danny said to his phone

"Do what? Meet your wife, look Danny I have a lot on my plate I can't make it" a masculine and beautiful voice said from the other side of the phone .

"Oh come on, you have been doing the same everyday for years, if you take a break it won't kill you . " Danny replied

"Hmm really, goodbye and gave fun . " The man at the other end was about to hang up when Danny hurriedly said, "Ok…ok maybe if you take a break you would be able to continue with a fresh mind . "

"Fine, send the address I'll be there . " And with that the man finally hung up