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Chapter 58

Finally all the cars arrived at a beautiful manor at the foot of a mountain, with most of the building built into the mountain itself . It was extravagant, dark and majestic . It seemed like a building straight out of a fairytale, if the villain and princess built a manor together . It wasn't surprising considering who it belonged to .

They all alighted from their respective cars and looked around at their surroundings and were in complete awe . They could hear the sound of birds chirping and a faint sound of waves crashing against each other .

"This is so beautiful, you didn't tell me you had such a magnificent mansion" Katie asked as she looked around .

"It doesn't belong to me" James simply answered .

"Then who…"

Just as Katie was going to ask who it belonged to the door to the manor was opened, "'Mansion Rosa' belongs to me" said Catherine who walked out in soft silk shorts and a baggy jumper, she had clearly arrived earlier .

"Really? It's lovely, it really does suit you"

They all agreed that the ambience of the manor screamed Catherine rather than James .

James had only been here once and that was because he learnt she was sick and instead of treating herself she went into isolation here so he had no other choice than to forcefully bring her back . To be honest it wasn't that hard considering a 'Cat' without claws was easier to capture .

Katie excitedly dragged James into the manor so they could explore it before dinner, leaving everyone else outside .

"Take it easy, don't run . " Although James' words seemed to be scolding her his eyes were full doting indulgence .

"Let's freshen up first then we can ask Catherine to show us around, ok?"

"Ok fine" Katie reluctantly agreed, "But let's hurry as well" then she resumed dragging him along .

When they got to the room Catherine assigned to them, they were immediately dumbstruck, the room looked like a cave, and well a cave that a king lived in . it looked cold but felt warm, with a man made small waterfall at the side which lead to the balcony and was remote controlled to stop so they could pass without getting wet . At the other side were little flowers on the wall which gave off a lovely smell .

Looking at the rocky wall you could see that the room was built into the mountain itself .