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Chapter 59

After taking in the magnificent view of the room, Katie and James moved towards the bathroom to take a shower . As Katie walked into the bathroom she stopped and her mouth was opened in shock .

The bathroom had a low bathtub that was built into the floor; it was so low that you had to jump down into it . The water filled the tub through holes at side looking like a spring it was even more brilliant and romantic than the rest of the room .

And obviously James didn't miss the view; he wrapped his muscular arms around Katie's slender waist pulling her up and into his embrace . Then he carefully carried her towards the spring-like tub with fire in his eyes .

He gently placed her in the tub before joining her, he helped clean . And of course as a normal functioning human, as he caressed his baby's body he couldn't help feeling aroused and the heat that he had tried hard to suppress rushed back up . He gently, firmly and passionately invaded her world with his deep-open mouthed kisses that trailed round her body, and of course Katie accepted her man with open hands because she needed him just as much .

After their little activity they both felt fully refreshed, they walked out of the bath and wore casual outfits before going out to get Catherine to show them around .

In the living room, Catherine was the only person there considering she arrived earlier and the rest needed to freshen up . She sat down comfortably on her couch reading a book when she heard footsteps coming down the stairs; she turned to see her brother and Katie walking hand in hand . Before she could greet them, they were interrupted by a noise outside, and as if in sync with the noise Danny ran down the stairs so fast without even glancing at them . He ran towards the door and straight out .

Catherine immediately followed him; only because she was afraid he would fall down the mountain and die only because she didn't want to listen to her mother's blame .

Immediately she stepped out she immediately stopped in her track .

'That logo . I know it, right? But where do I know it from?' Catherine inwardly thought, as she looked at the helicopter landing on her helipad .

But all her questions where soon answered .