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Chapter 61

The moment Samuel entered the room he walked towards the dresser and placed his suitcase right in front of it . He turned towards the bed as he removed his custom made all black suit that certainly didn't hide his well toned muscled .

As he walked towards the bed he suddenly stopped moving, he looked around and deeply inhaled .

'That smell, so familiar' he thought .

As he tried to remember what that scent was his mind brought up a lost memory .

A few years back… .

'Sammy this is perfect; I think she would love it . I feel like she would be the girly girl . ' A beautiful lady with sparkly red hair and a tiny bump on her stomach .

'Rose, you need to calm down you can't jump around . And yes this room is gorgeous; our baby girl would be the best . ' Samuel said as he gently kissed Rose and caressed he bump

'Oh ok, I think lilac would be a beautiful color we should add…' Rose turned to talk to the designer .

Samuel stood at the side watching his glowing girl who was carrying his child . She didn't have her usual scary aura; she seemed like a ray of sunshine . She was wearing a baby blue summer dress and her red hair flowing gently on her back .


Samuel thoughts were rudely interrupted by the knock on the door; he subconsciously walked towards the door and pulled it open forgetting that he was shirtless .

"Hi…, Sam . . . Samuel it's uh, I was planning on taking everyone on a tour of 'Mansion Rosa', would you like to come?" it was Catherine at the door when a shirtless Samuel opened up and the usually calm and indifferent Catherine actually stuttered . She stuttered .

Samuel who had just been thinking about a particular someone still had a fresh image of Rose in his mind and he couldn't help but see Rose but brunet .

Samuel blinked his eyes trying to clear his mind before nodding and saying, "let me freshen up, I'll meet you in the living room . "

And before Catherine could reply he rudely closed the door in her face .

'Bastard' Catherine murmured while walking away .

In the living room, James and Katie sat down with Jeremy and Anna .

"Is this the guy?" Jeremy asked showing James a picture on his phone .

"Yeah that's him, how did you fine him . " Katie answered

"First, I'm a young heir I can find anything about the upper circle . Second, this guy he isn't just any guy he's like a prince . He's like James but cooler, or at least less soft . " Jeremy said not noticing the imminent doom awaiting him .

"Hey?" Katie yelled throwing a pillow at Jeremy .

"Its okay baby, you can't reason with someone with an IQ the size of a walnut . " James calmly said while softly rubbing Katie's back .

"You are so right . " Katie said leaning back into James' embrace .

"Where's my wife to be? Isn't she supposed to serve me?" They didn't even notice Danny walk in; they all turned to face him with strange looks on their faces . Because Catherine and Samuel were standing right behind him .

Not surprised by his cousin's stupidity James slowly shook his head while Catherine ignored him .

"Ok let the tour begin . " Catherine announced getting the attention of everyone around .

As they walked around 'Mansion Rosa', they were all shocked . The mansion was incredible massive and it held a lot of antiques .

Antiques that were said to be missing, you would find them here . As Catherine explained each item to them, they all listened attentively . All this new information about his sister's interests really shocked James, he had known her all her life and she never owned anything old or vintage . He saw her as someone who couldn't stay away from technology, but now here his sister was glowing as she explained her priced possession .

Finally they arrived at the centre of the mansion, which was the most magical place n the whole place .

In the middle of the mansion was a courtyard, and in the center of the courtyard was a willow tree dancing in the wind . As it moved fire flies danced around making it look like a scene out of a fairytale .

Surrounding the tree was a man made pond with Kio fish moving in it . It was absolutely beautiful . They all walked around the courtyard admiring it .

"Wow James, this is so beautiful . I didn't think your sister was so romantic, she actually included something so magical in her home" Katie said as she glanced and the rose bushes surrounding the courtyard .

"I didn't know either . " Said James as he wore a complicated look .

"Is everything ok?" Katie asked

"Hmm? Why do you ask?"

"You seem weird"

"It seems like I'm getting to know my sister for the first time and I don't like that feeling" James said a bit detached

"Don't feel upset . She is a human and a female one at that, she's allowed to have layers and things you don't know about her"

"But she is my sister, I've known everything about from day one, I could I not know this" James said still down . Seeing how badly he felt Katie tightened her hold on his arm .