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Chapter 144: 144

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Chapter 144: I Don’t Need Three Years. We Can Have a Fight Now!

“Wang Bin, please.”

When Qi Liangcai had walked onto the spectators’ stand, Ye Tiange walked into the amphitheater without hesitation.

Simultaneously, as soon as he walked into the amphitheater, he looked at the spectators’ stand where a second-year student was.


Seeing Ye Tiange look at him, the second year, named Wang Bin, hit the ceiling. Anger flashed across his eyes.

Students on the Rising Star List were only obliged to accept three challenges every month.

And they got to choose the time of the three challenges. When the time had been decided, the academy would then decide who would be their opponents.

This day was the day Wang Bin chose to accept the challenges of this month.

However, he figured Ye Tiange was not supposed to be his opponent at all.

Instead, it was a sophomore whose rank was lower than his.

The thing was Ye Tiange’s background obviously could give him a free pass to violate certain rules.

So he got the opportunity to fight against Wang Bin without having to wait more time.

And Wang Bin had to accept his challenge.

“Okay. Show me what you have got now that you have the nerve to challenge me!”

Wang Bin sneered at Ye Tiange. Then he walked into the amphitheater.

He waved his hand to call out four of his beasts.

In an instant, four giant beasts showed up in front of him.

Ye Xuan identified the four beasts’ attributes on the spectators’ stand as soon as Wang Bin called them out.

[Earth War Ape King: Four Stars

Beast Level: Silver (Intermediate Level)

Abilities: Earth War Ape Aspect, Earth Spiritual Technique, Natural Born Extraordinary Strength, Ape King Stick Technique]

[Gold One-horned Lightning Lion: Four Stars

Beast Level: Silver (Low Level)

Abilities: Gold Lion Roar, Thunderfall Technique, Gold Thunder, Lightning Lion Claw, Lightning Lion Evasion]

[Marsh Three-headed Snake: Three Stars

Beast Level: Silver (Low Level)

Abilities: Snake Crawling Technique, Marsh Spiritual Technique, Venom Spurting]

[Leopard-eyed Tiger Wolf King: Three Stars

Beast Level: Bronze (Peak)

Abilities: Ancient Leopard Agility, Tiger and Wolf Strength, King Roar, Tiger, and Wolf Claws]

Ye Xuan was dumbstruck by the four beasts called out by Wang Bin.

The four beasts were amazing, and one of them was a four-star Earth War Ape King on the intermediate Silver level.

Apparently, Wang Bin already achieved the Silver level.

And he probably had been a Silver level for a while.

Ye Xuan was really somewhat surprised at the sight of the four beasts.

He knew Wang Bin immediately should not be weak even compared to other sophomores.

However, Ye Tiange had the nerve to challenge Wang Bin, which meant he had a lot of faith in himself.

“Wang Bin is ranked 32nd on the Rising Star List,” Qi Liangcai, who was next to Ye Xuan, said with a somewhat serious face, which contrasted with his usual annoying bitchy look.

Apparently, after seeing Ye Tiange challenge Wang Bin, even he had felt that great pressure.


Ye Xuan was surprised.

He knew more than half of the students on the Rising Star List were on the Silver level.

Only a small part of them was on the Bronze level.

Besides, it was a really amazing achievement that Wang Bin was ranked 32nd on the Rising Star List.

After all, he became a sophomore only not long ago and still had one year before becoming a junior.

“Qi Liangcai, aren’t you always interested in my strength? Today, I will show you my strength!”

At this moment, in the amphitheater, seeing his opponent Wang Bin call out his beasts, Ye Tiange did something beyond expectation. He turned around to look at the spectators’ stand.

Then he also waved his hand and called out four of his beasts in front of him.

These four beasts of his were all surrounded by a thick gloomy air.

One of them was an Eight-armed Yaksha holding an exotic weapon in each of its eight hands.

The second was a Red Flamed Drought Demon with burning flames on its body.

One of the other two beasts was a queer black pen circling Ye Tiange’s body.

The last one was a white shroud stained with streaks of black blood.

That shroud wrapped Ye Tiange’s body as soon as he called it out.

It instantly gave him an extremely spooky vibe.

Ye Tiange had called out on the spectators’ stand, seeing the four beasts, and Ye Xuan instantly raised his eyebrow.

Then he identified the attributes of the four beasts immediately.

[Shroud (Spooky Element): Five Stars

Beast Level: Silver (Intermediate Level)

Abilities: Corpse Gas Spreading, Corpse Gas Flight, Transforming Life to Death, Deathless Corpse]

[Red Flamed Drought Demon (Nether Element): Four Stars

Beast Level: Silver (Low Level)

Abilities: Drought Demon Unbreakable Aspect, Drought Demon Inextinguishable Flame, Red Flamed Drought Demon Eyes, Drought Demon Claw, Drought Demon Calamity]

[Eight-armed Yaksha (Nether Element): Three Stars

Beast Level: Silver (Low Level)

Abilities: Yaksha Extraordinary Strength, Yaksha Spirit Absorb, Weapon Mastery, Frenzied Soul Splitting Slashes, Yaksha Brandishing Eight Weapons]

[Evil Spirit Pen (Spooky Element): Three Stars

Beast Level: Bronze (Peak)

Abilities: Evil Spirit Calling, Evil Spirit Descending, Evil Spirit Offering Sacrifices]

Standing on the spectators’ stand, seeing the four beasts Ye Tiange had called out far away, Ye Xuan could not help but raise his eyebrow.

He knew Ye Tiange was really very talented.

It was surprising that he contracted with a five-star Shroud on the intermediate Silver level right after achieving the Silver level.

Ye Tiange might not be as talented as he was, but he was quite good compared to others.

At this moment, after calling out all of his four beasts, Ye Tiange maneuvered them to attack Wang Bin immediately.


Both of his Eight-armed Yaksha and Red Flamed Drought Demon were more than twenty-feet tall.

The two dashed forward and went up to the four beasts of Wang Bin only after a few steps.

At the same time, Ye Tiange, wrapped by the Shroud, was flying next to the Eight-armed Yaksha and Red Flamed Drought Demon by maneuvering the corpse gas, with the Evil Spirit Pen floating around him.


Seeing that, Wang Bin’s Gold One-horned Lightning Lion called out a thick bolt of lightning right away to attack Ye Tiange.

However, Ye Tiange brandished his arm, and the Shroud wrapping his body turned into a white ray of light with rolling corpse gases. In this way, the lightning was parried.

Generally speaking, lightning could restrain corpse gas very well.

However, Ye Tiange’s Shroud not only had a higher level but also had better quality.

The Shroud was not afraid of the attack from the Gold One-horned Lightning Lion at all.

After that slap had eliminated the golden lightning, the Shroud even went on to slap at the Gold One-horned Lightning Lion.

The Gold One-horned Lightning Lion was caught off guard. The Shroud hit it immediately, and its body shivered violently. Corpse gases seemed to have entered its body in a second.

Part of its body got stiff and feeble. That was the effect of Transforming Life to Death.

After that blow, Ye Tiange did not stop. He went on maneuvering the Shroud to attack.

No matter what Wang Bin’s attack was, the Marsh Three-headed Snake’s Venom Spurting or the Earth War Ape King’s Earth Spiritual Technique would erect an earth wall in front of him.

As long as they contacted Ye Tiange’s Shroud, they would be restricted right away. There was no exception.

“That jerk…”

On the spectators’ stand, Qi Liangcai’s face was getting increasingly serious.

If he wanted to defeat Ye Tiange, he would have to wait a few days until he became a Beast Tamer on the Silver level and then contract with a beast on the Silver level.

Otherwise, with his current strength, he was definitely not a rival for Ye Tiange.

Simultaneously, with his good judgment, Qi Liangcai knew Ye Tiange’s opponent Wang Bin was not a rival for him.

Next to him, Ye Xuan was also gazing at Ye Tiange.

Although they were enemies, he had to admit even if he launched a sneak attack against Ye Tiange, he still might not be a rival for the latter. Ye Tiange was really good.

If he wanted to fight against Ye Tiange, he would have to wait until he achieved the peak Bronze level.

And he would have to wait until he had a beast on the Silver level.

Otherwise, it would be too arduous for him to use a beast on the Bronze level to fight against the Silver level.


As the fight went on, Ye Tiange had driven Wang Bin into a hopeless situation in only three or five minutes.

The Shroud slapped again, and the Earth War Ape King—whose body had been extremely stiff, though only a small part—was sent flying.


At this moment, a beam of white light fell from the sky.

It enveloped Wang Bin and those beasts of his.

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That female teacher from Jiangzhou University stopped the fight.

“Thank you for having this fight against me, Wang Bin.”

After defeating Wang Bin, Ye Tiange took back the Shroud on his body and landed on the ground slowly.

In the meantime, he also took back the other three beasts around him.

Then he lifted his head and threw a look at the spectators’ stand where Qi Liangcai and Ye Xuan were. Next, he walked to the periphery of the amphitheater slowly.

“Qin Zuo, please.”

As soon as Ye Tiange reached the periphery of the amphitheater, a young man from the Eternal Night Clan who had come with Ye Tiange walked into the amphitheater.

He called out his three beasts as soon as he walked into the amphitheater. Then he looked at another sophomore on the spectators’ stand.

That sophomore was exactly Qin Zuo.

His face fell when he noticed the look from the young man from the Eternal Night Clan.

However, just like Wang Bin, he had to accept this challenge. Therefore, he walked into the amphitheater.

“What is going on? What are the Eternal Night Clan up to?”

At that sight, those who had not realized anything earlier all instantly caught on.

It was Ye Tiange at first, and then this young man from the Eternal Night Clan followed.

Apparently, the Eternal Night Clan intended to make trouble!

What kind of challenge was that?

Did they intend to humiliate the Beast Tamers from the Cerulean Planet?

The students of Jiangzhou University were all irritated instantly.

Only those students of Wanshan University and Wanshan University teacher sitting on the spectators’ stand looked complacent.

It was as if they had anticipated everything.


At this moment, in the amphitheater, the young man from the Eternal Night Clan and sophomore Qin Zuo had started to fight.

Both of them were on the peak Bronze level.

However, that young man from the Eternal Night Clan was apparently a little stronger.

“Those jerks!”

Qi Liangcai was blue in the face while watching the fight.

However, he was still not a rival for Ye Tiange, and that young man from the Eternal Night Clan down there obviously would not challenge him. He was angry, but there was no way to vent his anger.

Next to Qi Liangcai, Ye Xuan’s face also slightly fell.

However, no matter how they were feeling, only a few minutes later, the young man from the Eternal Night Clan down there defeated Qin Zuo and got the fight’s victory.

“Luo Yingwei, please.”

When that young man from the Eternal Night Clan had left, another young man from the Eternal Night Clan walked into the amphitheater.

“Ye Tiange, what are you up to?”

Qi Liangcai could no longer put up with what was happening. He looked at Ye Tiange.

“What are we up to?”

Ye Tiange lifted his head upon hearing Qi Liangcai’s question and threw him a look. “We are up to nothing. But we have decided to transfer to another university. We will go to study at Wanshan University.”

“Before officially joining Wanshan University, we would like to bid farewell to the sophomores of Jiangzhou University.”


Ye Tiange’s answer created a disturbance.

No one would have imagined Ye Tiange had said that on such an occasion.

And apparently, that meant Jiangzhou University would go through a split.

That split was even irreversible.

“Ye Yuanming, what is that supposed to mean?” a teacher from Jiangzhou University asked Ye Yuanming on the platform.

“Don’t you already know what it means? Now that there is no room for us in Jiangzhou University, we will go to another place.”

Ye Yuanming sneered, “What? Are you disallowing me to go to another place besides disallowing me to stay at Jiangzhou University?”

The teacher from Jiangzhou University was really annoyed.

However, he was just an ordinary teacher here. It was beyond his ability to handle such a tricky matter.

All he could do was report it to Lin Shoucheng, dean of Jiangzhou University, as quickly as possible.

Jiangzhou University would be split for real! There was no turning around.

In the meantime, after Ye Tiange’s announcement, the news spread out quickly.

“Qi Liangcai, you don’t need to be so annoyed.”

At this moment, seeing Qi Liangcai’s facial expression, Ye Tiange, still down there, said with a smile, “You are not a rival for me yet. Even though you are annoyed, there is nothing you can do.”

“But I can give you a few days, say, ten days. What do you say? Ten days should be enough for you to achieve the Silver level and contract with your fourth beast. Am I right?”

“If you are not happy with me, you can go to Wanshan University to fight against me in ten days. And I will be waiting for you. Anytime.”

“Ten days?”

A light flashed across Qi Liangcai’s eyes. “Deal. I will go to Wanshan University in ten days to see how good you are.”

“Ye Xuan.”

When Qi Liangcai had finished speaking, next to Ye Tiange, that young man from the Eternal Night Clan who had defeated Qin Zuo suddenly fixed his eyes on Ye Xuan.

“I am curious. Is it because you are pretty, or are there other reasons?”

“That Vice Dean Lin gave her Wind and Cloud Mansion to you. And more than that, she is even going to gift you that five-star Sacred Divine Wood.”

“To be honest, I am really jealous of you.”

“It’s a pity that your cultivation level is too low, and you are still too weak.”

“Even though I want to fight against you, I just won’t have the opportunity.”

“I have an idea. I will give you three years. What do you think?”

“Do you have the confidence to catch up to me in three years? If you do, you can go to Wanshan University to see me.”

“That Vice Dean Lin thinks so highly of you. I’m curious to know what level you can achieve in three years.”

On the spectators’ stand, an expression flickered across Ye Xuan’s face when he was being provoked by that young man from the Eternal Night Clan who had threatened him once before.

A few minutes ago, while that young man was fighting against sophomore Qin Zuo, he already saw the former’s strength.

“Three years?”

He lifted his head while pondering and fixed his eyes on that young man from the Eternal Night Clan who was standing at the periphery of the amphitheater.

“I don’t need three years. We can fight now!”