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Chapter 201

Nihonium, 8th floor .

Today, I brought Leia along to farm .


As soon as we arrived the floor, the 3 headed zombie appeared . The moment I saw it, I immediately used Repetition .


Even with the three heads being one of them is the weakness, the moment it was hit by the magic, it was instantly defeated . (TLN: Now we know)

Afterwards, I picked the seed up .


Repetition is indeed strong, no it’s the strongest if I were to say, but I got a feeling that I would [depend] on it too much .


Since I’m farming the seeds today, so it’s still alright, but what if I continued using the second or third or so on, then with that kind of mindset I would be using it everytime I’m diving into the dungeon .


But, I decided to brush that off today .


[What am I supposed to do today, Master . ] (Leia)

[Ah that’s right, for now let’s equip . ] (Ryouta)

[Acknowledge . ] Leia answered, and changed into a protector and equipped onto me .


It’s a spectacle that tickles any boys imagination, no matter how old they get .


Inside my mind, words like transform or cross floated around, as I directed Leia .


[The moment you see a zombie, fire 1 Homing Bullet . ] (Ryouta)

{I understand——I have fired . ] (Leia)


Leia’s arms were stretched out, and with a revolver on her hand, she fired the Homing Bullet .


Even though she saw that there were 3 heads, she listened to my order and fired only once .

It’s because of this loyalty that becomes a big part in conquering any dungeons .


Anyways, the Homing Bullet followed a specific path while flying towards the zombie .

Catching that line of sight, I mentally took note on which head is the reflected one .

Next, I fired a Normal Bullet .


The Normal Bullet that fired straight was quicker, as it caught up with the Homing Bullet and collided with it .


{A splendid job . } (Leia)


Leia applauded in my mind, as I fired a Recovery Bullet .

After knowing which of the head was the weakness, I fired another Normal Bullet at it .


Then after picking up the dropped seed, I explained the process to Leia .


[So, the Homing Bullet would always aim at the reflected head, which is fine and all but if it hits, it’ll be bad . Hence why I fired another bullet to destroy it before it hits the zombie . ] (Ryouta)

{Acknowledged—–Master . } (Leia)

[What’s the matter?] (Ryouta)

{What would happen if Master uses the Strengthening Bullet on top of the Homing Bullet?} (Leia)

[…… . . Right . ] (Ryouta)


I lightly tapped my palm with my other hand wrapped into a fist, as I’ve never tested that out before after she mentioned about it .


[Let’s try it then, so in the meantime could you unequip from me . ] (Ryouta)

{Understood . } (Leia)


Leia returned back into her human form .

Then, loading the Strengthening Bullet to its max before putting the Homing Bullet, I thought of 2 outcomes .


Thinking of one of the two, I asked Leia to take a distance .


I wonder what might happen if I fire this maxed out Homing Bullet—–


After firing it, my vision turned white .

I was being attacked by something, which meant that the Homing Bullet damaged the reflection head .


I hurriedly used the Recovery Bullet to heal myself .


[Master, are you alright?] (Leia)

[Yeah I’m fine . I guess the Strengthening Bullet only increases the power instead of the tracking function . ] (Ryouta)

[I’m sorry for suggesting something weird to Master . ] (Leia)

[No, I’m actually proud that you gave such a suggestion . ] (Ryouta)


Leia was surprised by my words even though her face doesn’t show it .


[The reason why I stop myself from using Repetition is to understand the performance and effectiveness of the weapon I have on hand, which meant that this experiment that we failed was actually something of value . You can say that having actual experience is something unforgettable . ] (Ryouta)

[Is that so . ] (Leia)

[Thanks though Leia, if there’s anything you notice, please don’t hesitate to say . ] (Ryouta)

[…… . Yes… . . Master . ] (Leia)


I felt happy that Leia replied after pausing for a second .

Then, forming together with Leia again, we went around and defeat some more zombies .


I was thinking whether Leia could do something more, so I tried having Leia to not only fire the Homing Bullet, but to also destroy the bullet, but it didn’t go well as her accuracy was low .


After doing it for so long by hitting two bullets together to activate the fused combo, I think the only ones being able to do that 100% of the time would only be me .


So, having Leia hit the Homing Bullet on her first try would actually be even more strange .

Is that all… . . I thought .


{Master . } (Leia)

[Yeah?] (Ryouta)

{I have something that I want to test, is that okay with you, Master?} (Leia)

[Sure, let’s try it . ] (Ryouta)

{Yes……} (Leia)


Leia who was feeling better than usual returned back to her human form .

Then, using the Absolute Rock to activate Invincible Mode, she suddenly went off .

Since she didn’t tell me anything, I waited at the spot for a moment, then after some time I saw Leia pulling zombies back .


It’s something that I’ve done before, where I relied on my toughness to gather the monsters .

She’s gathered around 20 of them, which is kinda bad if we don’t separate them .


Leia who pulled them then returned back to me .


[I’ll equip onto Master now . ] (Leia)

[Aah, okay . ] (Ryouta)


I’ll let her do what she wants without asking .

More like, I find this better .

I always find it good that she would play it by ear during any situation, which is something that I want whenever I do not want to rely on Repetition .


Leia then fired the Homing Bullets at one part of the zombies .


Since she has 4 revolvers on her, she was rapidly firing the Homing Bullets .

I have grasp all 20 of the reflected heads——-but it didn’t hit the targets .


I wouldn’t be able to catch up with it even with me dual wielding my revolver .


{I have used the Speed Up bullet . } (Leia)


Ah, so she fired the Speed Up bullet on herself, and fired Normal Bullets like crazy to hit all of the Homing Bullets .


I guess quantity beats quality .

Most of them were a miss, but as a saying goes, even if your shooting is poor, you’ll eventually hit a fluke by shooting a ton, so all the Homing Bullets were shot down .


Without missing a beat, this time she fired the Recovery Bullet, and out of 20, 10 of the heads were identified, and I immediately fired at the 10 of it .


The remaining 10 changed position again, so Leia once again fired the Homing Bullets and shot down the bullets again .

With accelerated Leia, in just a few minutes 20 zombies were defeated .


After losing the speed, she returned back to her human form .


[How’s that, Master . ] (Leia)

[You’ve done a great job . ] (Ryouta)

[Thank you . I thought that since its this floor, using the Speed Up bullet would be the best option . ] (Leia)

[Hm? Ah I see . After all, I’ll eventually dive into Nihonium Dungeon 7 days per floor, so using one Speed Up Bullet every day should be fine . ] (Ryouta)

[Yes . ] (Leia)

[So there is that way of thinking… . Thanks Leia, for noticing . ] (Ryouta)

[Yes… . . ] (Leia)


Leia looked at me with what seems to be a happy expression .

With this Speed Up Bullet, there seem to be a wider range in my strategy .