Am I A God? - Chapter 109

Published at 13th of June 2018 09:39:47 PM

Chapter 109

It was going to be exasperating to retrieve his Panamera with Specter inside Dust Ball's extradimensional belly .

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Even though Dust Ball would usually vomit the objects out in the order which they were absorbed in, there was still a possibility of the order being jumbled up .

To save on parking fees, Zhao Yao had kept his Panamera in Dust Ball's belly .

This meant that if he were to retrieve his Panamera, it might inadvertently release Specter .

Zhao Yao cupped his face and mumbled, "This is so irritating . I must come up with a method to restrain Specter when he emerges . However, even if I could restrain Specter, the order in which the items were expelled might still be random… unless…"

His eyebrows knitted together and he was deep in thought, "I've never really trained with Dust Ball's extradimensional belly's ability . Perhaps I could control the order or even specify the objects I expel with my training .

If not, I'll just have to wait for 24 hours and see if Specter's ability to turn into spirit form would wear out . I hope that this transformation isn't forever . "

Zhao Yao then brought Dust Ball into the café .

The moment they stepped foot into the café, they were surrounded by the soothing frequency of Celestial Beats .

Both of them had not left Celestial Beats for such a long time . The comfort and relaxation which they currently experienced were divine .

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Dust Ball's loyalty increased by one point again .

Zhao Yao began laughing at this sight and thought, "If Dust Ball's loyalty continues to increase, and consequently improve the success rate of me using her ability . This would make the training much more efficient . "

At this moment, Coco Sun stood up with her phone in her hand and shouted, "Who is Cutie Fruity Tea? Do you even know how to play? I'm going crazy!"

Zhao Yao turned his head and saw Coco Sun, Yan Xiao Qing, and Leigh Zhao huddled together in a game of Mobile Legends with cats resting on their laps .

Leigh Zhao eyes' seethed with anger as she commented, "This guy was added because of our geographical proximity which means that he is only 100 meters away from us . "

Zhao Yao was eavesdropping on their conversation and had an inkling as to who was behind the id of Cutie Fruity Tea . "

"Isn't Cutie Fruity Tea Matcha's id in Mobile Legends?" Zhao Yao scratched his chin as he walked towards the cat toilet .

Matcha's WeChat id was The Strongest Luban, but his Mobile Legends id was Cutie Fruity Tea . When Matcha came up with the id, he was still an adorable and slightly feminine cat . Zhao Yao could not help but reminisce the good old times .

Zhao Yao opened the door to see Matcha perched on the top shelf . Matcha was inside one of the automatic self-cleaning cat litter boxes with both his paws on his phone's screen . Matcha's froze in his actions and stared at Zhao Yao dumbfounded .

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He even sucked in the poop that he had been excreting out because he was shocked by Zhao Yao's sudden appearance .

Matcha immediately raised his paws and gestured Zhao Yao to stop when he saw him approaching .

"Calm down, Zhao Yao, you have to listen to me," Matcha continued, "You might not believe it, but the customers were looking for other players to join them in their game . Coincidentally, I've also been suffering from constipation, so I chose to accompany them in-game . "

Matcha looked at Zhao Yao with an awkward smile before he folded his ears and jumped from the top shelf . Matcha slowly handed over his phone to Zhao Yao, albeit unwillingly .

Yan Xiao Qing immediately grabbed and hugged Matcha when she saw him . She said, "Oh Matcha, where have you been? I've been looking for you all this time . " Matcha's popularity had shot up since his disguise as a Scottish Fold . His popularity was only second to Elizabeth .

Zhao Yao nodded his head in delight as he noticed that there were new faces in his café . It must be due to the flyers the children distributed .

Because it was almost time to close for the day, Shi Yu and Baiquan started cleaning up after the last customer left the café .

All this while, spirit cat was floating in mid-air observing the entire situation . A glimmer of intelligence flashed across its eyes .

"Based on my observation, there are a total of four supercats . I never expected to see four supercats in a tiny cat café," It glanced at Zhao Yao who was feeding Dust Ball with catmint and thought, "To be able to subdue four supercats on his own, he must be quite strong . I need more time to observe him and his cats . "

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Spirit cat continued to float in mid-air as it surveyed the situation in the café .

When it saw Dust Ball sniffing the catmint and then rolling around Zhao Yao's feet, it raised its eyebrow and concluded, "So he is controlling these supercats with the use of substances . "

It circled the catmint and remarked, "Hmm, this deserves to be further investigated . "

It took a glance at Dust Ball and saw her drooling uncontrollably . It could not help but said, "How scary . It's able to transform a supercat into his slave . "

Spirit cat had already considered peppermint as a menacing item .

Then, it flew towards Elizabeth and commenced its observation, "Hmm, what a beautiful cat . Perhaps we can get to know each other a little bit better after I rescue you from this evil man . "

It floated from Elizabeth to Roly Poly . It took a look at Roly poly's enormous white belly and sighed .

Actually, Roly Poly hated cat food but was forced to consume them because of Zhao Yao . Roly Poly did not suffer from malnutrition, and he also had beautiful white fur and was healthier than ever .

However, Roly Poly's waistline only reduced by one inch . He was still considered a big, fat cat by any means .

The spirit cat looked at Roly Poly's current state and remarked, "Such a pitiful cat, what kind of traumatic experience did you go through to turn into this?"

After its observation of Roly Poly, it floated to Matcha's side . It saw Matcha swinging his tail from left to right, with his eyes glued to the phone screen .

Even though Zhao Yao confiscated their phones during operating hours, he would return it to them after work . This gave them approximately 20 to 30 minutes of phone time as Shi Yu and Baiquan were busy cleaning up the place .

The spirit cat saw the influx of numbers, pictures, and animations on the phone and raised its eyebrow . It licked its paws and said, "So this is the phone that people always talked about, Ho Hao Cang said that it would corrode one's mind and rob us of our fighting spirit . Is this man using a phone to aid him in controlling these cats?"

Spirit cat stared at the graphics and hesitantly said, "However, this seems pretty interesting . "

"I shall continue my observation secretly and see if I can devise a method which would expose him and stop him from corroding their minds . "