Am I A God? - Chapter 285

Published at 1st of September 2018 07:56:39 AM

Chapter 285

"Oh, don't tell me the power that would enhance a supercat's strength is actually referring to more experience points?" Zhao Yao whispered to himself with a glint in his eyes .

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The thing which he craved for the most was none other than experience points .

The demand for it only grew with the upgrading of the BOOKs and the supercats .

However, it was somewhat sick that Zhao Yao was grinning from ear to ear as he saw Matcha vomiting non-stop . He squatted next to Matcha and gave him a gentle rub on the back of his head, "Matcha, great news! From now on, you will have plenty of good food!"

Initially, Matcha's torrent of vomit comprised mainly of fur before it turned into undigested food . Matcha's body locked with rage as he raised his head and gave Zhao Yao a death glare, "Zhao Yao! How dare you put position in it? Are you trying to kill your crown prince? Bargh …"

Halfway through his speech, Matcha's body began shaking violently as another wave of vomit was expelled from his body .

Zhao Yao let out a soft snigger before folding his arms across his chest, "I already told you not to eat it . You were the one who used timefreeze and ate it . This is an enhanced cat grass which would induce instantaneous vomiting . " However, the bonus experience point that came along still managed to leave a smile on Zhao Yao's face . After some experimenting, Zhao Yao concluded that this could only be done once a day .

After several rounds of vomiting, Matcha had finally come to a stop . Zhao Yao heaved a sigh of relief as Matcha struggled to his feet . Zhao Yao thought, "I guess I cannot continue using cat grass . This vomiting is really uncontrollable . Maybe I should grow some other plants instead . Hmph … maybe I can start with catmint . Later, I'll experiment with all sorts of vegetables . Maybe, they can all give me experience points!"

With his imagination running wild again, Zhao Yao dashed to the storage room and retrieved a bag of catmint seeds previously given by TaoBao . He whispered to himself, "I have kept them for quite some time . I have no idea whether they still work or not . "

He tore open bags of fertilizer and soil before emptying them into a pot .

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Next, he scattered the catmint seeds into cups of water for them to germinate . It would take approximately one day for the water to infuse into the seeds and supply them with sufficient hydration .

He was still set on experimenting with all sorts of vegetables as he made his way out of the café .

When he returned, he was carrying bags of fertilizers coupled with pots of all various sizes . Even Zhao Yao struggled to bring all these back . He intended to grow all these vegetables which included leek, cauliflower, and broccoli in his extradimensional belly .

Seeing all the pots lying neatly in front of him, an unknown excitement was bursting out of Zhao Yao . He whispered, "I have no idea how this is going to pan out . "

Over the next two days, Zhao Yao woke up brimming with energy as he stared excitedly at the situation within the belly . He could not wait to check on the plants' growth . However, their growth speed was far slower than the cat grass which only took one day to grow completely .

Other than cat grass, the remaining plants only began budding from the second day onwards . It would take at least a week or two before they were fully mature .

Obviously, Zhao Yao could not force feed his supercats with the cat grass which he had previously grown . One bite of the cat grass would be followed by an outburst of vomit . His cats would simply die if they were to actually eat it on a daily basis . Zhao Yao dared not imagine the astronomical hospital bills if he were to persist feeding them with cat grass . Hence, he had placed all his expectations on the remaining plants .

While Zhao Yao was busy tending to his vegetables, Champion was sauntering along the track in Jiangmen University, with his eyes staring at a group of girls running around .

His eyes naturally gravitated to the girl running at the front . She had a pair of long and slender legs which produced so much force that propelled her to the front, extending the distance between her and the rest .

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At the finishing line, the remaining girls huddled around her and broke out in cries of admiration and awe .

"Zhao Xue, you are so fast!"

"Senior, I'm sure you can win the sports meet with this speed . "

"Senior, you look so cool when you were running down the track just now!"

Champion was observing Zhao Xue from afar as a glint flashed across his eyes .

Initially, Champion did not find anything strange regarding Zhao Xue . However, he discovered a problem after his past two days observing her on the basketball court and the track .

Nothing special would pop out if you observed her skills individually, be it her flexibility, agility, explosive strength or stamina . It was good but it was achievable .

However, things started getting weird if you combined all these things into a single body, especially with things such as long distance running and short distance sprinting . The emphasis in their training was vastly different and relied upon different muscle groups . One required slow-twitch muscles while the other depended on fast-twitch muscles .

However, this girl standing down there seemed to be indifferent to these constraints . She had reached such amazing levels in terms of her stamina, endurance, explosiveness and burst strength .

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From his past few days of observation, Champion had learned that Zhao Xue had always been remarkable, but not to this extent .

"This woman … her body had grown so much over such a short time …"

Champion could not help but start suspecting Zhao Xue with all these unexplainable happenings .

With all evidence pointing to a dead end, Champion decided to stalk this woman in hopes that she would lead him directly to the Sphynx Cat .

With his amazing reconnaissance and hiding skills, Champion had been lurking in the shadows as he continued following her . He observed the people she interacted with and the things which she did, but it was to no avail .

Champion thought that it was a wasted run when Zhao Xue was about to return to her dormitory . Suddenly, he noticed Zhao Xue leaving her room as she was about to leave the school compound .

"Hmph, leaving the school compound at this hour?" Champion's forehead creased together as he suspected something fishy, "Is she meeting her boyfriend? Or is she …"

With his amazing body, Champion managed to leap from the rooftop of one building to another . When he had reached the boundary of the school, he vaulted into the bushes and disappeared amongst the trees . He was a predator which had locked on his prey as he followed tightly behind Zhao Xue who boarded a bus .

Champion decided to leave a message in the Muscle Society group when Zhao Xue entered a small district . He was afraid that something might happen to him .

After sending his message, he leaped on top of another building and continued his pursuit of Zhao Xue . He noticed her walking aimlessly around the park before a man came up to her .

Beside this man was a black cat .

The event which unfurled the next moment shocked Champion . The black cat stretched open its mouth as a furless cat's paw reached out of it and pressed against Zhao Xue's forehead .

Evidently, this was achieved by the combined effort of Dust Ball, Zhao Yao, and Elizabeth . By controlling the Sphynx Cat, Elizabeth had forced him to lend his power out to Zhao Xue through the extradimensional belly's opening .

Because of the distance between Zhao Xue and Champion, the illusion failed to reach him which explained why he saw the true image .

After receiving the power, Zhao Xue began training relentlessly in the park as a lopsided smile appeared on Champion's face .

"I've finally found you . "

However, he was a cautious individual . Instead of confronting her straight up, he sent a message to the group . "I've found the Sphynx Cat . "

Meanwhile, Zhao Yao felt something amiss as he looked towards the buildings in the district . His instincts from "Four is better than three" had alerted him to something wrong .

"Why do I feel that something is constantly staring at me?"