Am I A God? - Chapter 868

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Chapter 868

In the Cat Wonderland in Jianghai .

It was another beautiful morning .

Matcha stretched his back, opened his eyes, and smiled joyfully .

“Zhao Yao’s not in . It’s another happy day . ” Matcha tossed in Zhao Yao’s bed and sat up .

He touched his stomach while sitting up and frowned . “I ate too much yesterday . ”

Old Cat smiled and greeted him, “Sir George, you’re awake . ”

After Zhao Yao, Ares, and Elizabeth had gone to the United States, Matcha now held the reins of power .

Obviously shown through Matcha sleeping on Zhao Yao’s bed till noon .

“Hmm . ” Matcha nodded, yawned, and asked, “Old Cat, what’s the agenda for today?”

“Oh, let me check . ” Old Cat took out a small notebook and looked carefully as he said, “You’ve a golf session with the Cat King of the North this afternoon . You’ve a dinner date with Ice Cream tonight . After that, it’s the summary meeting in Cat Wonderland . ”

“Wait . ” Matcha was puzzled and asked, “Who’s Ice Cream? Why am I having dinner with her?”

“Ice Cream is Weibo’s popular female cat . You went to a cat exhibition, got to know her, and said she was pretty . ”

“Oh, I remember . ” Matcha’s eyes lit up with anticipation . “Not bad, I’m not going to the meeting as I’m continuing the date with her after dinner!”

Old Cat said reluctantly, “Not going to the meeting? It has been many days . Previously when Zhao Yao’s around…”

“What?” Matcha glared at Old Cat and said, “You’re using Zhao Yao to scare me? Are you saying that I can’t make decisions in Cat Wonderland?”

“I wouldn’t dare . ” Old Cat lowered his head and said, “My bad… my mistake . ”

“Humph . ” Matcha scoffed, “I’ll let you off this time . Do not mention Zhao Yao in front of me . Do you understand?”

Old Cat sighed as he walked out shaking his head . “Matcha’s managing Cat Wonderland for less than a week and he’s already so decadent . He’s a fatuous manager . ”

At the golf field .

Matcha sat in the pram and squinted his eyes in discomfort . “The sun’s very strong and the weather’s too hot . ”

In the other pram, the Cat King of the North peered out with his head and said, “Why are you standing around? Open the umbrella and fan us . ”

The supercat attendants started blowing cold wind and used their Psychokinesis to hold up the umbrellas .

Matcha nodded and said, “That’s better . ”

The Cat King of the North smiled and said, “Matcha, how’s the deal we discussed last time? Buy all your cat food from me . I’ll sell it to you at production price and the quality will be checked by me personally . There’ll be no problems . ”

Matcha frowned and said, “North King, you’re lacking in sincerity . ”

The Cat King of the North said, “What? It’s really at production price . Our cat food’s made of pure natural materials and there are no carbohydrates . ”

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Matcha rubbed his paws .

The Cat King of the North looked blankly at him and said, “What?”

Tsk . Matcha was unhappy and looked disdainfully at him as he said, “You’ve been in business for so long . What about my commission? How much is that?”

The Cat King of the North said reluctantly, “Matcha, I’m running a small business and the price I am offering is very low…”

“I don’t care,” Matcha said arrogantly . “There’s no deal without a commission, do you understand?” He sneered and said, “I can’t believe I have to remind you about the rules . You are ignorant . ”

The Cat King of the North nodded but he was furious as he thought, “Matcha… since Zhao Yao left and Roly Poly had lost his intelligence, he’s become more arrogant . ”

After determining the commission, Matcha smiled and laughed heartily . “That’s the right way to do business, I… I…”

Matcha’s body convulsed and he fell to the ground in pain as the Cat King of the North looked on anxiously .


“How’re you, Matcha?”

“Send him to the hospital!”

In the hospital, Matcha gradually regained consciousness . He looked around and discovered himself lying on a hospital bed .

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“Anyone around?”

“Can someone help me?”

Matcha’s ears quivered and he discovered someone walking over towards him . As he was about to shout for help, he heard someone speak .

The Cat King of the North used his cell phone to say, “Doctor! Is Matcha alright?”

“Hmm, he’s healthy but there’s something strange going on . He’s… pregnant . ”

“Ah?” The Cat King of the North said in surprise, “Are you joking? He’s a tomcat!”

“I know,” The doctor said puzzled . “After ultrasound examination, it’s a confirmed pregnancy . He fainted because his heart was obstructed…”

The doctor spoke as he referred to the materials held in his hand . He was stunned and said, “What? The report I saw vanished?”

The Cat King of the North said doubtfully, “I told you . You’re mistaken . ”

In the other corridor, Matcha, who activated Time Freeze, leaned on the wall as he studied his ultrasound report .

“I… I’m…” Matcha was in a state of disbelief . “Pregnant?”

Moments later, rage surged within him .

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“No, I can’t have this child . Otherwise, my reputation’s ruined!”

In the underground Cat Street, a masked orange cat walked over unsteadily and scanned his surroundings . When he was sure nobody was looking, he slipped into an unlicensed clinic .

The nurse cat at the reception looked at him and asked, “What illness?”

Matcha said, “I would like to have an abortion . ”

“What?” The nurse cat heard Matcha’s male voice and asked in disbelief, “You want an abortion?”

Matcha immediately suppressed his deep voice and used a feminine tone as he said, “Yes, yes, I want an abortion . ”

The cat nurse shook her head and said, “Young girls nowadays like to have fun . Once they are pregnant, they come here for an abortion . In the end, they are the ones who suffer . ”

Matcha’s veins on his forehead pulsated as he thought, “You are a nuisance!”

The cat nurse slapped down a form in front of him and said, “Please do a self-registration . Once, you’re called, enter the examination room .

After filling up the form, Matcha sat in a carton box and fumed as he thought, “D*mn… Why am I pregnant? This is so unfair!”

A cat peered her head out from the examination room and shouted, “Elizabeth? Are you here, Elizabeth?”

The masked Matcha raised up his paw and said, “Yes, it’s me!”