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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Look for a Job

It didn’t occur to Li Yong that the mental cultivation method is not suitable for ordinary people .


Actually, it makes sense . If anyone can practice it, all people will live a healthy and long life, and become experts in martial arts .


This is too intimidating .


It seems that it will not work to cure Sun Qiang by asking him to practice the mental cultivation method . He has to take other measures .


Li Yong has saved 80 doctors’ medical practice experience in his brain . As to the illness of Sun Qiang, there are several treatments, except that some of them are too complicated and that some require rare medicine . He is lost in thought, trying to figure out a simple therapeutic method .


In a while, Li Yong slaps the table and says joyfully, “I know what it is now . Wait a minute . ”


“Okay, okay . ” Sun Qiang’s anxious face becomes bright .


Then Li Yong starts to look for things in the cabinets and take out a few kinds of herbal medicine . He puts them together, smashes them, adds water and puts them into a small bottle . He gives the bottle to Sun Qiang, saying, “Take this . Smear it on the affected parts two times a day . You’ll get well in a week . ”


Sun Qiang is on cloud nine . He instantly runs to the washroom to apply the medicine to his affected parts . When he comes out of there, he looks much better . It only takes around a quarter that Sun Qiang looks completely different, from the desperate face a moment ago to the current hopeful facial expression .


“Yong, Hu you met just now is one of the gangster head of Tianhu Gang . How dare he come to make trouble for you! He is as blind as a bat . He is unlucky . I’ll take care of him then . ” Sun Qiang thinks it is time to show his capability so he leaves after saying that .


After that, Li Yong doesn’t stay at the clinic . He brings some materials to the State Food and Drug Administration as well as State Administration for Industry and Commerce to apply for relevant licenses .


It is necessary for him to have medical license and business license .


Fortunately, Li Yong has the graduate certificate of medical school, so he only spends half a day getting all the documents ready . Generally, the medical license application has to be approved by the higher authorities . However, the staff of the State Food and Drug Administration shows much concern for the enterprising college students . They issue a statement for him and he is able to run the clinic legally then .


When he returns to the clinic, it is already at dusk . Li Yong notices that a new advertising board has been put on, which looks the same as the previous one . Yet, the bullies that compensate for the board are not here .


In front of the clinic is a road, at both sides of which there are bright lights and beautiful night views . There are many factories nearby . A lot of workers are taking a walk after work . Some of them are couples, some of them are a group of friends . They look so happy .


Li Yong has dinner at the small restaurant nearly and then continues to open his clinic .


He owns the clinic so he is the boss himself . He cannot just clock off like an employee . He has to stick to his post . He seems to stay here every day, day or night .


Nevertheless, there is still no patient until 9 pm, which makes him feel so weird . Are the residents here really so healthy? Is there not even a patient here?


Li Yong closes the door and is ready to go back .


When he passes by Wang Hui’s Clinic, he sees a lot of patients queuing to see the doctor .


He cannot help walking inside only to find Hu’s girl, the woman with heavy make-up is taking the drip . Li Yong knows what her illness is and then whispers to her, “Miss, your disease won’t be cured here . If you don’t take care of it soon, you will be in danger then . You’d better ask me for help . It won’t cost you much money and I’m sure that as the medicine takes effect, the symptoms will vanish . ”


The woman snorts and pays no attention to Li Yong, shouting instead, “Hu, get your ass here . Someone is hitting on me . Are you gonna do anything about it?”


“Who dares to hit on my girl?” Hu runs over furiously . He has been seriously beaten by Li Yong and his face is still swollen, so he is having treatment here .


“It’s him . ” The woman with heavy make-up points at Li Yong and says in anger, “Beat him . ”


However, Hu produces a forced smile and begs in a flattering voice, “Yong, please leave me alone . If you really like her, you can have her then . ”


When the woman is struck dumb with astonishment, Li Yong says indifferently, “Her? She has infectious diseases . Whoever is with her will have misfortune for sure . Good luck to you . ”


“Hu, you useless thing . Why don’t you beat him up?” The woman goes into a rage .


“Shut up . ” Hu shouts at her and slaps her in the face .


Slap . The woman dare not talk anymore . Hu does want to beat Li Yong up to work off his anger, but Sun Qiang has talked to him and given him the warning .


When Li Yong is walking out, a middle-aged balding doctor in a white coat stops him suddenly, saying with contempt, “Are you the owner of Happy Clinic?”


Happy Clinic is the clinic that Li Yong rents, which is named by the previous owner . The name means that people come to the clinic happily and then get well happily . Li Yong likes the meaning so he doesn’t change the name .


“Yes, I am . ” Li Yong feels the doctor’s dismissive voice and mocking face and yet shows no fears . He knows the doctor is the owner of this clinic, Wang Hui . He can recognize him .


“You are too young to be a doctor . You know freaking nothing about it at all . ” Wang Hui knows Li Yong is young and tries to ridicule him .


Li Yong snorts and points inside, saying, “I don’t know ‘nothing’, but I do know that you cannot cure someone who has malicious sexually transmitted disease like him, and that the woman over there doesn’t need to stay in hospital or take drips to cure her skin disease . . . ”


Wang Hui is shocked and then gives Li Yong a push . He pushes Li Yong outside and then exclaims in a fury, “Let me make it clear for you . Your clinic will never survive here . You’d better get lost . It will be too late if you lose all your money . ”


Li Yong dusts himself off as if Wang Hui has laid dirty thing on him . He smiles and says, “Wait and see . Let’ see who will get lost . ”


“Young man, I appreciate your guts, but you are doomed . No one will go to your clinic . Believe it or not, you’d better not open your clinic any more . You may as well do other businesses, such as health care products, hair-cutting, cosmetics and etc . , which are all better than opening a clinic . ”


Wang Hui pretends to think of ideas for Li Yong’s sake, but Li Yong is not interested at all and just leaves .


After observing, he can tell that Wang Hui is making dirty money by taking a minor illness as a serious one and critical one as incurable one .


Doctors like him cannot even be called doctors . They are murderers actually .


On the way back, Li Yong is thinking over what Wang Hui says and realizes that it is because Wang Hui is playing tricks that no patient come to his clinic . Yet, how does Wang Hui make it? What does he do to make the patients only go to his clinic instead of Li Yong’s?


It is such a perplexing question .


When Li Yong just returns to the apartment, Zhang Yurong comes over .


“Xiaoyong, where do you work? How much is your salary? Are you recruiting staff?” Zhang Yurong, wearing a sexy gown, strides into Li Yong’s room, sits on the bed and asks several questions at a breath .


Li Yong has been outside for the whole day and really stinks . The minute that he is about to take off his shirt for a shower, Zhang Yurong happens to break in and he has to put on his clothes again . After all, it is rude for men or women to go naked in front of others .


When Zhang Yurong glances at Li Yong’s strong chest, her eyes are shining with excitement . Yet, she has herself well covered and all the embarrassment is covered with a volley of questions of hers .


“Ms . Zhang, what do you ask this for?” Li Yong takes a glance at Zhang’s pretty bosoms and hastens to look away . Although she is wearing a gown, she appears hot to him and he dare not watch for any longer .


Zhang Yurong sighs, “I am bored at home and want to find a job . ”


Since her husband started racketing around outside, Zhang Yurong has become more and more lonely and bored . Hence, she plans to find a job . She doesn’t care about the salary as long as she can go outside and make some friends .


Li Yong has an idea and grins, “Ms . Zhang, what kind of job are you looking for?”


“How do I know? What are you then? Let me see whether it is suitable for me . If we work together, we can look after each other . Otherwise, when I get off work late, I will be afraid of walking at night alone . ” Zhang Yurong puts her right leg on the left leg, shaking her leg and saying so .


What nice legs! Li Yong exclaims secretly about Zhang Yurong’s long legs, saying, “Ms . Zhang, I’m not working for anyone . I am the boss myself . I have a clinic . If you are looking for a job, you can come to work in my clinic . I’ll not treat you unfairly . ”


“Oh really? You do have a clinic?” Judging from Li Yong’s serious words, Zhang Yurong kind of believes him then . Li Yong has mentioned this before, but at that time, she was so enraged that she didn’t believe him at all . Now since her anger vanishes, it is surely easier for her to believe .


Nevertheless, for someone who cannot afford the rent of 800 yuan, if he opens a clinic suddenly, surely it is unbelievable for anyone .


“Of course . If you don’t believe it, I can show you tomorrow . ” Li Yong says with a smile .


“Okay . ” Zhang Yurong agrees instantly .


Li Yong hesitates for a while and asks, “I thought your husband asked you not to work, didn’t he?”


Zhang Yurong becomes upset immediately and replies in a bitter and sorrowful voice, “That jerk has gone abroad and left me a letter . It is the divorce agreement . I am already not related to him anymore . “


Li Yong is rejoiced and says with a smile, “Ms . Zhang, congratulations . ”


“For what?” Zhang Yurong stares at Li Yong with a disdainful look . She cannot imagine that he is so happy with her divorce .


“People always say marriage is the tomb of love . Congratulate to you crawling out of the tomb . ” Li Yong says happily . Though he doesn’t want to be related to Zhang, he cannot resist his delight upon hearing about her divorce .


He is truly rejoiced for Zhang Yurong who eventually ends a marriage with no happiness or joys . For a young and pretty woman like Zhang Yurong, she will surely have a promising future after divorce .


“Hmm, I am dumped by that bastard . Dumped! Do you know that?” Zhang Yurong is getting sadder . She cannot believe that her husband would leave everything behind and go abroad with another woman . The letter also says that he will never come back .


It makes Zhang Yurong feel so inferior . Is she not attractive to men at all?


“Ms . Zhang, you should not think that way . It is his loss that he leaves you . You are so gorgeous and gentle, you will find another one for sure . If you go to the street and claim that you want to get married, someone will go out to take you immediately and treat you well . ” Li Yong tries to comfort her .


Zhang Yurong burst into laughter and all the unpleasant things suddenly vanish . She stares at Li Yong with blinking eyes and bites her sexy lip, asking, “Now that I am single, do you want to take me then?”