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Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Career First

Li Yong is freaked out .


Although he has dreamed about going on top of Zhang Yurong and thought about her softness and hotness for many times, now he is not thinking of that actually .


Faced with Zhang’s pretty looks and eye flirting, Li Yong really wants to sleep with her, but he says instead, “Ms . Zhang, I am focused on career now, career first . ”


Zhang Yurong smiles proudly, “You see, now I have the house and hundreds of thousands of deposit in bank . I would not say I am rich, but I am well off and live a fairly comfortable life . It is not difficult for me to find a partner actually . Don’t you think so?”


She is right . According to Zhang, she is a good catch though .


Yet, Li Yong is no longer a poor loser . Since he acquired the memories of 80 doctors and the magic clairvoyant vision, he has a promising future ahead .


“Yes . ” Li Yong nods his head .


“Therefore, somebody has to take action quickly . ” Zhang Yurong stands up and pats on Li Yong’s shoulder, walking out of the room .


Li Yong wants to hug her from behind and sleep with her so badly .


But he knows if he does that, he must be misunderstood by Zhang Yurong . She will take him as some ill-intentioned guy who is up to her wealth .


After all, they’ve got a lot of time . Li Yong doesn’t need to rush .


Zhang Yurong looks back after walking out, her eyes filled with disappointment . In such a late night, she is being so straightforward and yet Li Yong takes no action . Is she really old and not attractive at all?


However, on second thoughts, she thinks Li Yong is a good man with composure and a clear mind who will not act on rash impulse .


The next morning .


Li Yong has been practicing the mental cultivation method for the whole night, making him feel quite refreshed . When he strides out of the room, he notices Zhang Yurong already waiting outside .


Today, Zhang Yurong is dressed in a light blue plaid tunic skirt, rendering her chest particularly plump and her waist slenderer . She is also wearing a pair of peep-toe high heels, her even shanks covered with silk stockings . She looks even slimmer, more graceful and charismatic .


From afar, Zhang Yurong is so hot and sexy that men will fall for her easily .


“Ms . Zhang, you are so charming today . ” Li Yong compliments her .


“Hmm, aren’t I charming all the time?” With her head up, Zhang Yurong says proudly .


It is her first working day so she dresses herself up on purpose, not for gaining attention but as a respect for work . Not having worked for long, she is a bit nervous .


“Let’s go, Ms . Zhang . Do you think we two look like a December-to-May married couple?” Li Yong makes fun of her .


“Bullshit! You look older than me . ” Zhang Yurong gets angry and hit Li Yong on his chest with her fist .


“Do I?” Li Yong touches his face and asks . He looked at himself in the mirror just now only to find that now he has become whiter and more handsome than before . He is aware that it is thanks to the mental cultivation method .


As a matter of fact, in Zhang’s eyes, Li Yong is different indeed . He becomes not only whiter and more handsome but also more confident . He is merely a young fresh graduate, but he appears as charming as a mature man .


On the way, they have a light breakfast along the street . It doesn’t take much time so they arrive at the Happy Clinic in the industrial area at an early time .


It is not until Li Yong takes out the key to open the gate of the clinic that Zhang Yurong truly believes what Li Yong said--he does own a clinic . Zhang cannot help thinking highly of him then .


“Xiaoyong, what’s my job?” Since she is working here, she needs to know what to do then . So when Zhang Yurong comes in, she asks immediately .


Li Yong walks around Zhang Yurong for once before he assigns her what to do . What a beautiful lady Zhang Yurong is! She is dressed well and charismatic . She has attracted a lot of attention when they were walking on the road and eating breakfast . It is such an enjoyment for Li Yong . He feels as if standing on the focus of the stage .


In a word, he feels “awesome”!


“Ms . Zhang, do you know anything about medical skills?” Li Yong asks her .


Stared by Li Yong in a weird look, Zhang Yurong chests out and says in high spirit arrogantly, “No . ”


You don’t, but what are you still being so arrogant?


Li Yong will certainly not ask her that and asks her instead, “Ms . Zhang, can you give in injection to the patient?”


“No . ” Zhang Yurong answers proudly again .


“Ms . Zhang, can you recognize herbal medicine?” Li Yong keeps asking .


“No . ” She realizes that Li Yong is looking at her in a different way . She grows upset and cannot help sighing . She finds out that she is really stupid and should know nothing but being pretty .


Though she can work on many jobs with her good looks, she cannot use the help of her looks in the clinic .


While Zhang Yurong is lost in thought, Li Yong claps his hands, saying joyfully, “So great you can’t! From now on, you are the doctor-in-charge here and I am your apprentice . ”


Of course Li Yong is happy, because if he hires someone who knows a lot about medical skills, the employee will steal his prescriptions .


Zhang Yurong is perplexed and claps a hand to her forehead, asking, “Xiaoyong, how can I be the doctor-in-charge since I know nothing about medical staff?”


“Ms . Zhang, just follow what I say . Come here, take a seat please . From now on, you are the doctor . ” Li Yong asks Zhang to sit in front of the consultancy table and he sits behind her .


“Xiaoyong, how much will you pay per month then?” Zhang Yurong asks him softly . Though she doesn’t care about it, she has to know about her salary anyway since she is working here now .


“Well, the basic salary is 5,000 yuan . If you perform well enough and obey my rules, you will have bonus then . ” Li Yong has thought about that and blurts out .


“Wow, so much? Aren’t you lying to me?” Zhang Yurong finds it so unbelievable .


5,000 yuan a month is definitely a high salary . Although Huaxia’s economy is developing very fast, the average income has been raised to 3,000 yuan or so . But 5,000 yuan a month is definitely a bit high .


Moreover, she can have bonus too, which makes Zhang Yurong hesitate .


After all, she knows nothing .


“Ms . Zhang, do you think I am lying to you?” Li Yong answers her with a question .


“What do you mean by asking me to obey you? I can obey you on some things, but on some other things, I cannot . ” Zhang says seriously .


“Ms . Zhang, what are you talking about? Do you think I will ask you to do my laundry, cook dinners, make the bed, fan me in summer and warm my bed in winter? Do you think I will ask you to dance for me with silk stockings? In your dreams!” Li Yong says with laughter . Though he does think of that secretly, as a mature and steady man, how can he show his real thought in front of her?


“Fine, then what will you ask me to do?” Zhang Yurong gives him a supercilious look . To be honest, she is okay with doing the stuff Li Yong just mentioned for 5000 yuan a month .


“Just sit here . ” Li Yong replies with a smile .


Zhang Yurong is shocked and confused . Why does he give her such a high salary for only sitting here? As to so easy a job, she is willing to do it for even 2,000 per month .


“Xiaoyong, the salary is too high for such a job . ” Zhang Yurong asks seriously . She doesn’t want to take advantage of Li Yong . He is still young and has a lot of expenses .


“No, it is high at all . It is great you don’t think it is low . As you are working for me, how can I not treat you fairly?” Saying so, Li Yong gets up and tells Zhang, “Ms . Zhang, I’m going out to check around . ”


The minute that Li Yong goes out, Zhang Yurong starts to wander around the clinic . She looks at upstairs and then checks the medicine in the cabinets . According to her calculation, the clinic as well as all the decoration and medicine is worth at least 100,000 yuan .


He is an orphan with no family . How can he have so much money? Does he win a lottery?


When Zhang Yurong is skeptical about the current situation, Li Yong is looking for the cause why no one comes to his clinic .


He stands at the roadside, observing the surroundings . He notices that there are two bullies stopping and threatening those whoever walks towards Happy Clinic for medicine and medical advice .


It makes those who want to go to the clinic for medical consultancy all go away .


“Are you coming here to buy medicine or see a doctor? Get lost and never come here…”


Hearing them saying that, Li Yong cannot help trembling with anger .


He didn’t expect that Wang Hui would play such a dirty trick and it angers him very much . Li Yong takes out his cell phone and records what the two bullies are doing . Then he calls the police .


It doesn’t take long before a police car stops by and two cops get off from the car . The two cops happen to be the ones Li Yong met last time . This time, they behave much more polite to Li Yong .


Knowing that it is Li Yong who calls the police and checking the video on Li Yong’ phone, the cops have the two bullies arrested and take them away .


The two bullies, swollen with arrogance, shouts, “Even though we two are arrested, there are more to come . Just wait and see . Your clinic will be closed for sure and bad luck will go to you . . . ”


After taking the two bullies into the car, the elder cop talks to Li Yong seriously, “Young man, the society is complicated . Don’t mess with the wrong people; or you will not be able to make it here . ”


Li Yong nods his head with contempt .


Police is supposed to maintain fairness and justice of the society . If he cannot make it here, does the police not need to take any responsibility? Moreover, no matter who is behind the bullies, he is not afraid at all .


When Li Yong returns to the clinic, he places a desk beside Zhang Yurong and sits there .


To be frank, sitting by a gorgeous like Zhang Yurong, Li Yong is in rather good mood . Forget about those troublemakers! He doesn’t give a shit . He already feels content with watching the beautiful face of Zhang Yurong by turning around .


“Xiaoyong, don’t keep looking at me . ” Stared by Li Yong, Zhang Yurong feels quite uncomfortable and says to him with disguised anger .


“I’m checking whether you have any health problem . ” Li Yong puts on a serious face and says .


“You are the one with problems . ” Zhang Yurong gets angry for real .


Li Yong withdraws his vision with a smile, but he knows when he is not looking at Zhang Yurong, she is peaking him in secret .


In a while, someone comes in .


It is a middle-aged woman who can barely straighten up while walking . With his magic vision, Li Yong recognizes that she is diagnosed with strain of lumbar muscles . It is a common disease for middle-aged people, caused by overwhelming working at the young age . Li Yong instantly has come up with a prescription in his mind--an effective treatment for such illness .


However, when the middle-aged woman looks at Li Yong up and down, she doesn’t believe he is the doctor, for he appears so young .


“Young man, who is the doctor?” The middle-aged woman asks .


If Li Yong says he is the doctor, the middle-aged woman would not believe him for sure . Thus, he points at Zhang Yurong who is drifting off, and says, “She is . ”


The middle-aged woman looks at Zhang Yurong and is still a bit doubtful . Zhang Yurong is also too young to be a doctor, because generally, doctors are more experienced when they get older .