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Chapter 116

“Oh, now that you call the bodyguard, you don’t want this ring . ” Then Li Yong flips hard and the ring wrapped in the tissue suddenly breaks through the tissue and flies towards the curtain . It leaves a hole in the curtain with a bang and disappears into the darkness outside the window . It’s like a magic martial art in the martial arts realm .

“I’m going to kill you . ” Zhu Shilei seems to be going crazy and rushes to Li Yong again desperately .

Li Yong lifts his foot and kicks him to the ground . Now, Zhu Shilei realizes Li Yong’s strength more deeply . He stops fighting hard but he calms down immediately and quickly dials the bodyguard captain .

“Bastard, someone broke in, don’t you know? Come up, bring all the people up and kill this man for me . . . ”

Then Zhu Shilei is suddenly stunned . He glances at Feng Qingqing and says in alarm, “What? What happened to Yumeng? You don’t know whether she is dead or alive? You bastards! Send her to the hospital quickly . . . ”

Feng Qingqing immediately grabs the phone and asks nervously, “What’s wrong with my daughter? What? She can’t move? She can’t speak and she is unconscious all over? A powerful man burst in . . . ”

She immediately realizes that Li Yong is the powerful man who the bodyguard said . She throws away the phone and hugs Li Yong, who is about to turn away, and then asks anxiously, “What have you done to my daughter? You can’t go . If you kill my daughter, I won’t live . ”

Li Yong remembers the receptionist . At that time, he thought that the lady was not like the receptionist . It turns out that she is the daughter of the woman . Beauty is hereditary! This woman is sexy and coquettish . Her skin is fair and others can’t tell her age . Her daughter is also beautiful and charming before she is mature .

But this woman is too coquettish . Li Yong is embraced by her from behind . Li Yong only feels the soft body behind . The desire surges in his body and there is a great momentum of breaking out .

Li Yong turns around, pushes aside the woman and asks with a faint smile, “If you can tell me why the Han Family is finished, I’ll cure your daughter . ”

“I . . . I’m not sure . I just know that Han Dongtao offended a bigwig . It was the bigwig who revenged on Han Dongtao, so we had the chance to buy the industry of the Han Family . ” Feng Qingqing says hastily .

“Who is the bigwig?” Li Yong frowns and asks .

“I don’t know . I really don’t know . ” Feng Qingqing shakes her head again .

Li Yong looks at Zhu Shilei and Zhu Shilei turns his head . He wants to kill Li Yong now . It’s absolutely impossible for him to answer Li Yong’s question . He says hatefully, “I won’t tell you . ”

Li Yong turns his palm and the gemstone ring appears in his palm, “If you don’t tell me, I’ll really throw it away . ”

Seeing that the ring is still in Li Yong’s hand, Zhu Shilei says with a smile immediately, “You give it to me first . ”

Li Yong raises his palm and Zhu Shilei quickly raises his hands to pick it up . However, Li Yong is deliberate and doesn’t really give him the ring, “I’ll give you one final chance . Don’t you say that?”

“If I say it, you’ll be scared . ” Zhu Shilei shows a look of fear as if he is very afraid of this bigwig .

“I will be scared?” Li Yong smiles and says, “I court death . ”

“Then I’ll tell you, it’s Wang Qiang . ” Zhu Shilei thinks that it is okay to tell Li Yong . No matter how powerful Li Yong is, he can’t do anything to Wang Qiang . If Wang Qiang just moves his fingers, Zhonghai City will turn upside down .

“Wang Qiang? Which one?” One of Li Yong’s classmates is called Wang Qiang . Can Wang Qiang be his classmate?

“You are so ignorant! Wang Qiang is a big businessman from the Wang Family of the capital . They have fifty streets in the capital and they have industries all over the country . They are rich enough to rival the country . As long as he says a word, the four well-known families in Zhonghai City can collapse together in an instant, let alone the small Han Family . ” Zhu Shilei says coldly .

Li Yong has no idea about Wang Qiang but he finds that Feng Qingqing suddenly shows a happy face and holds Zhu Shilei’s arm . Then she asks happily, “Shilei, is Wang Qiang the supporter behind us?”

“Yes, of course . ” Zhu Shilei looks arrogant as if he despises Li Yong .

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Feng Qingqing complains . At this time, she has forgotten her daughter .

“It’s not that I don’t want to tell you but I should lay low . ” Zhu Shilei smiles brilliantly . Then he looks at Li Yong and asks, “Now, give back the ring to me!”

“You pick it up . ” Li Yong slightly throws it into Zhu Shilei’s hands .

Zhu Shilei picks it up and sees that there is only gold left and no gemstone . He immediately shouts loudly, “Where’s the gemstone?”

“I have thrown it away . ” Li Yong points to the curtain and laughs . What he popped out just now was the shining gemstone as big as a mung bean . Otherwise, how could he have the power to make a hole on the curtain?

“Ah . . . Bastard, you’ll wait for our revenge!” Zhu Shilei waves his fist and shouts frantically, “We will never let you go . ”

Feng Qingqing hurries to pull Zhu Shilei because she wants to ask Li Yong to cure her daughter Feng Yumeng .

At this time, some bodyguards rush up and they also lift Feng Yumeng up .

“Kill him . . . Go downstairs and search for my gemstone . You need to see it clearly . It is the gemstone in this ring . . . ” Zhu Shilei wants to order these bodyguards to kill Li Yong, but when he sees that Feng Qingqing is anxious and Feng Yumeng is lifted up, he immediately changes his mind . It’s more important to save Feng Yumeng now .

The bodyguards are well trained and obedient, and immediately turn back . However, there are still two bodyguards left to guard Zhu Shilei . The gemstone is very important but Zhu Shilei’s safety is even more important .

“Young man, save my daughter quickly!” Feng Qingqing pleads, “We have told you everything we know, and please keep your promise . ”

Li Yong takes out his phone and looks at the time . There are still five minutes left . That is to say, Feng Yumeng, who is beautiful and charming, will recover herself in five minutes . However, Li Yong pretends to be embarrassed and says, “I am a doctor . If I save her, you have to pay a fee . How much are you going to pay?”

“How much do you want?” Feng Qingqing asks cautiously . But she curses in her heart, “You hurt my daughter but you even want to charge for it?”

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Li Yong stretches out a finger and shakes it . He wants 1,000 yuan . He has been here for more than an hour and he would like to earn 1,000 yuan to reward himself .

“10,000 yuan?” Feng Qingqing asks .

Li Yong shakes his head .

“100,000 yuan?” Feng Qingqing asks doubtfully again .

Li Yong shakes his head again .

“One million?” Feng Qingqing widens her eyes . No matter what the illness is, he doesn’t have to charge so much . He is fooling her, isn’t he? Moreover, she sees that her daughter is not injured with her eyes open as if she is just in a daze .

It is so easy to make money but Li Yong doesn’t care . He sighs, “1,000 yuan . ”

Feng Qingqing breathes a sigh of relief secretly, takes out a handful of money from her luxurious black wallet and hands 1,000 yuan to Li Yong respectfully .

Li Yong takes the money in his hand unconcernedly and counts them carefully . After confirming that it is 1,000 yuan, Li Yong puts the money away . Then he says faintly, “You walk away . ”

Everyone steps back a few steps away from Li Yong .

“When I treat her, don’t be surprised and disturb me . Otherwise, I can’t guarantee that she will be cured . ” Li Yong says seriously .

After they nod, Li Yong smoothes his sleeves, straightens his collar, opens his mouth, licks his lips and makes all kinds of strange actions . Finally, under the doubtful gaze of Feng Qingqing, Zhu Shilei and other two bodyguards, he suddenly lowers his head and kisses directly on the sexy red lips of Feng Yumeng .

Everyone immediately opens their eyes wide . What kind of method is this?

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Li Yong can see clearly that Feng Yumeng is 28 years old . She is good-looking . Her skin is fair and tender . Her eyes are clear and bright . Especially her small mouth is red as if it is bleeding . It must be very sweet .

As time approaches, Li Yong kisses it without hesitation . It is Li Yong’s most proud treatment that he kisses Feng Qingqing’s daughter in front of Feng Qingqing and earns 1,000 yuan at the same time .

The two mouths touch seamlessly . Li Yong clearly feels the resistance of Feng Yumeng . The small fragrant tongue in her mouth shudders into her throat . If it weren’t for a stretcher beneath her, her head would have been turned .

Li Yong only cares about his own feelings and completely ignores the feelings of Feng Yumeng . They dared to attack Han’s Pharmaceutical Group together . This is a small punishment for them!

Li Yong hasn’t touched a woman for a whole month . At this time, Li Yong suddenly has a strong impulse . This impulse has nothing to do with love and feelings . It’s the most primitive impulse of the human body just like the animal’s instinct estrus for the opposite sex .

Li Yong experiences this impulse and his tongue reaches into Feng Yumeng’s teeth and rolls up wantonly inside . He wants Feng Yumeng to cater to him, so he works very hard .

Feng Yumeng whines and her clear and bright eyes are filled with fear and anger in an instant .

“Oh, my God! What is he doing?” Feng Qingqing can’t believe her eyes . She wants to rush up to drive Li Yong away, but she remembers what Li Yong has just told them . She flinches and doesn’t know what to do .

“I’ve never seen a doctor who treats people with his mouth . We’ve been fooled by him . ” Zhu Shilei ponders for a moment and solemnly draws a conclusion .

“What should we do?” When Feng Qingqing thinks that Li Yong is taking advantage of her daughter, she is very uncomfortable .

“We should stop him and kill him . ” Zhu Shilei says hatefully . At this time, he hates Li Yong most . He glances at the two bodyguards behind him . The two bodyguards he has deliberately left behind are his greatest support . He wants to kill Li Yong after Li Yong cures Feng Yumeng . Now it seems that he can’t wait .

“I’ll listen to you . ” At the critical moment, women often have no opinions . At this time, Feng Qingqing is very upset .

“I want to cut off his hand . I will make him feel that to live is no better than to die . Go and catch him . . . ”