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Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Compassionate Doctor

While the middle-aged woman is still hesitating, Li Yong tries to explain to her that Zhang Yurong is an experienced doctor with excellent medical skills graduated from a famous university . And he, as a fresh graduate, is working as an intern here, so he will help take care of the patients first . If he cannot handle the case, then it will be passed to Zhang Yurong .


The middle-aged woman is still doubtful and yet sits before Li Yong . Li Yong doesn’t let the woman talk first but tells her what is bothering her and the cause behind, which leaves her dumbed with astonishment .


She didn’t believe in his capability before but now she is completely convinced .


The woman keeps nodding about what Li Yong says . Then he writes a prescription and passes it to her, saying with a smile, “Madam, please take it to my master . If there is anything inappropriate, she will correct it . ”


The middle-aged woman does as he says, but Zhang Yurong doesn’t understand the prescription at all . Yet, she still pretends that she is checking carefully, saying, “Good . Very nice . That’s it . ”


The middle-aged woman brings the prescription to Li Yong again, says delightedly, “Young man, help me fetch the medicine please . As long as you heal me, I will send you a flag . ”


Then another several patients come to see a doctor in the same procedure . All of them change their attitude from not believing at all to completely convinced, for Li Yong can tell their symptoms with only a glance, which is better than the large examining machine in big hospitals .


Zhang Yurong asks him curiously, “Xiaoyong, where do you learn your medical skills? Your major is western medicine but how do you end up being a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine?”


“I learn it by myself . ” It is an excuse that Li Yong has conjured before .


“Pfffft, stop playing me around . Even those who spend the whole life learning traditional Chinese medicine can never be as good as you . Moreover, you can diagnose the patients with only one glance, which is already beyond the medical reach . ” Zhang Yurong has a lot of questions . Every time she asks Li Yong, he doesn’t answer her seriously, making Li Yong appear increasingly mysterious to her .


“I really teach myself . ” Li Yong giggles and says .


“Then take a look at me . Is there anything wrong with me?” Zhang Yurong says softly with her lips pursed, looking mile and sweet .


“Now am I allowed to look at you?” Li Yong replies with a cheeky grin .


“I’m asking you to look at me for health checking . ” Zhang Yurong blushes instantly . She cannot stand such look from Li Yong .


“Sure . Let me check your health . ” Saying so, Li Yong places his eyes on the beautiful body of Zhang Yurong, except that he doesn’t use his clairvoyant vision or look at her private parts . He is merely checking her looks in an appreciative way .


They look at each other but gradually, Zhang Yurong gives in and looks down to her feet . After a while, Li Yong is still looking at her so she cannot help asking, “Are you done?”


“No . ” Li Yong says .


“You only need one glance to diagnose others, but why does it take so long to check me?” Zhang Yurong gripes .


“Because you are good-looking . ” Li Yong says grinning .


Zhang Yurong feels very delighted and proud . She knows she is good-looking and that’s the reason why her ex-husband didn’t want her to work . She grows up in the other people’s complement, so she already doesn’t feel a thing about such comments . However, hearing Li Yong say so, she feels flipped .


At the time another person comes in to buy medicine . Then Li Yong withdraws his eyes and goes handle it .


It is not until the customer leaves that Zhang Yurong hastens to ask, “Xiaoyong, is anything wrong with me?”


“Yes . ” Li Yong says seriously .


“Ah? What’s wrong with me?” Hearing that, Zhang Yurong gets frightened and nervous .


“Loneliness and boredom . Nevertheless, as you walk out of your house to work for me, it will get better gradually . No need to get injection or take drips . It is costless . ” Li Yong says smilingly .


“You naughty badass, how dare you fool me?” Zhang Yurong thinks it through and hits him with a fist .


Some words are mean when used . However, when you put “naughty” before them, it can be mean otherwise . Just like “naughty badass,” it becomes a lovely word as far as Li Yong is concerned .


At dusk, Li Yong asks Zhang Yurong to clock off in advance and sets the working time for her, that is, from 8 am to 5 pm .


He stays at the clinic until 10 pm himself and then goes back to his apartment . Though someone makes trouble for him, since the two bullies were taken away by the cops, there are patients coming to the Happy Clinic continuously .


Li Yong checks the income for the day and finds it not bad . At least, he has recouped the rent, electricity and water cost and living expense . As the clinic runs on and on, he will get more popular and earns more money .


In the next day, Li Yong arrives at the clinic early and opens the business .


Yet, it is not until 8:15 am that Zhang Yurong comes late on her electromobile .


“Xiaoyong, I’m late . Please don’t get angry, or you can deduct my salary . ” Reaching the clinic, Zhang Yurong apologizes to Li Yong .


Of course Li Yong is not angry . Asking Zhang to work here is only a cover-up at the beginning . After he is acknowledged and approved by the patients, he will not need Zhang Yurong to disguise anymore . She can clock on whenever she wants . Even if she doesn’t come to work, Li Yong will pay her salary anyway .


“It’s okay . I don’t deduct salary from employees . ” Li Yong says while reading a book .


“I knew you were the best . Look, here is the breakfast made by me . You must not have eaten breakfast . ” Saying that, Zhang Yurong places a bento box in front of Li Yong .


Li Yong doesn’t expect Zhang Yurong to be so considerate . Smelling the flavor of the pancake, he feels rather hungry .


Seeing Li Yong swobble the food, Zhang Yurong asks happily, “Xiaoyong, is it delicious?”


“Yes, it tastes so good . ” Li Yong is full of praise .


“If you like it, I can always cook it for you . I know you are always having fast food every day, it is not good for your health . How do you know what kind of oil they use? How do you know whether they have handled the materials properly? So, it is better to eat what I cook for you . Isn’t it?” Zhang Yurong says with a smile .


Li Yong is in great delight . It is unexpected that Zhang Yurong is willing to cook for him . He replies immediately, “Yes, sure . Okay, let me increase your salary then . ”


“No need to do that . 5,000 is already enough for me . ” Zhang Yurong is quite contented .


Li Yong doesn’t insist . Since she doesn’t want a salary increase, he can give her more bonuses instead .


It happens that there is a kitchen upstairs with adequate cooking utensils . Zhang Yurong goes inside to do some cleaning and then head to the market for groceries . By noon, Li Yong is able to eat the tasty cuisine made by her .


Believe it or not, Zhang Yurong is quite good at cooking . She learned it from the TV show when she stayed at home . Now, it benefits Li Yong .


In the afternoon, Li Yong feels that there is something wrong . 3 hours have passed but no one came . It is not that Li Yong hopes people to get sick but the situation is unusual compared with this morning .


He goes out of the clinic and checks around only to find the two bullies taken away by the cops standing at the roadside again and stopping passers-by from walking into the clinic .


They are apparently hindering my business . They are determined to make trouble!


Li Yong flies into a rage instantly . This time he doesn’t take recording or call the police . Instead, he runs towards them and knocks them down easily .


The two bullies are stubborn and reluctant to acknowledge who they are at the beginning, but after slapped by Li Yong several times, they give in eventually . Learning that they are from Tianhu Gang, Li Yong lets go of them then .


“Xiaoyong, now that you beat the Tianhu Gang members, they must come to you soon . ” Hearing the noise outside, Zhang Yurong runs out of the clinic and knows Li Yong better when she learns about the violent side of Li Yong with her own eyes . It turns out that Li Yong looks more handsome while he is in a fight .


However, knowing the two bullies are from Tianhu Gang, Zhang Yurong turns worried immediately . As a local, unlike Li Yong, she knows much better about Tianhu Gang than Li Yong .


“Chap, now that you beat people from Tianhu Gang, be careful while walking outside at night . ” One of the passers-by reminds him .


“Bravo, man . ” Some of them admire him very much .


Li Yong doesn’t care about that, taking Zhang Yurong back to the clinic .


Since they dare make trouble for him, he doesn’t mind making some for them as well .


“Ms . Zhang, don’t worry . Tianhu Gang is nothing to me . ” Li Yong says aggressively .


Zhang Yurong is held in awe and feels that there must be a lot of secrets behind Li Yong . She can tell a masculine temperament from Li Yong, which makes her like him even more .


“Xiaoyong, we’d better watch out . We may as well get off work early today . I can cook you some more delicious food when we go back . I also have nice wine at home and we can have a drink . ” Zhang Yurong proposes .


“Ms . Zhang, no need for that . Since I open this clinic, I will put career first . I have to make money for getting married . ” Li Yong says grinning .


“Okay, I will stay with you then . ” Zhang Yurong decides to stay .


Since he beats the two bullies away, the clinic’s situation gets better .


At 9 pm, Li Yong checks the whole’s income and is about to close the business . Right then, Hu rushes towards the clinic with a woman in his arms .


“Yong, could you please save my girl? She went to Wang Hui’s Clinic several days ago and yet it gets worse and worse . You said you could cure her, didn’t you? If you can have her cured, I will pay you back . ” Hu says it humbling and is close to kneeling down before Li Yong .


In the view of Li Yong, the woman should have turned to him for help long before . He didn’t expect she would come so late .


As a compassionate doctor, Li Yong doesn’t resent her though he conflicts with this woman . He notices that she is seriously ill, so he leads Hu inside hastily .


“Let me take a look . I’ll try my best . ” Li Yong lets Hu put the unconscious woman on the bed .


At the moment, the woman wakes up suddenly . She glances at Li Yong and then gazed at Hu angrily, yelling, “Take me out of here . I don’t want this doctor . Even the doctors of famous hospitals cannot do anything about my disease, then how can he help me?”


Li Yong smiles and says, “Believe it or not, I can fix you actually . ”