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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Market Price

Hu also hurriedly advises, “Dear, let Yong treat her! Maybe she can really be cured . ”


The woman does not have make-up today . To be honest, she is a little old and a little ugly . Somehow, Hu is obsessed with her . As a mischievous bad boy, he loves this woman until now .


The woman closes her eyes, does not speak . The expression on her face shows that she still does not believe Li Yong .


Li Yong doesn’t mind a bit . After using his clairvoyant vision to find out the woman’s condition, he prescribes some pills for three days . She doesn’t need an intravenous infusion or a hospitalization . He tells Hu, “Three times a day . Take it before meals . After three days, she will be cured . ”


Hu pays the money, takes the medicine, and picks up the woman to go outside . However, when he walks to the door, he suddenly turns back and says with gratitude, “Yong, thank you . ”


“You’re welcome . ” Li Yong says .


However, Hu does not leave immediately, but suddenly approaches Li Yong, whispers, “Yong, Wang Hui wants to retaliate against you, you should be careful recently . ”


Li Yong doesn’t expect Hu will tell him this news, because for their gang, this will be a confession if he does this! Li Yong smiles and says, “When you decoct the medicinal herbs for her, you’d better add more water, and you can drink a bowl of the medicine too!”


“Alright . ” Hu leaves .


However, he quickly returns again and says, “Yong, we Tianhu Gang has nothing to do with Wang Hui . He has spent money to ask others to hurt you . You must be careful . ”


Li Yong is a little moved . They had a bad time and he beat Hu, so he did not expect Hu to help him . Li Yong smiles slightly and takes out a bottle of the ointment made from traditional Chinese medicine, saying, “This is for you . Apply it on your wounded parts, you’ll get better soon . ”


Hu is very excited and hurriedly takes the ointment . He looks at Li Yong gratefully and says, “Yong, I’m very sorry . The money I just gave you is fake, I will give you a real one!”


Li Yong hurriedly takes the money out of the drawer and looks at it carefully . It is fake! Hu gives him another a hundred yuan . Hu does not leave until Li Yong confirms that it is true .


“Xiaoyong, what kind of disease does the woman get?” Zhang Yurong asks Li Yong after closing the shutter . She also saw the woman just now . The woman has black spots all over her body, which is especially scary .


“Sexually transmitted disease,” Li Yong sighs, “She does not cherish her body, making love with different men, and thus get this disease . If one gets this disease and does not get effective treatment in the early stage, it will worsen . If it is serious, it may endanger her life . Her condition is very serious . ”


“Oh! My God!” Zhang Yurong is very surprised .


“What are you afraid of? A lady without a boyfriend can never get this disease . ” Li Yong laughs .


“It’s so unkind of you . It’s not my fault without a companion . Isn’t it the fault of all the men in the world?” Zhang Yurong glances at Li Yong, her eyes full of hidden bitterness .


Today, Zhang Yurong came with an electromobile, so Li Yong does not take a taxi . He says, “Ms . Zhang, let’s go back together!”


“Okay!” Zhang Yurong agrees . She has planned to ride with Li Yong when she decided to ride an electromobile .


After her observation, she gradually discovers that Li Yong has magical medical skills . According to this, Li Yong will become more and more famous and earn more and more .


Zhang Yurong has already been tempted, but Li Yong is busy with medical treatment all day long . Although the two are together all day, there is not much time for them to be alone .


Li Yong rides on the electromobile and Zhang Yurong sits behind . The two are very close, and when the electromobile moves, Li Yong feels that two soft things touch his back, which is very wonderful . As he suddenly steps hard on the brake, Zhang Yurong almost squats on his back, the soft two things are like two balloons . He feels more wonderful .


“Xiaoyong, be careful . ” Zhang Yurong screams and shouts .


“Okay . ” Li Yong promises, but suddenly brakes again, and they have intimate contact again .


“Ah, Xiaoyong, you are really bad . ” Zhang Yurong’s face is red . Such physical contact is really too shameful, and there is a strange feeling from her sensitive parts, which makes her whole body soft .


“Ms . Zhang, it’s not my fault . The road is not good . ” The road is not flat, so Li Yong has to put the brakes on . Besides, the street lights are not bright enough and he can’t see the road clearly, so he has to brake suddenly .


“Xiaoyong, you’d better slow down . ” Zhang Yurong exhorts again .


“Okay, Ms . Zhang, you’d better hold my waist, in case of falling down . ”


“No . ” Although Zhang Yurong says no, she has already stretched out her arms and gently circles Li Yong’s waist . Her busty chest is also on Li Yong’s back . As the electromobile keeps moving and swinging, the sensitive two points on her chest also rub on Li Yong’s back, which is a good and strong feeling .


Li Yong’s waist twists and he says with a smile, “Ms . Zhang, your body feels really hot . ”


Zhang Yurong hurriedly keeps a certain distance from Li Yong, and she suddenly finds her chest hot, just like her hot cheek .


“Maybe I got a fever!” Zhang Yurong in a hurry finds an excuse for herself .


“That’s not a fever . You need a man . ” Li Yong says seriously, “After we get home, I will give you some pills to solve it . ”


“Stinky Xiaoyong, you little bad guy, I pinch you . I pinch you . ” Zhang Yurong grits her teeth . She really pinches Li Yong’s waist .


For Li Yong, who has cultivated the third layer of the mental cultivation method, it is like a tickle and does not hurt at all .


The two are playing, but they don’t know a car is following them unhurriedly . Wang Hui is driving . He points to Li Yong and says to a bald man sitting in the co-pilot, “It’s him! Beat him as hard as you can and you’ll get the money you want . ”


Recently, Wang Hui has been paying close attention to the Happy Clinic . Knowing that the business of Happy Clinic is getting better and better, he is restless . He keeps urging Tianhu Gang, hoping that Tianhu Gang will smash the Happy Clinic .


However, since the police get involved, Tianhu Gang never replies to his requests .


Wang Hui is very angry, so he hires a hatchet man who is a strong man in the underworld . They are going to plot against Li Yong .


“His arm is worth 100,000 yuan . His leg is worth 200,000 . His life is worth one million . What do you want?” The bald man says while smoking a cigarette . He regards human life as Dirt .


“I want you to dig his eyes out! Without his eyes, I wonder how he will cure the diseases . ” Wang Hui also hears that Li Yong’s eyes are so powerful that he can see the patients’ diseases at a glance, so he wants Li Yong’s eyes .


“Wait a minute, I must check the market price of the eyes . ” The bald man takes out his phone and searches for a while before saying, “One eye is worth 200,000, and two eyes are worth 400,000 . ”


“Deal!” Wang Hui says unwillingly, gnashing his teeth . He has played the tyrant here for many years, and no one has ever cost him such a big price . 400,000 yuan is a lot of money that he will take a long time to earn .